Why Does a Relapse take place with people in recovery?

Why does a relapse take place in people in recovery?

Relapse is a process that takes place over time. People enter and exit the relapse process during their recovery journeys. Most people that are in personal recovery do not just pick up a drink of alcohol or decide to use drugs out of nowhere. There is normally a predictable pattern of progression that begins before a person returns to active alcohol or drug use.

In addition to patterns of progression, there are early warning signs that people display before a person returns to alcohol or drugs. The relapse process can be interrupted once a person is taught how to identify their relapse warning signs. The number one reason people enter the relapse process is that they do not know to look for signs that they are entering the relapse process and they do not understand how it works.

There is good news for people in recovery because learning how to identify that you are entering the relapse process means you can learn to identify early certain relapse warning signs before your options are reduced to a point of drinking alcohol or drugs.

Learning How to Interrupt the Relapse Process

The best way to learn how to interrupt the relapse process is to seek help from an alcohol & drug rehab program that specializes in teaching relapse prevention techniques. Most people experience the relapse process because they do not understand what relapse is and they have never been taught how to prevent it from occurring. Once a person is educated on relapse prevention and the associated relapse warning signs, they can design plans of action to prevent a relapse.

Designing a Relapse Prevention Plan

During Treatment, a relapse prevention specialist normally helps guide a person through the development of creating a relapse prevention plan. The process will require the identification of personal warning signs that an individual is most likely to experience. In addition to creating a relapse prevention plan, an individual will also develop a personal recovery plan to help them stay in the recovery process. Developing a plan along with solutions to interrupt the relapse process is critical during this phase of treatment.

It is also important that a person complete medical detoxification or detox & stabilize before beginning the relapse prevention phase of treatment. An individual will need to be physically and psychologically clear-minded before this analysis of personal relapse warning signs can be focused on during the treatment process. Once a person has completed medical detox & stabilized from the acute issue of their substance use disorder then they can focus on creating their relapse warning signs.

Early Warning Signs of Relapse

Once a person has designed a relapse prevention plan, they can then practice interrupting the early signs of relapse. With a well-thought-out relapse prevention plan, an individual can identify early warning signs that lead to relapse. Individuals during treatment can learn ways to manage the relapse warning signs while they are sober in the treatment process. This allows an individual time to practice and gain experience in interrupting the relapse process while living in a safe and protected environment before being discharged from the treatment program.

What is the relapse process?

Relapse is a process that takes place long before people start drinking alcohol or using addictive substances. There is a predictable progression of problems that begin to create dysfunction in the individual’s recovery program. Once the dysfunction creates enough psychological and emotional pain an individual begins to believe that the best option is to drink alcohol or use drugs to stop the pain and discomfort.

The dysfunction creates changes in attitudes, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Many people in recovery nickname this dysfunction “stinking thinking” or “building up to drink.” No matter what you call it the relapse process begins with an attitudinal shift in thinking, feeling, and behavior. This is all experienced with predictable signs that a person is in the relapse process.

You do not have to use alcohol or drugs to be in the relapse process

People that experience the relapse process often mistakenly believe that because they are not actively putting alcohol or drugs into their bodies that they are safe and there is no reason to worry about a relapse. Thousands of people every month make the mistake of believing that they are ok just because they are staying sober from alcohol or drugs. What they do not realize is that the relapse process can sneak up on them with subtle changes in thinking, feelings, and behaviors. When a person enters treatment, they are taught about the phases of recovery and the phases of the relapse process.

Recognizing Warning Signs

The good news is you can be taught to identify relapse warning signs and learn to manage the signs as they show up in your life. You can learn to interrupt the relapse process before you start drinking alcohol or using drugs. The warning sign identification process will help a person determine if they are moving away from personal recovery into the relapse process.

Do you have a history of relapse?

Many people enter personal recovery not aware of the relapse process. For these individuals, it can be frustrating when they return to drinking alcohol or using drugs repeatedly. Sometimes the relapse creates a false belief that they may never be able to stay off alcohol or drugs. We have created the Summer Sky Relapse Prevention Track, especially for those who have a history of relapse. We can help detox & stabilize an individual and then help them design a plan of recovery and teach them relapse prevention techniques to help them remain in recovery from their substance use disorders.

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