Who should seek out a 90-day treatment center?

90-Day Treatment Centers

Many people find themselves looking for alcohol and drug treatment daily. When the search begins, it can be a tedious experience looking for the right treatment program. The Surgeon General¹ has released some great information regarding substance use disorders. In the report, it makes mention that a substance use disorder is a medical condition that is characterized by clinically significant impairments in health, social functioning and voluntary control over substances used. It is worth noting that substance use disorders range in severity, duration, and complexity from mild to severe. This means there are various levels of severity in those who have a substance use disorder. The 90-Day Treatment Center model or treatment is designed for those with severe substance use disorders.


Who should seek out a 90-day treatment center?

  • Many individuals that have a history of relapse, for those with a history of relapse a 90-day treatment center is a great option.
  • People who suffer from a severe substance use disorders.
  • Men or women who are treatment experienced.
  • People that have multiple addictions to different substances.
  • Individuals that have other medical conditions, co-existing disorders with a substance use disorder.
  • Someone who is required by a court to satisfy a court order for treatment.
  • If you have a pending CPS case, a 90-day treatment program can help satisfy their requirements.
    90-day treatment centers are great for those with a history of Intravenous drug usage.
  • Individuals that have pending or multiple legal issues. Some examples are DWI, DUI, or possession of controlled substance cases.
  • We have found that those with Opioid Use Disorders benefit from 90-days of treatment.
  • Alcohol Use Disorders, Inhalant Use Disorders, Opioid Use Disorders, Stimulant Disorders, Sedative, Hypnotics, or Anxiolytic Use Disorders (e.g. , zolpidem, zaleplon), carbamates ( e.g. , glutethimide, meprobamate), barbiturates (e.g., secobarbital), and barbiturate-like hypnotics (e.g., glutethimide,methaqualone). Also, those addicted to Benzodiazepines are appropriate for 90-day treatment.
  • People with Dual Diagnosis or co-existing disorders like Bi-Polar, Major Depressive Disorders, Anxiety Disorders, Obsessive Compulsive and related disorders along with a substance use disorder are also good candidates for a 90-day treatment center.
  • Individuals that experience repeated relapses or who have difficulty with repeated exposure to drug-related stimuli will find a 90-day treatment program is best for them.


There are also 30-Day Treatment Programs that are well equipped with the ability to deal with those who have mild or severe cases of substance use disorders. However, usually, the longer treatment experience is the best option for those individuals listed above. Some people cannot be away for that amount of time. If this is the case for you, then find a treatment center that can help increase your odds of staying clean and sober through a continued care program. This may include medical detoxification, residential treatment, Partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient followed with a Peer Recovery Support Specialist to help guide and support you on your journey in recovery. It is highly recommended that if you are someone with a history of relapse that you investigate the 90-day treatment approach.

Treatment centers offer strategies and services that can help an individual identify, treat, and manage a substance use disorder. Some of the newest research has shown that those with substance use disorders can be intervened on early to stop the progression to more severe levels of addiction. Today recognizing a substance use disorder is easier than in the past because of screenings and assessments offered by treatment centers. Most 90-day treatment centers include evidence-based medications, behavioral therapies, and supportive treatment services. It is important to find a treatment center that will support the continuum of care process at either a 30-day or 90-day treatment center. Here is why 90-day treatment programs work.

If you or a loved one is looking for a 30-day treatment center or a 90-day treatment center, then Summer Sky Treatment center would love to help you deal with your alcohol or drug addiction issues. Contact Summer Sky admissions department at 1-888-857-8857.


Surgeon General Report can be found at https://addiction.surgeongeneral.gov/

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