Why is National Recovery Month Important?

Why is National Recovery Month Important?

National Recovery Month is important because it lets others know that recovery from substance use disorders is possible. You matter, and if you are living with a substance use disorder or have a family member that has been struggling with an alcohol or drug problem then we want you to know there is a way out of your addiction to alcohol or drugs.

Millions of people are currently experiencing relief from addiction because they made the simple decision to reach out and ask for help from either an alcohol rehab program or a drug rehab. These individuals had previously felt lonely, isolated, and hurt by their addictions to alcohol or drugs. However, these same people describe that when they made up their minds to reach out for help, they felt hope begin to rise inside of themselves.

These individuals requested help from an addiction treatment center and were shown how to recover from their addictions. People daily enter treatment programs in Texas and across the United States. The simple reality is that people do recover from alcohol and drug problems. Recovery is an important way to live for these individuals that had spent so much time caught in the cycle of addiction.

Today everyone in personal recovery will make the claim that attending an addiction treatment center was the best decision that they had ever made in their life. They often report that recovery is worth every day they spent in treatment, and that treatment gave them the tools to recover from their addictions.

You too can join the voices of millions of people who have found recovery. Seriously consider reaching out and asking for help because you do matter and help is available. The process is very simple, and all one must do is contact either an alcohol rehab program or drug rehab to request help for their problem. If you desire to become free from addictive substances, then call and ask for help today. The journey to recovery is just a phone call away.

Stop the Cycle of Addiction

Summer Sky, a Texas alcohol and Drug Rehab Program, can help you or a loved one with an addiction. We offer many different treatment services to help you break the cycle of addiction. We are nationally recognized for providing substance use disorder treatment. We are licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services and accredited by The Joint Commission. We have even earned The Joint Commission Golden Seal of Approval™, and we are a preferred provider for most health insurance companies. If you are looking for a great alcohol rehab or drug rehab program give our admissions specialist a call at 1-888-857-8857. We are available 24 hours a day 7-days a week.

Summer Sky would like to help you stop the cycle of addiction to alcohol or drugs. Recovery is an amazing way to live your life and it’s possible after treatment in one of our rehab programs. We want to help you achieve meaningful recovery. Making the choice today to enter treatment can be the single most important decision a person with a substance use disorder can do for themselves. Joining the recovery movement can bring lasting change into your life.

If you have an alcohol problem, then attending an alcohol rehab program can help you recover from an alcohol use disorder. If you struggle with prescription drugs or have an addiction to illegal substances, then a drug rehab program can help you with a substance use disorder. The voices of recovery are louder than ever with more people entering treatment and emerging into a world of recovery. Together we are stronger, and we want you to join us on the broad highway of recovery. National Recovery Month honors those that are in personal recovery and those in treatment in Texas and across the United States.

Treatment and Recovery Works

Every day thousands of individuals enter either an alcohol rehab or drug rehab program. They enter treatment to receive help for a substance use problem. Treatment is the single most important way to end the cycle of addiction to alcohol or drugs. The treatment process is designed to interrupt a person’s addiction to addictive substances. During treatment, an individual is treated by a team of medical professionals, counselors, and recovery support specialists who all work hard to deliver treatment and recovery to the individual in need of services.

The goal of treatment is to treat the substance use disorder and prepare an individual to enter recovery after treatment is completed. Treatment and recovery work and people who complete treatment increase the likelihood that they will remain sober or clean from addictive substances. While in treatment individuals develop a recovery plan that is more like a road map to recovery. Developing treatment plans and then working toward achieving the treatment goals helps you get on the right path to recovery.

Addiction Treatment is a Life-Saving Service

There is no doubt that those who attend an addiction treatment center are more likely to remain sober or clean than those who do not participate in a treatment program. We know that certain addictive substances have a high rate of overdose when used. We also understand that all addictions impact people negatively. Some addictive drugs create a higher risk that a person will experience addiction-related consequences.

One component of treatment that helps save people from overdoses or addiction-related consequences is medical detox. Medical detox programs will eliminate the toxic chemicals from a person’s body and help a person to become abstinent from the addictive substance. Since stopping addictive substances without medical detox is dangerous, it is highly recommended that an individual receive professional help from an addiction treatment center that offers medical detox services.

Detox alone is not treatment; however, it is an important first step in becoming sober or clean from addictive substances. Detox and stabilization are very important for people that experience withdrawal symptoms. Detox is a very effective component of the treatment process. Those that begin treatment by attending a treatment program that offers medical detox will increase the likelihood that they will complete treatment and then enter residential treatment or intensive outpatient treatment services. Ultimately attending a treatment program can literally save your life.

Millions of People are in Personal Recovery

You are not alone in recovery because millions of people across Texas and the United States are actively engaged in personal recovery. Recovery is made up of an active lifestyle without the use of addictive substances. The people in recovery are united by a common problem and a common solution. Addiction Treatment helps to save people from an out-of-control life of destruction. People that enter treatment and then recover enhance their personal life tremendously. Remember, recovery is possible for those that ask for help from an alcohol or drug problem.

National Recovery Month is a Celebration

There are recovery-related celebrations across the United States and in Texas during the month of September. If you or a loved one is in personal recovery, we hope you will join other people during the National Recovery Month Celebration. The Bright side of addiction is a process called recovery. Recovery is the process that allows a person to heal from alcohol or drugs. Without recovery, the alcoholic or addict is left without a process of change. People in recovery are active in their lives without the use of alcohol or drugs. Together they are united by a common problem and a common solution. People in recovery are proof that while substance use disorders are major medical problems in our society you can recover from addictive disorders and treatment does work as evidenced by the millions of people that are in personal recovery.

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