Medical Detoxification in Texas

Detoxification is the process of eliminating the toxic buildup of addictive substances in the body. Texas-based Summer Sky Treatment Center® one of the best medical detoxification centers in Texas has expanded its alcohol detox & drug detox programs to include more medical detox options for people who need or require medically supervised detoxification services.

If you live in Texas and don’t have a local detox center near you then consider contacting our medical detox facility admissions department. We can arrange detoxification services no matter where you live in the State of Texas. Summer Sky Treatment Center® operates one of the most innovative medical detox centers in the State of Texas.

Medical Detoxification:

Medical Detoxification is a medical procedure designed to help a person to manage acute intoxication and withdrawal symptoms that can emerge once a person stops using an addictive substance. The withdrawal symptoms are minimized by administering medication protocols.

The detox protocols are designed to safely remove and eliminate the toxic buildup of addictive substances while simultaneously reducing and minimizing any uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. This is a necessary component of the beginning phase of substance use disorder treatment.

Summer Sky Treatment Center® offers several different types of medical detox programs to help you recover from alcohol use disorders or substance use disorders. Detox or detoxification is the process of helping an individual safely return to a state of equilibrium.

Once Medical Detoxification & Stabilization is achieved then the individual is better prepared to deal with the next phase of substance use disorder treatment services. Detox is often looked at as an intervention tool to help people clear their bodies of the addictive substance.

Addictive Drugs:

Addictive Drugs when consumed, cause different changes to the individuals thinking and affects an individual’s overall mood. Also, the addictive substances create changes in the brain by causing an adaptation to take place with neurochemical processes. This neurochemical altering of normal brain chemical changes is believed to be a major contributor to the development of addiction.

This also is what contributes to physical withdrawal symptoms, cravings, and tolerance developing when people cross from regular use of addictive substances into addictive use of the substance. Many parts of the body system are impacted as a result of repeated alcohol & drug use.

Medical Detoxification Helps Re-set Brain Chemistry:

When a person develops a physical dependency on an addictive substance the most important aspect of healing the addiction is to remove the toxic buildup of the addictive substances from the body. The individual needs a physical reset of their brain chemistry.

However, the detox process is a vital service that must be followed up with additional treatment services if the individual plans on being successful with abstinence and recovery. One easy way to understand medical detox is to think of addiction as a “Hijacking of The Brain Chemistry”.

Addictive Drugs High Jack the Individuals Brain Chemistry:

One way to simplify the addiction is to think of the brain being high-jacked by the addictive drugs. The normal functioning of the brain’s chemicals is replaced by the addictive substances and therefore reduces and in some cases stops the production of other chemicals as tolerance is developed.

The detox process will help the body to re-set the production of normal chemical processes and allow the body to begin to release normal chemical processes. Since many of the addictive substances are so powerful physically the body will require detox and abstinence to complete the healing process.

Dependency is Unrelated to a Drugs Legal Status:

Most drugs affect the central nervous system differently, however, their classification by the drug enforcement agency or DEA is related to harm to society and not the individual’s body system. Individuals can become just as addicted to legal drugs as illegal drugs.

Drugs that affect the central nervous system are called CNS Drugs because they suppress the central nervous system and impact an individual addicted to the drug at the brain and spinal cord level. What makes this dangerous is these addictive substances affect the body’s ability to regulate basic bodily functions such as breathing, heartbeat, and overall blood flow.

It’s important to note that all drugs will affect the CNS (Central Nervous System) in some way, so this is why medical detox is so important in helping stabilize acute withdrawal symptoms. Mixing various substances or being addicted to multiple substances should seek medical detox as soon as possible.

Severity Levels of Medical Detox Needs:

Some addictive substances are more dangerous to withdraw from than other substances, so screening and assessments are performed by the nursing staff, medical doctors, and clinical staff to ensure that the correct detox protocols are utilized during the medical detoxification process. The needs of the individual who is enrolled in the detox program are the top priority of medical detox professionals.

Physical & Psychological Withdrawal Symptoms:

Since not all addictive substances are created equal it’s important that if you have been drinking alcohol or using drugs heavily and for prolonged periods then you should seriously consider entering our medical detoxification program to safely remove the addictive substance from your body.

Each addictive drug has a specific substance syndrome that once it is activated can create physical & psychological problems along with various withdrawal symptoms. The withdrawal symptoms can begin showing up while the individual is participating in social, occupational, and other areas of functioning.

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms:

It can be dangerous to attempt to detoxify oneself at home or without medical detoxification help from a trained medical detox facility. It is always advisable to seek help from trained addiction professionals and minimize the potential for adverse health consequences or fatal reactions to detoxify alone.

Most Common Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms Experienced:

anxiety nervousness depression
fatigue irritability jumpiness
shakiness mood swings nightmares
Inability to think clearly clammy skin enlarged (dilated) pupils
headache insomnia loss of appetite
nausea vomiting rapid heart rate sweating
agitation fever hallucinations
seizures severe confusion Tremors of hands



Detox or more specifically detoxification is a medical process used to eliminate one’s body of harmful substances. Medical detoxification includes the elimination of substances in the body. Many people become addicted to repeated usage of harmful substances.

