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About Wichita Falls

The city of Wichita Falls is a city of approximately 104,000 residents that is located in the North East corner of Texas and is considered the population center of North Texas.   It is conveniently located just a short two-hour drive between two major cities, Oklahoma City and the Dallas-Fort Worth area.  Residents of Wichita Falls describe their city as being both pleasant and comfortable, an overall great city to live in.  The community itself is family-friendly, promoting community amongst all.  It is a growing and prosperous city that many love to call home.

Wichita Falls’ Industry

Wichita Falls is home to a major air force base that is a large part of the workforce in Wichita Falls.  Sheppard Air Force Base offers the Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training program in which over seventeen NATO countries send some of its finest pilots to receive the best in jet fighter pilot training.  Manufacturing is also a big industry in Wichita Falls.  Manufacturing companies that specialize in oil and gas, aircraft, construction, water recreation, food service, and more make Wichita Falls their choice for their business’ home.  The education system and medical field are also a part of the city’s industry.  Midwestern State University, located in the city, is known for its business, medical, education, and liberal arts programs.  Residents of small towns make their way to Wichita Falls each day to join the workforce and be a part of Wichita Falls’ industry.

Attractions in Wichita Falls

Culture abounds in Wichita Falls.  Activities that showcase Wichita Falls’ proud cultural heritage includes everything from good ole Texas rodeos to museums, symphonies, ballets, community theater, professional hockey games, festivals, fairs, lakes, and mountains.  The city has something to offer everyone.  Those residents that love physical activity will enjoy the thirteen-mile trail that winds through the many neighborhoods of Wichita Falls.  Here, residents can bike, run, walk, or rollerblade.  39 parks within the city limits provide great outdoor spaces for taking kids to play, plan family picnics, or get together with friends.  There are year-round entertainment options available for all to find something they love.  Residents of Wichita Falls enjoy the mild, temperate weather that Texas has to offer in order to participate in a variety of activities all throughout the year.  It is a great place to live that many feel privileged to call their home.


Drug Addiction in Wichita Falls

There’s no denying that Wichita Falls is a great city in which to live, but like any other city, it has its problems as well.  A close proximity to Mexico makes Wichita Falls more prone to drugs brought into the city.  This has led to a rising drug addiction problem within and around the city.  Drug abuse problems abound which has led to an unsettling amount of drug-related deaths.  In fact, Wichita Falls’ drug-related deaths rank at the top of all cities in Texas.  In 1980, Wichita Falls reported an average of one death per 100,000.  As of 2014, it has risen drastically to 16 per 100,000.  The rise began in 2005 and has continued to this day.  These statistics are the reason for the growing concern surrounding drug abuse in Wichita Falls.  Identifying the problem is only half the battle.  Addressing these issues is the key to helping those affected by substance abuse.  Wichita Falls Texas drug rehabs have treatment programs in place that specifically target abuse in order to fight drug addiction, one valuable person at a time.

Contact Information

The staff here at Summer Sky truly cares about the health and well being of both you and your loved ones. If you have any questions about our facility, need assistance with referrals, or if you have any other questions about chemical dependency treatment, you can either reach us by phone at 1-888-857-8857 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, or you can fill out this contact form and someone on our staff will reach you within 24 hours.

Drug Trafficking from Mexico

Close proximity to Mexico is directly related to the rising drug addiction in Wichita Falls. Texas shares its border with Mexico, making Texas an easy target for illicit drugs to cross the border into the state. Drug trafficking from Mexico is brought into Texas and its major cities, reaching into the lives of residents who live there. The movement of drugs from Mexico such as methamphetamines, heroin, or cocaine means that those who live in Texas are affected the most. The Wichita County DA’s office has acknowledged the problem of increasing illicit drugs coming into the city and is cracking down on drug trafficking, confiscating methamphetamine, heroin, and all drugs being brought across the border from Mexico into Texas. Their vast efforts have led to numerous arrests, but the work is far from finished. As officials in Wichita Falls do their job to eliminate drugs from being brought into the city, drug rehabs in Wichita Falls, Texas are doing their part as well to provide treatment and support for those affected by substance abuse across Texas and its cities. Summer Sky drug rehab is a part of this effort, tirelessly helping men and women alike find freedom from drug abuse in Wichita Falls.

