Why are 90-Day Treatment Centers Effective?

Making a choice to seek alcohol or drug treatment can be a big decision. For someone who has a substance use disorder, it is vital that they call an alcohol or drug treatment center. Often the question arises should I pick a 30-Day Treatment Program or a 90-Day Treatment Program? The answer is yes pick a 30-Day Treatment Program or 90-Day Treatment Program. The reality is both treatment lengths of stay are effective for substance use disorder treatment.

There are some benefits that a 90-Day Treatment stay has over a 30-Day Treatment Center. Below are some points to remember when you are picking a 90-Day Treatment over a 30-Day Treatment experience.

  • Since 90-Day Treatment programs are longer in the length of time, it’s important that you commit to staying the entire 90-days in the treatment program. It is important to dedicate the time and participate in the treatment program. Leaving treatment early before treatment is finished is never recommended. Remember to commit to the entire stay if you choose a 90 Day Treatment Program.
  • The advantage of a 90-Day treatment is that you have more time to deal with core issues that could be contributing to your drinking or using of drugs. Many people need the proper time to heal, and 90-day treatment helps by allowing you the time to work through any emotional or mental issues correctly.
  • The biological, psychological and social damage of drinking or using drugs impairs the individual greatly, and for this reason, 90-Day Treatment options are effective for treating those that have more severe damage related to the body system.
  • People that have a history of relapse are good candidates for 90-Day treatment. The chronically relapsing individual can utilize the 90-Days to plan and prevent a future relapse. Relapse prevention planning is a core element of 90-Day Treatment Programs.

Summer Sky Treatment Center has both 30-Day or 90-Day treatment programs available for those needing alcohol or drug treatment. So, contact our admissions department at 1-888-857-8857 or visit our website at www.summersky.us to discuss treatment options. The main thing is to seek treatment today.        

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