What Is an Intensive Outpatient Program?

Intensive Outpatient Programs, or IOPs, are programs designed for those suffering from addiction.  These programs are usually for those who don’t need to detox in a medical inpatient facility and can also continue to help those in recovery by providing therapies after detox.  This type of program is a part-time scheduling that can be built around work and family time, but it is rigorous nonetheless.  After detoxing and breaking an addiction, continue on the road to recovery by enrolling in an IOP.  This type of program can aid in mending family ties and help you begin rebuilding your life again.  It creates a necessary foundation that you will need if you want to stay in recovery.  Begin a local community program as soon as possible instead of waiting to return home after leaving a rehab center for best results.

What Is the Difference Between Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment?

At an inpatient facility, you live in the facility and abide by the rules set by each individual center.  Each inpatient facility is different, but generally, you don’t have control of a large part of your day.  You detox, attend therapy, and do what is necessary to break an addiction habit. Most programs last around 30 days, and traveling could be required to get to a facility of your choice, meaning you must spend time away from family and friends for the duration of your stay.  An outpatient program allows you to live at home and remain in control of your life and decisions.  You will receive support from the program while you go about your daily life such as working, spending time with family, or visiting friends.  In this program, your job is to follow your specified treatment plan and attend all therapy sessions to continue on the road to recovery.  At first, an intensive outpatient center in Dallas starts out with intensive work to help you get through the roughest part of your time at home after being at a rehab center.  As time goes on and you become more and more confident in your ability to stay addiction free, sessions will become shorter and occur less often. 

What Activities and Therapies Are Involved?

Intensive outpatient programs usually involve group therapy of no more than 10 people.  Keeping groups small allows for more individualized attention and a safer environment.  You will also be assigned to a therapist who will keep up on your progress and meet with you on a weekly basis during the treatment program.  In IOPs, you will learn the necessary skills to succeed in the real world.  Classes will discuss topics such as managing urges and cravings, post-acute withdrawal syndrome, relapse prevention, understanding the brain of addiction, and many other topics to give you knowledge about the recovery process. 

Who Is Eligible?

A Dallas Intensive Outpatient center is specifically designed for those with substance abuse problems, addictions, or disorders associated with addiction.  A mandatory clinical and medical evaluation is conducted upon admission to determine eligibility.  After the evaluation, an individualized plan is created based upon the results of the assessment.

What Are the Specifics of an IOP?

This type of program usually runs for about 8 weeks but times vary depending upon each person’s treatment process.  Families are encouraged to be a part of the process as success rates are higher with family involvement.  Feeling like you have family support is important and getting information about recovery into the hand of family members is equally important.  You must submit to an assessment and evaluation before entering the program so that our highly trained staff members can determine your eligibility and design a unique program that will be tailored specifically to meet your needs.  Information used in the initial assessment will be used throughout the rest of the IOP to aid in your recovery process.  Fees to conduct the assessment, in addition to program fees, will be determined by which type of assessment or evaluation is required.  After getting your family history and background information, the outpatient center in Dallas will determine what assessment will be given and discuss any additional fees with you.  These initial assessments will include a first time interview, information about your medical history, a urine or breath analysis, mental or emotional evaluations, and more.  We strive to be specific and detailed in order to create the best treatment plan for you on your journey to recovery. 

If you are ready to jump back into the real world but would like the support of professionals in maintaining your recovery, contact Summer Sky, an intensive outpatient center in Dallas.  Our team of highly trained experts is ready and waiting to offer their assistance and support during your recovery from addiction. 

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