How Is Wichita Falls Affected by Drug Addiction?

Wichita Falls is the center of a recent study conducted by Greenhouse American Addiction Centers that focuses on all drug-related deaths for the past 35 years, from 1980 to 2014. The surprising results of this study found that Wichita Falls ranked among the highest cities in Texas for rising deaths related to drug addiction. The death rate rose nearly 1800 percent from what it was in 1980 to recent years. These extremely concerning statistics are cause for concern among many in Wichita Falls. Authorities say they knew it was bad, just not how bad it had become. The opioid epidemic and the movement of illegal substances across the border of Mexico are major contributing factors to the growing substance abuse problems in Wichita Falls. Aggressive measures are being taken to fight back, but substance abuse of any kind has lasting effects. Drug rehabs are also a big part of the plan to reduce drug addiction-related deaths through raising awareness and providing hope with treatment programs that are proven to work.

Which Drugs Are the Worst in Wichita Falls?

In America today, drug and alcohol abuse are causing more and more deaths each year. It can seem as if no family is left untouched in some way or another. Substance abuse destroys lives and tears apart families. The opioid epidemic is at the top of the list of reasons why there has been a staggering increase in drug-related deaths across Texas, with Wichita Falls ranking as the number one city with rising substance-related death tolls. As many as seven people die each month in Wichita Falls from drug overdose. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 105 opioid prescriptions were filled for every 100 people in Wichita Falls. There has also been an increase in opioids being prescribed for the younger generation, children ages 11-18. Many find this a cause for concern as the younger some are exposed to substances like addictive opioids, the more likely prescription drug use can translate to addiction later on in life. This has led many medical professionals to question whether or not to prescribe such addictive medications like fentanyl, oxycodone, or other prescription opioids. With the awareness of rising addiction in Wichita Falls, it is no doubt that something must be done.

Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism in Wichita Falls

An estimated 88% of those 18 years and older have consumed alcohol at some point in their lives.  While fine in moderation, some struggle with alcoholism and may eventually suffer from alcohol abuse.  Nearly 85,000 people across the country die each year because of alcohol.  It is the third most preventable cause of death in the U.S.  Texas has not escaped these statistics.  Alcohol is the most commonly abused substance in Texas.  Nearly 1 million adults over the age of 21 in Texas reported heavy alcohol abuse at some point in the past month and over 1300 drunk driving crash fatalities, the highest in the nation.  Alcoholism comes with health risks such as increased risk of depression and anxiety, liver cirrhosis, and heart disease.  If you suffer from alcohol abuse in Wichita Falls, seek help from Wichita Falls Texas drug rehabs before long term damage can occur.

Methamphetamine Abuse in Wichita Falls

Opioid Epidemic in Wichita Falls

Across America, the opioid epidemic has drawn national attention as it has reached all-time highs.  In 2016, opiates were responsible for over 42,000 deaths, five times the opioid deaths from previous years.  Opioid addiction is prominent across Texas as well.  According to statistics, in 2015, approximately 37,000 individualized sought help for substance use disorders in Texas.  Opioids were number two on the list with 24% of those individuals seeking treatment for opioid addiction.  This overwhelming epidemic trickles down into Wichita Falls as well.  It is important that those affected by drug abuse in Wichita Falls, Texas know where to find help.  Local drug rehabs are reaching out to get the word across that treatment programs are available for all who seek it.

Methamphetamine Abuse in Wichita Falls

Methamphetamine is fourth on the list of substance use disorders that caused many in Texas to seek treatment at 17%.  High amounts of meth are brought in the U.S., specifically Texas, each year from across the border of Mexico.  According to the El Paso DEA, meth seizures increased by nearly 37% from 2013 to 2015.  This illicit drug can be snorted, smoked, or injected.  No matter how it is used, it is a dangerous and highly addictive substance.  Meth seizures in Wichita Falls continue to increase as law officials attempt to combat the amount of meth making its way into the city.  In 2002, Texas ranked second in the nation for total quantity of meth seizures at 367 kilograms. 

