Why are 90-day rehabs effective at treating a substance use disorder?

Why are 90-day rehabs effective at treating a substance use disorder?

The first thing to realize is that addiction treatment is the most effective way to help someone who is dealing with a substance use disorder. People with alcohol or drug addiction problems can and do recover with proper treatment. If you or a family member has become dependent on alcohol or drugs, then you may already be asking yourself what you can do to stop drinking alcohol or using drugs? It is important to understand that asking for help is one of the single most effective actions you can do today.

Entering treatment will stop the progression of a substance use disorder. In today’s world effective and practical treatment awaits those who are willing to seek help for their alcohol or drug addiction. The 90-day rehab is one of the most effective types of addiction treatment programs. Over the years it has become the “The Gold Standard of Care” when it comes to addiction treatment. People are discovering that more treatment is needed to work through all their issues that complicate an individual with an addiction. Most 90-day rehab programs allow for a person to focus on dealing with their issues and developing solutions to deal with each problem.

There are two aspects of 90-day rehab programs that increase the effectiveness of these types of treatment programs. One is the aspect of “Time” which is important to treat people with substance use disorders. People do not experience the consequences of an addiction overnight and the solution to treating an addiction is not something you can experience overnight. People who are experiencing substance-related problems often do not realize all the areas of their life that have been impacted by their substance use problems.

Rehab programs help with the medical detoxification process and anyone who will require physical separation from the substance they are ingesting into their body system. Most addictive substances will require physical separation along with medical intervention to prevent harmful withdrawal symptoms. After the medical detoxification process is completed an in will move into a state of abstinence from either alcohol or drugs. The separation is called “abstinence” from mood- or mind-altering addictive substances. This process normally requires a component of treatment called medical detoxification.

Most 90-day rehab programs include medical detoxification in the first phase of an individual’s treatment. If a program does not offer this service, it is a good idea to look for a treatment program that does offer this service along with their 90-day treatment program. Summer Sky Treatment Center offers medical detox, 30-day addiction treatment, 60-day rehabs as well as 90-day treatment programs at one central campus in Texas. Summer Sky does include medical detox into all three addiction treatment programs. People with more severe substance use disorders that require the medical component of detox find it beneficial to receive all treatment services in one location.

Many people with severe substance use disorders will require this medical component to become separated from an addictive substance. The other aspect of why a 90-day rehab is effective is also related to “Time” is that people with severe substance use disorders often need time to deal with the physical, psychological, behavioral, and social damage created by a substance use disorder. Many of the evidence-based treatment interventions require time to utilize and put into practical practice as solutions to healing an individual’s addiction to substances.


Benefits of 90-Day Rehabs

To clear up confusion it must be noted that short-term treatment programs like the 30-day rehab program are effective at treating people with addictions. However, short-term treatment programs are primarily involved in treating the acute effects of addiction. They are time-sensitive programs that require an individual to be highly motivated at the beginning of treatment. It is always advised that an individual or family talk with a rehab programs admissions department to discuss the benefits of which type of treatment program is best for your situation. Summer Sky Treatment Center offers both 30-day treatment programs & 90-day treatment programs which allow the people we serve treatment options. You can contact us by calling us at 1-888-857-8857 to discuss treatment options.

Research has shown that approximately 2/3 of all people who return to any addiction will do so within the first 90-days of discharging from a short-term treatment program. There are of course lots of other reasons and rationale of why this will take place, but for someone who is trying to decide on which type of treatment program is best for them when it comes to 30-day treatment programs versus 90-day treatment programs the research supports that attending a 90-day treatment program will allow for a person to dedicate more time to the necessary solutions to prevent a future relapse from occurring. Learning to practice recovery skills while in treatment is an important aspect of recovery and is enhanced by attending a 90-day rehab program. Providing a safe environment to practice these skills before discharge will help a person prepare for recovery success.

Multiple Past Relapse Episodes

Since most short-term treatment programs focus on the acute aspect of addiction the 90-day rehab program will address both acute and chronic problems with addiction. If you are someone who has had multiple attempts at treatment or experienced relapse episodes in the past, then seriously consider utilizing the services of a 90-day rehab program. If you are someone that has had two or more prior 30-day treatment episodes in the past five years, then it may be time to look at a 90-day treatment program for treatment services. Many people relapse within 90-days of discharging from a treatment program, so people must develop a comprehensive relapse prevention plan before leaving treatment. Those who choose to receive treatment in our 90-day treatment program will be able to develop a plan to help prevent a future relapse from occurring and learn ways to interrupt the relapse process.

If you are someone who enters treatment and finds themselves returning to your addiction less than 6- months after leaving treatment, then consider the 90-day rehab option. Discovering what is causing you to return to your addiction will be something to explore while you are in our 90-day treatment program. There are logical reasons why people return to an addiction and treatment centers are well equipped to help you discover what is causing a relapse. In some cases, it is a post-acute withdrawal syndrome that is contributing to the relapse. Summer Sky Treatment Center can help you learn ways to interrupt the post-acute withdrawal syndrome and prevent future relapse from occurring.

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