Why are 90-Day Treatment Programs Effective?

Why are 90-Day Treatment Programs Effective?

Treatment is effective for people who have a problem with alcohol or drugs. Treatment is the single most effective way to stop the cycle of an addiction to a substance. Every day across the United States and all around the State of Texas people enter drug rehab programs seeking help for a substance use disorder. A substance use disorder is a medical illness characterized by clinically significant impairments in health, social function, and voluntary control over substance use.

90-day treatment programs help with allowing a person the needed time to heal from the damage created by physical, psychological, and social problems created while ingesting either alcohol or drugs. The “Father of Medicine” Hippocrates once made the remark “Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.” This is true with the 90-day treatment model of care.

The more time a person is engaged in treatment for their substance use disorder the more time a person can learn to master sober-based skills that need to be learned during treatment. There are a lot of different coping skills that need to be learned while in treatment. People that are given the opportunity to participate in a 90-day treatment program al will increase the likelihood that they will learn the necessary skills to stay clean and sober.

90-Day Rehab Programs Provide an Opportunity for Change

Short-Term Treatment Programs are great for addressing the acute care needs of individuals needing medical detox & stabilization. Short-term treatment programs are no doubt the most utilized type of treatment program in today’s substance use disorder treatment landscape.

However, a 90-day rehab program is different from traditional short-term treatment programs. 90-day drug rehab programs focus on the chronic care aspect of a substance use disorder. Substance Use Disorders by their very nature are chronic medical conditions. Some people just need more time and treatment than what is offered during a short-term treatment program.

Treatment must involve a well-developed treatment plan that is designed to help a person with immediate and long-term goals that are developed after the initial medical detoxification phase of treatment. Many people will require a medical detox to help them with withdrawal symptoms that surface once a person begins to remove a substance from their body. For those that are dealing with a severe substance use disorder often 90-day treatment programs are more appropriate than a short-term treatment program.

Those that choose to attend a 90-day treatment program will be given an opportunity to address more addiction-related problems along with other emotional problems during the treatment process. In addition to working on more identified problems that affect a person physically, emotionally, mentally, and socially during the treatment process and individuals will develop more recovery skills while in treatment.

90-day treatment programs help a person learn how to apply these recovery skills before treatment is completed.  Treatment providers have learned that if an individual is given enough time to properly practice these new skills while in treatment the results of the treatment are increased and people are more likely to engage in the recovery process.

 Some Benefits of 90-Day Treatment Programs:

  • Time to Focus on Personal Recovery
  • Educated on the Developmental Model of Recovery (DMR)
  • Learn to Identify Post-Acute Withdrawal Symptoms (PAW Symptoms)
  • Learn skills to interrupt Post-Acute Withdrawal Symptoms
  • Learn to heal the body through developing a personal workout plan and learn how nutrition can help the body heal. Begin putting into place a workout schedule during treatment.
  • Learn and practice emotional sobriety and why this is important in the recovery process
  • Learn to deal with stress, anxiety, anger, and other factors that complicate recovery
  • Learn to remove distractions that are negative to recovery
  • Immerse yourself into treatment by learning to focus on the here and now
  • Begin to heal relationships by learning to look at your part in the relationship
  • Heal the brain chemistry that has been affected by your addiction
  • Encourage and help develop a healthy, sober support system
  • Nutritional Support and improving your eating habits
  • Personal Trainer helps devise workout plans
  • If medication management is needed, then develop appropriate habits to manage medical conditions during treatment
  • Time to participate in evidence-based therapies

The list above is an example of some of the positive benefits that people who attend our 90-day treatment programs experience. It is by no means a comprehensive listing of all the benefits of our 90-day treatment programs. Remember, every person who enters a rehab program has unique and individual needs that must be dealt with during treatment.

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Substance Use Disorders & 90-Day Treatment Programs

Substance Use Disorders are very complex disorders that are treated medically, psychologically, and behaviorally by utilizing substance use disorder treatment programs. Substance use disorders are medical conditions that involve intense, uncontrollable drug cravings, along with a desire to compulsively seek out more of the addictive substance. People with a substance use disorder will often continue to use substances despite experiencing devasting consequences. The need for treatment is a therapeutic intervention that will help stop the cycle of addiction.

Treatment should involve a comprehensive treatment approach that involves a trained addiction treatment specialist. This is important because trained addiction treatment medical doctors, nurses, and counselors have been educated to provide proven methods to help an individual interrupt the cycle of addiction. They also utilize evidence-based treatment practices during the treatment process. Evidence-based addiction treatment is a treatment that has been scientifically validated for its use during treatment to help those with a substance use disorder.

Research has repeatedly shown that the most effective treatment is long-term treatment programs. Addiction treatment programs that offer 90-day treatment programs are among the most effective types of treatment programs in existence. What makes 90-day treatment programs more effective than other treatment models is the fact that they provide an individual with the needed time to heal in a more comprehensive manner during the treatment process.

The treatment takes time to properly heal from a substance use disorder. During a 90-day treatment program, an individual is given an opportunity to heal from the physical, psychological, and behavioral aspects of the damage created by a substance use disorder.

Summer Sky 90-Day Treatment Programs

Summer Sky offers a very robust 90-day treatment program designed to help an individual deal with the chronic nature of a substance use disorder. We view addiction as a chronic lifetime illness and the solution will need to be comprehensive treatment followed by participation in a personal recovery program for the rest of the individual’s life. We also understand that there are no quick fixes when it comes to a substance use disorder.

People don’t normally develop an addiction after using an addictive substance one time. It is the repeated usage of an addictive substance along with changes in the brain chemistry that are changed while using an addictive substance that brings forward an addiction to a substance. Once addiction is set in motion then treatment is needed to reset the brain chemistry and the proper time to heal from the addiction. Therefore our 90-day treatment program is so effective because we focus on healing all aspects of a person’s substance use disorder.

Summer Sky provides an evidence-based addiction treatment program so that people living in large metropolitan areas or our rural Texas cities can receive one of the best 90-day treatment programs right here in the State of Texas. Our Texas drug rehabs are sought out from all over Texas and across the United States.

Summer Sky is licensed to provide substance use disorder treatment services by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) and accredited by The Joint commission a third-party accreditation agency. Our 90-Day Drug Rehab Programs are considered “The Gold Standard of Addiction Treatment” and those that choose to attend this type of treatment program can recover from their substance use disorders and complete treatment in a better-prepared place to face recovery.

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