Types of Substance Use Disorder Treatment Programs

Types of Substance Use Disorder Treatment Programs:

When deciding to enter a substance use disorder treatment program, there are different options to consider when making your decision to attend an addiction treatment program. The most important aspect of attending treatment is making sure you are entering the right level of care for your individual situation.

People with severe substance use disorders are more likely to benefit from medical detoxification programs and inpatient treatment programs. Individuals with severe addictions usually need immediate medical supervision to help them eliminate addictive chemicals from their bodies. Detox programs will help a person who is experiencing withdrawal symptoms stabilize as they begin to stop drinking or using an addictive substance.

Medical detox and inpatient treatment are the two highest levels of care offered at a substance use disorder treatment program. In Texas, people seek help from medical detox programs, inpatient treatment programs, residential treatment programs, partial hospitalization programs (Day Treatment Programs), and intensive outpatient treatment programs (IOP).

Screening and Assessments:

The importance of making sure that a person is appropriate for a substance use disorder treatment program is decided by the individual seeking treatment, addiction professionals performing the assessment, and the diagnostic criteria associated with being accepted into a program. In Texas, all licensed alcohol and drug treatment programs are required to perform screenings and assessments before a person can be admitted into a treatment program.

In addition to properly screening to make sure a person’s alcohol or drug usage constitutes a need for alcohol or drug treatment services, careful attention is made to making sure a person enters treatment at the correct level of treatment.

To accomplish this goal of admitting a person into an appropriate treatment program and the correct level of care the substance use disorder treatment program will perform a screening process. The focus of this screening process is to ensure that an individual is appropriate and eligible to receive substance use disorder treatment services.

All assessments are performed by licensed addiction professionals and the diagnosis is only made by a medical doctor qualified to treat people with substance use disorders. Summer Sky Treatment Center is a Texas-based alcohol and drug rehab program that incorporates a multi-disciplinary team of professionals that includes addiction counselors, nursing professionals, and medical doctors during the assessment process. The assessment will help in creating a strong foundation for developing a treatment plan that will guide the treatment process for an individual in treatment.

Individuals that are looking for substance use disorder treatment programs sometimes experience dysfunction with their usage of alcohol or drugs. Treatment programs in Texas utilize different modalities of care to address a person’s substance-related disorders. The most common modalities are medical detox, inpatient treatment, residential treatment, day treatment programs, and intensive outpatient treatment programs.

The Severity of an Addiction:

It is important to evaluate the severity level of a person’s substance use problems. When determining the severity level of a substance use problem the treatment program will focus careful attention on a person’s physical condition, psychological functioning, support networks, previous treatment efforts, and motivation to participate in treatment.

Substance use disorders occur in a broad range of severity, from mild to severe. The criteria for diagnosis are based on the number of symptom criteria documented during the assessment process. This alerts the medical doctor to provide the diagnosis of the correct severity level that a person is experiencing with their substance use disorder.

It is possible for a person to change their severity level over time and it is usually reflected by reductions or increases in the frequency and dose of substance used. Sometimes this is reported by the individual or family members knowledgeable of the individual’s alcohol or drug usage. Sometimes clinical observations and biological testing are needed to establish a severity level.

It is important for an individual to be diagnosed with the proper severity level because this will help with determining which type of substance use disorder program is best and make the placement process into the right level of care a lot easier for the individual needing treatment services. Once a person is placed in the right level of care, maximum benefits can be achieved during the rehab experience.       

What type of Substance Use Disorder Treatment Program should I choose?

This is often difficult to answer without speaking to the individual needing treatment. The treatment center admissions staff will need to discuss with the individual certain confidential matters related to how much of a substance a person has been using, how long have they been using the substance as well as the history of alcohol and drug usage and other pertinent information related to an alcohol or drug usage.

We suggest that you call our admissions department at Summer Sky to discuss your situation. The admissions department can answer specific questions regarding the different types of treatment programs available, and types of treatment programs that may be best for your situation as well as discuss the criteria for admission into our substance use disorder treatment programs.

Our Summer Sky Admissions Department is available 24 hours 7 days a week to answer questions and concerns about treatment services. You can quickly contact us at 1-888-857-8857. In general, a person must have a substance-related or addictive disorder to enter a substance use disorder treatment program. Each treatment level of care will be determined by medical diagnostic criteria that will be established during the screening process and assessment process. These processes will help guide the treatment team into placing a person into the right level of care so that a person can maximize the best benefit of treatment services available for their specific needs.

The types of substance use disorder treatment programs that are available are medical detoxification programs (Detox Programs), inpatient treatment programs, residential treatment programs, partial hospitalization treatment programs (Day Treatment Programs or PHP Programs), and intensive outpatient treatment programs (IOP).

Types of Substance Use Disorder Treatment Programs:

People often choose the type of treatment program they desire to attend for different reasons. Most people choose treatment programs based on the severity level of their substance use disorder problem. For example, if a person is experiencing intense physical cravings, physical withdrawal symptoms, inability to stop using a substance, and have a long-term history of experiencing chronic complications when they attempt to stop using alcohol or drugs then usually seeking help from a program that offers medical detoxification is a good place to start with treatment services.

If you need help with an alcohol or drug problem, contact Summer Sky Treatment Center to discuss your situation with our 24-hour admission specialists that are standing by 7 days a week to help you determine if treatment is an option for you. You can contact us at 1-888-857-8857.

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