Cocaine Addiction in Wichita Falls

About 9% of all treatment admissions in Texas are related to cocaine addiction.  High quality and dangerous cocaine is being smuggled into the U.S. from Mexico every day, making its way into the hand of Wichita Falls residents.  Cocaine addiction can cause behavior, physical, and cognitive changes.  For instance, it can lead to excessive energy, inability to sleep, rapid weight loss, racing heart, frequent nose bleeds, paranoia, anxiety, depression, and a multitude of other health concerns.  Cocaine is a highly addictive substance but becomes even more potent when combined with other illicit drugs such as heroin to form what is known as a “speedball”.  It can also be mixed with opioids or other substances for a greater high, but also an increased risk of accidental overdose.  Crack cocaine, or just “crack”, is cocaine that has been mixed with baking soda and cooked.  Cocaine can be smoked, snorted, or injected.  It is a serious addiction that must be addressed before it becomes potentially life-threatening.  Drug rehabs such as Summer Sky in Wichita Falls are here to help.

Marijuana and Synthetic Cannabinoids in Wichita Falls

While it recently became legal for farmers to grow hemp in Texas, marijuana use is still illegal in the great state of Texas.  Whether purchased in states where it is legal to buy or brought in from Mexico, possession of marijuana in Texas is not allowed and is a felony if transported across state lines.  The legalization of marijuana in some states can make this drug seem harmless.  But it is not without side effects.  This mind-altering drug most noticeably causes low motivation, especially with increased use over time.  This can lead to problems at school or at work as marijuana can reduce physical and cognitive capabilities.  Synthetic cannabinoids are also growing in popularity, especially among the younger generation.  K2 is a common synthetic cannabinoid found in Wichita Falls.  The synthetic chemicals often found in K2 can be extremely dangerous.  Most compounds found in K2 are not intended for ingestion and can lead to serious side effects, and in some instances, poisoning.  Embalming fluid or rat poison are just two examples of substances that have been found in synthetic cannabinoids.  Reports of hospitalization due to poisoning are not uncommon.

Other Commonly Abused Drugs in Wichita Falls

While maybe not as prominently found as other dangerous substances such as meth or heroin, hallucinogens such as LSD (also known as acid), or mushrooms are just as harmful and addictive.  These types of drugs are known as club drugs and can still lead to addiction and overdose.  On the street, inhalants are becoming more and more popular, especially among the younger ages.  Inhalants include substances that can be sniffed to receive the desired high such as paint thinner, gasoline, or spray paint.  Inhaling chemicals is extremely dangerous as it can lead to brain damage.

HIV from Injected Drug Abuse

It’s not just overdose that drug users must worry about.  It’s also the spreading of the HIV virus.  Drugs such as cocaine or heroin can be injected with syringes and needles for a stronger, faster high.  Sharing of drug paraphernalia of any kind such as syringes, needles, or even that same water to wash drug paraphernalia in can spread HIV.  HIV rates have risen because of injected drug abuse.  There has been a prevalence of HIV related cases in Texas related to drug use.  Wichita Falls has an HIV prevalence rate of 147 per 100,000.  The threat of HIV, no matter how large or small, is one that should be taken seriously.


Drug-Related Death Tolls in Wichita Falls

In recent years, the drug-related death toll in Texas has reached almost 900 a year.  Wichita Falls is ranked number one out of all Texas cities for a high death toll rated related to drug abuse.  Addictive opiates continue to play a large role in accidental overdoses. From 2015 to 2016, there was a 25 percent rise in opioid deaths across Texas.  In Wichita County, drug-related deaths rose approximately 1800 percent over 35 years, a staggering rate of increase.  This study also found that Wichita County alcohol-related mortality rates increased almost 13 percent from 1980 to present.  Overall, the death rate rose from 1 per 100,000 in 1980 to 16 per 100,000 in 2014.  It’s clear that drugs are becoming an increasing problem in Texas and its major cities like Wichita Falls.  You are not alone if you suffer from drug addiction.  The key is to seek treatment from Wichita Falls, Texas drug rehabs before you become just another statistic.

