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Proven Method of Relapse Prevention

The Summer Sky Relapse Track™ is a specialty treatment program designed to help men and women who have a history of relapse deal with relapse related issues. Those that have a history of relapse sometimes do not need to experience another traditional treatment episode. However, they do need to discover the reasons why they continue to relapse. During treatment in our relapse track, we will help you find out the exact causes and conditions that continue to bring you back to active alcohol or drug usage. Teaching you how to intervene on your own relapse process prior to active alcohol or drug usage is of great importance in relapse prevention.

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The Summer Sky Relapse Track™ helps those with a history of relapse to enhance their personal recovery and teaches men and women on how to prevent a future relapse from taking place. The entire program begins after the initial medical detoxification and stabilization phase is completed. Those in the relapse track will get the opportunity to discover exactly why they keep returning to active alcohol or drug use after leaving a treatment program. The relapse track is an important component of alcohol and drug treatment for those with a history of relapse.

The Summer Sky Relapse Track™ during the relapse track men and women will identify many different reasons why they continue to relapse. However, knowing why relapse occurs is very important but more importantly is devising a plan or solution and then learning practical ways to stop the relapse from taking place in the first place. Below is a list of items that will be covered during the relapse track.


Relapse Track:

  • Identifying the high-risk situations that contribute to a relapse
  • Learning coping skills in recovery to help navigate away from a relapse episode
  • Lifestyle factors and urges and cravings and how they contribute to relapse
  • Enhance recovery skills to help keep you engaged in personal recovery
  • Helps eliminate myths about relapse and recovery
  • Teaches skills to manage lapses, perceptions of the relapse process
  • Restructuring the perceptions of the relapse process
  • Teaches individuals how to balance their lives and develop positive attitudes
  • How to enhance your awareness of cognitive, emotional and behavioral reactions to prevent a lapse from escalating into a relapse. 

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Relapse is a Process

What we know about relapse is that individuals with a substance use disorder do not happen just to drink or use a substance. We also know that people go through a predictable relapse process called The Relapse Syndrome. This relapse process starts way before the first drink or drug is ever taken into one’s body. This Relapse syndrome causes an individual to feel pain and discomfort when they are not using alcohol or drugs. The discomfort can be so debilitating to the individual experiencing the relapse syndrome that their options to stay clean and sober begin to become reduces to the point where drinking or drug use seems like the only option left for the person with a substance use disorder.   

The Summer Sky Relapse Track™ helps men and women look deep into The Relapse Syndrome for the reason why they continue to relapse back into alcohol or drugs. They learn valuable recovery skills to prevent a future relapse from taking place.

During the relapse track, individuals are challenged to recognize and honestly tell others what he or she is thinking, feeling and experiencing that could be contributing to relapse. The entire program utilizes the 37-relapse warning signs and how to identify and use those relapse warning signs to enhance your personal recovery. The warning signs were developed by Terence Gorski.

Recover with Dignity

When you chose the Summer Sky Treatment Center as your treatment provider for substance use disorder treatment, you will experience the highest quality of addiction treatment available. Our Relapse Track will encourage you to stay in recovery, but most importantly it will give you the tools so that you can become successful in your life of recovery.   

Summer Sky Treatment Center helps men and women find hope in recovery and encourages everyone to be the best that they can be in life. Recovery is a beautiful experience and treatment is available for anyone that wants to be free from alcohol or drugs. Give us a call at 1-888-857-8857 to discuss treatment options with our admission specialist.