What Causes Relapse?

Individuals who have a history of relapse do not become high or intoxicated for no apparent reason. Most men or women with a history of relapse miss key warning signs that have reactivated the denial system before taking the first drink or drug. Once an individual fails to identify key warning signs, then denial is reactivated. Men and women then experience increased stress and emotional pain to the point where options and rational thoughts become impaired without the use of any chemicals.

The emergence of the denial system that has been re-activated then create a desire to self-medicate with either alcohol or drugs or some other escape mechanism. Staying clean and sober during this time becomes difficult to stay in a sober or clean mindset. There is a predictable pattern of irrational thoughts that re-emerge during this relapse process.

Many people have mistaken relapse as an isolated event. However in reality relapse is the process that takes place before a person takes the first drink of alcohol, illegal drugs or medications. To put it simply the options to stay clean or sober becomes less and less as the progressive process takes place. Summer Sky will quickly stabilize an individual that has returned to active alcohol, drug use or any other chemical usage in our Detox Now™ program and then transition the individual into our Summer Sky Relapse Track. The Summer Sky Relapse Track has been specifically designed to stabilize an individual and guide them back into the recovery process.

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