Wishing Well Original Song by Grace Kelley

Wishing Well Original Song by Grace Kelley:

We are always grateful to share healthy and aspiring music that helps people in their recovery. We are especially grateful for all Grace Kelley has done to help patients at Summer Sky through the music therapy program and creative music classes over the last year at Summer Sky Treatment Center®.

This new song makes us all think of some part of our lives either from the past or more recently as we can all relate to the “wishing well song”. We hope you can enjoy the music and that it helps you as much as all of us over at Summer Sky. We were amazed by her new song and we are using that wishing well.

Grace Kelley challenges people to learn to write songs, poems, and stories to help heal their souls. She understands that the creation of music can be used as a healing tool to help people break free from their substance use disorders and inspire people in recovery to continue to heal.

Grace Kelley Recently Performed for Texas Home Grown Radio:     

The most recent live show of Grace Kelley is listed below at the following link. We are always amazed at her performance, creativity, and her songs that touch our hearts as her music and songwriting ability capture our hearts.

Some of you may have recently heard Grace Kelley play at the Red Barrel Bar & Grill over in Dublin, Texas as she was the featured artist for Texas Home-Grown Radio which also held a live Facebook broadcast of her performance. It was an amazing show. To view the live performance, you can follow the link above at Texas Home-Grown Radio to watch the show.

Grace Kelley just shared a new song on youtube you should go check it out at  Broken Promises Original Song by Grace Kelley.


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