What are the Best Alcohol & Drug Rehabs?

What are the Best Alcohol & Drug Rehabs?

When it comes to finding an alcohol or drug rehab program some basic characteristics are suggested for your consideration when choosing an alcohol or drug rehab program. The first thing to consider is the longevity of a treatment program. How long has a treatment program been in operation? This is important because the longer the treatment program has been around the more experienced the treatment center is at treating people with an addiction to substances.

New Alcohol & Drug Rehab Programs:

Some treatment centers are new and doing their best to establish themselves as organizations that provide substance use disorder treatment services. If you choose to enter a new treatment program, make sure that the staff has been treating people with substance use disorders for a considerable amount of time.

The newer treatment programs are growing and learning as an organization, so it is always good to consider treatment programs that have been in existence for some time. The best alcohol & drug rehabs will have a core staff that has been at a facility for years treating people with substance use disorders. This is a plus for someone seeking help from an alcohol or drug rehab.

Choose a Treatment Program that is Accredited!

The first treatment centers in Texas and across the United States primarily began treating people with alcohol use disorders. Alcoholism was the first recognized disease that the American Medical Association (AMA) recognized in 1956. Today, substance use disorder treatment program focus on helping people with both alcohol & drugs.

Over the years it became apparent that drug rehabilitation programs needed to focus on providing treatment that was uniform in its approach to treating people with addictions. This sparked state and national standards so that treatment was similar, structured, and consistent.

To keep drug treatment centers accountable and focused on providing high-quality drug treatment the accreditation process was created to help ensure the public that best practices are utilized during the treatment process.

The staff at treatment centers typically consist of what is called a multi-disciplinary treatment team and the accreditation process makes sure that policies, regulations, and standards are followed during the treatment process. The accreditation organizations require that treatment programs provide diverse training experiences and ensure skill levels are provided in substance use disorder treatment programs.

The Accreditation Process:

This is a very rigorous and precise process that is audited by a third-party accreditation organization. The accreditation process for a substance use disorder treatment program ensures the public that the facility is utilizing and operating with current best practices as a substance use disorder treatment program. An example of an accreditation body that is nationally recognized would be The Joint Commission®.

The Best Treatment Programs are Licensed:

The best treatment programs are licensed to provide substance use disorder treatment in each State. Most states require a substance use disorder treatment program to become licensed by the state that they operate in when providing alcohol & drug treatment services. A substance use disorder licensing body will ensure that rules and regulations are followed to protect the general public when someone is being offered addictive disorder Treatment services.

It’s a good idea to select a treatment program that is licensed as a substance use disorder treatment to ensure all standards, regulations and policies and best practices are being followed by the substance use disorder facility. While each state across the United States has different rules and regulations for the operation of a substance use disorder treatment facility, it is important to select a treatment program that has been licensed by its state licensing authority. This is one extra layer of protection for the consumer.

Does the Treatment Program Offer Medical Detoxification?

Medical detoxification programs are critical to helping a person clear the addictive substance from the body & mind while simultaneously helping the individual to stabilize from withdrawal symptoms. Most good alcohol or drug rehabs will utilize medications to reduce the risk of side effects from the normal withdrawal process that takes place once a person stops using an addictive substance.

Treatment Programs Should Offer 30, 60, or 90-Day Treatment Options!

Treatment programs that offer multiple approaches to treating an individual with addiction are better for an individual who desires to get clean or sober from an addictive substance. The reality is some people will require more time than others to treat their addiction to substances and sometimes people start in a 30-day addiction treatment program and then realize they need additional time to treat their addiction. If a program offers multiple treatment options, then you will have an advantage over a treatment program that only offers one model of treatment.

Same-Day Placement Services

The best alcohol & drug rehabs are prompt at getting you approved for treatment services at their alcohol or drug rehab program. Normally a treatment program that is operated with efficiency will schedule you for admission the same day that you reach out for help. This is important because time is of the essence when a person needs help with an alcohol or drug problem.

Does the Alcohol or Drug Rehab Program Offer Anti-Craving Medications?

The sign of good alcohol or drug treatment program is the usage of Anti-Craving Medications. These anti-craving medications are utilized after the initial alcohol detoxification process or drug detoxification. Anti-craving medications are one of the newest advances in substance use disorder treatment. Craving is when a person feels a strong need, desire, or urge to use alcohol or drugs. These newer medications help curb this problem once a person becomes alcohol or drug-free.

Does the Alcohol or Drug Rehab Offer Relapse Prevention Therapy?

This is important because preventing relapse is critical to an individual who has completed a rehab program. An individual will put into action a lot of different recovery solutions to maintain personal recovery, but they also must develop and learn how to utilize a relapse prevention plan facilitated by relapse prevention therapy to enhance the likelihood that they will remain chemical-free. A solid rehab program will offer this option to the people who attend their treatment programs.

Addiction Treatment Specialist on Staff

The main caregivers at a rehab program should be specially trained with addiction-specific professionals. The staff should have a history of treating people with substance use disorders. They will hold various certifications and licenses to treat people with substance use disorders. Substance use counselors or Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselors, Licensed Professional Counselors along with Licensed Master Social Workers are all common in rehab programs.

Even nurses, nurse practitioners, and medical doctors have been trained in substance use disorders. Experience does matter when you are working with people with substance use disorders. The best types of treatment programs utilize a multi-disciplinary approach to treating a person with a substance use disorder.

The Assessment Process

Each person who enters either medical detox or inpatient treatment will receive a medical assessment & clinical assessment to determine an individual’s personal needs for help during treatment. This is done to determine which type of treatment and therapy will best suit the individual needing services. The assessment process will aid in designing the correct and most effective treatment plan that will help the individual to navigate the course of treatment.

Do you need Immediate Help?

Do you need immediate help with an alcohol or drug problem? Summer Sky Treatment Center® has been helping individuals treat their addiction to substances for over 37 years. If you or a loved one have an alcohol or drug problem, give us a call at 1-888-857-8857 and our admissions department will help you determine which treatment program is the best for your situation. We are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week to help you begin the treatment process.

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