Why are addiction interventions so effective?

Why are addiction interventions so effective?

The intervention process is one of the most effective ways to help a person who is resistant to accepting help for an alcohol or drug problem. Since denial is a common defense mechanism associated with people who suffer from a substance use disorder sometimes it takes an intervention to get a person to seek substance use disorder treatment.

The Intervention technique is one of the most effective ways to accomplish the goal of motivating a person to seek substance use disorder treatment. Interventions are effective because they help an individual who is suffering from a substance use disorder to see the reality of their situation and how it is affecting themselves and those around them.

The most effective interventions are performed with the help of a trained professional interventionist. You can easily find a professional interventionist by contacting a substance use disorder treatment facility and most will be happy to refer you to a professional interventionist.

Intervention Process

The intervention process begins with getting in touch with a professional interventionist. This is important because a professional interventionist is trained in performing the intervention. They help a family to select the right people to be involved in the intervention. They help educate those that will participate in the intervention process as well as guide the intervention team in the set-up of the actual intervention.

They work with the family during the initial set-up phase, during the treatment process, and after treatment is completed. The professional interventionist will recommend the best intervention technique that is going to be effective in your situation.

Choosing a Treatment Program for Treatment Services

Knowing which treatment program you want your loved one to attend for treatment services is a good idea and can help speed up the process of getting your loved one into treatment. It also helps you and your professional interventionist to focus on the intervention process, and not spend a lot of time worrying about finding a treatment program. Your attention can be focused on the intervention process once you have selected a treatment provider for treatment services. Some types of treatment programs are listed below.

It is always a good idea to select the treatment program before contacting the professional interventionist so that you can decide on which treatment you would like your loved one to enter for treatment services. When contacting the treatment program ask questions about the various treatment programs that the treatment center offers. Make sure to share the back story of why you believe your loved one needs treatment.

Try to fill in as much info about your loved one’s alcohol or drug usage. This is important especially since this will be the treatment center that you utilize for treatment services. The more information you can provide the treatment center about you and your loved one the better prepared they will be with helping them. Providing substance use history as far back as you can is very beneficial to the treatment center.

Make sure to mention any medical conditions or psychiatric history that you are aware of while talking with the treatment center. Don’t forget to make arrangements for how the treatment is going to be paid for and if you plan on utilizing health insurance be prepared to have that information available. If you are planning on paying privately mention this to the treatment program. Make all these plans prior to contacting a professional interventionist.

Professional Interventionist Recommendations

Summer Sky Treatment Center has been providing substance use disorder treatment for over 37 years and during the years we have learned which professional interventionists get the best results with the intervention process. If you need a professional interventionist recommendation our admissions department can give you a professional recommendation.

Don’t hesitate to ask for this help, we want to see you and your loved one get the help they deserve. Our long history of helping people recover from substance use disorders has allowed us to get to know the best professional interventionist from across Texas and the United States.

The Intervention Process is about Love and Concern

The intervention process is about love and concern for your loved one. The reason people choose to ask for help with an intervention is that they are tired of watching their loved ones suffer from substance-related problems. They just cannot stand to sit back and watch their loved ones suffer anymore. It is just too much to bear to watch someone you love continue to escalate out of control, especially once the family discovers there is another way to help them stop using addictive substances.

Interventions are an act of showing your active love and concern to an individual that has not been receptive to other requests from you or others in the past regarding their substance use problems. Most people who are now desiring to have an intervention performed have repeatedly requested an individual get help for their problem. Since their loved one has failed to take action or avoided getting help it is now time for an intervention.

Setting up an intervention is making a stand against the addiction, not the individual. It is saying you care about them and you desire to see them get help instead of continually watching your loved one spiral more out of control. The reality is that if they have a substance use disorder it will only progress to more harmful stages as time goes on and by doing an intervention you will be helping them avoid further consequences.

Their physical and mental health only deteriorates with time. The fact is that treatment is effective and so is the intervention process. If you are considering the intervention process, then you are already ready to take the next step which is to select treatment and then get an interventionist to help you get them into treatment.

The Process Begins Today!

To contact Summer Sky, contact our admissions staff today. We are available 24 hours a day 7-days a week and we truly mean you can contact us at any time to begin the process. We understand addiction and more importantly, we want to be a part of the solution that will help you and your loved one recover. We can be reached by calling our admissions department at 1-888-857-8857. Let us help you and your loved one.

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