Traffic Fatalities Linked to Substance Abuse

The increase of substance abuse in Texas, specifically Wichita Falls, of course affects the rising rates of traffic fatalities as well.  Getting behind the wheel after abusing drugs or alcohol will lead to irreparable consequences.  Texas ranks highest in crash fatalities caused by drunk driving.  In 2018, Wichita County saw 3 alcohol-related fatalities out of the approximately 600 statewide.  While this may not seem like many, every life matters.  Driving while your BAC (blood alcohol content) is over the legal limit will not only result in fines or jail time, but can also cost someone their life.  It’s not just alcohol that leads to traffic fatalities, but drug use as well.  The legalization of marijuana has increased traffic fatalities.  No legally mandated limit makes regulating marijuana while driving a more difficult task, but anytime you are under the influence of marijuana is more than likely not a safe time to operate a vehicle.  In 2017, a report found that Texas led the nation in traffic fatalities at over 3,000, many of these related to substance abuse.  Before operating a vehicle while under the influence, consider the repercussions.  Seek treatment if you suspect an addiction problem.

Dangers of Substance Use Disorders

If you use or abuse drugs or alcohol, the effects are bound to catch up with you at one point or another, either now or later.  Both short and long term effects of substance abuse can be devastating.  Short term effects of substance use disorders can range from inability to sleep, change in appetite, increased heart rate or blood pressure to more serious issues such as heart attack or stroke.  The long term effects are even more noticeable such as mental illness, cancer, heart or lung disease, HIV, or hepatitis.  Substance abuse takes a toll on the brain.  It changes how the brain circuits work and can significantly affect how people feel pleasure.  It can also affect one’s ability to learn, remember, or make decisions in life.  It’s not just the people abusing drugs or alcohol who are affected.  It’s also their loved ones.  Substance use disorders affect family members and friends as well.  It can destroy relationships, take a toll on finances, or lead to violence and crime.  Substance use disorders should be taken seriously.  If you or a loved one suspect you may suffer from addiction, seek treatment from Summer Sky rehab and get the help you need to fight addiction and begin the road to recovery.  You matter and your family matters.  Don’t let the dangers of substance abuse take a toll on your life, but instead, take back your freedom with help from reputable treatment programs at Summer Sky drug rehab.

About Summer Sky Rehab

Summer Sky drug rehab is a facility that is dedicated to providing exceptional care to you or your loved ones who suffer from drug or alcohol abuse.  Since opening their doors in 1985, Summer Sky has helped thousands of men and women break free from the cycle of addiction.  Most notably, Summer Sky is also joint commission approved for drug treatment, which is one of the highest certificates a drug rehab can obtain.  Their team of staff are highly qualified and equipped to treat addiction of all types and to provide the resources and tools for overcoming substance abuse.  As a top-rated drug rehab facility, Summer Sky is committed to providing the very best in treatment and care for you or your family members that may struggle with drug or alcohol addiction. 

Treatment Programs Are Personalized to Meet Individual Needs

Every addiction is different for each individual.  Summer Sky drug rehab recognizing this fact and makes it a priority to meet each individual patient right where they are at.  That is why they provide specialized treatment programs that are specific to every person who turns to Summer Sky for help.  Treatment programs can vary in length as well as services.  For instance, Summer Sky offers both 30- and 90-day inpatient treatment stays, depending on what is right for you.  They also offer programs such as intensive outpatient programs, medical detoxification programs, family treatment programs, a 10-day detox and stabilization program, or Summer Sky relapse track for those who need extra help.  Each program is structured for what is best for each individual and can include therapies such as cognitive behavior therapy, mindfulness, support medication, pet therapy, or equine therapy.  Our team of medical professionals and staff members can provide quality treatment options for various addictions such as heroin use disorder, alcohol use disorder or even treatment for inhalants.  Our number one priority is our patients and we will do everything in our power to offer you the support and guidance needed to break free from addiction.  If expenses are a concern, know that Summer Sky offers some of the lowest treatment rates available and also accepts all major insurances.  We believe in treatment for all and will work with you to make that happen.  For more information, contact Summer Sky today or visit our website at summersky.us.

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