The detoxification process involves treating the withdrawal symptoms associated with substance use disorders and substance-induced disorders. Summer Sky provides everyone with the current best practices in the medical field associated with managing the process of withdrawal. You will have access to our medical doctors, nurses, and clinicians during the entire detox process.

Detoxification Safety:

Medical Detoxification needs to be performed in a detoxification program to ensure safety. This is often done under the care of a medical doctor and with the help of nursing professionals. It can be dangerous attempting to detoxify yourself without trained medical professionals.

It is always advised to utilize the expertise of medical staff when stopping an addictive substance. Safe detoxification procedures called detox protocols will be followed by Summer Sky to ensure your detox is safe and to help provide as much comfort as possible during the detoxification process.

Detoxification by itself is not substance use disorder treatment. However, it is the first step in the process of treatment that allows an individual to prepare to become free from alcohol or drugs. Without clearing the body and mind of chemicals, the next phases of treatment are difficult to achieve without becoming free from substances. We highly stress seeking help through detoxification before attempting to engage in treatment or any other recovery support systems.

Medically Managed Withdrawal:

The medical detoxification process consists of three important phases:

  • Evaluation
  • Stabilization
  • Encouraging Individual readiness for substance use treatment

During the evaluation phase, medical professionals will evaluate and assess the level of intensity that you will need for the medically managed withdrawal process. This will help with the stabilization phase and address your appropriate needs. Each person will have specific medical needs that will need to be addressed during the medically managed withdrawal process.

Once the medically managed withdrawal process is completed our medical staff, and clinical staff will help you with determining what level of treatment you should have next based on your situation.

Alcohol Detox:

Alcohol detoxification (Detox) is a medical process of removing alcohol from one’s body addicted to alcohol. People that are addicted to alcohol will require medical detoxification to become alcohol-free from the substance. Since it is dangerous to attempt to stop drinking alcohol without the help of medical professionals at a detox facility, it is recommended that if you are experiencing an alcohol addiction that you seek help immediately.

Alcohol Detoxification involves helping a person who has been drinking alcohol remove the substance from their body safely. Monitoring this process is especially important for someone who has a history of being addicted to alcohol. People that are addicted to alcohol sometimes present to treatment with elevated blood alcohol levels and have previously developed a tolerance to the substance.

Depending on the alcohol concentrations in the body will depend on the medical interventions needed during the detox process. The first aspect of medical detox is to help a person who may be experiencing alcohol intoxication reduce the levels of alcohol in their system. The medical detox monitoring process will involve monitoring vital functions, protecting respiration, and observing aspiration, hypoglycemia, and thiamin deficiency.

The goal is to eliminate the alcohol from the body so that detox medications can be utilized to detox the person from alcohol safely. This is a process that should be only performed by trained medical detox personnel.

Benzodiazepine Detox:

Summer Sky specializes in benzodiazepine detox and will accommodate individuals that have developed a substance-induced disorder or substance use disorder to a benzodiazepine. Most of the people that become dependent on benzodiazepines were originally therapeutically taking the medication before developing a benzodiazepine use disorder.

However, some individuals do seek out the substance illegally and become addicted to the substance. No matter how you became addicted to the benzodiazepines, our treatment center can help you safely detox from benzodiazepines.

Benzodiazepines are physically and mentally addictive substances, and once a person develops a substance use disorder, they will need medical detoxification to become abstinent from the benzodiazepines safely.

Detoxification involves clearing the drug toxin from a person’s system. In addition to eliminating the substance from a person’s body, the medical detox staff will monitor and manage the signs and symptoms of withdrawal.

The benzodiazepine detox process will take longer than other substances to medically withdraw from a benzodiazepine. Medical supervision will be required for a person to be successfully detoxified. It is suggested that individuals that go through a benzodiazepine detox process also enter inpatient treatment following detox. Entering inpatient treatment will allow the body’s physiology to adjust to the absence of benzodiazepines.

Opioid Detox:

If you desire to become free from opioid medications or heroin, then Summer Sky can help you achieve medical detoxification from any opioid substance. Our opioid detox program is designed to help men or women become opioid-free. Summer Sky utilizes the best evidence-based anti-craving medications to help individuals avoid cravings associated with opioid use disorders.

When receiving detox for an opioid use disorder at Summer Sky our medical detoxification professionals will go out of their way to make sure your opioid withdrawal is as smooth as possible, and you are detoxified comfortably off opioid substances.

Summer Sky Opioid Detox Treatment:

Summer Sky offers a dedicated medical detox program that can be utilized by individuals with opioid use disorders. People are often amazed at how the medical staff will help them eliminate opioids from their body system.

Once medical detox is completed, individuals will be able to examine if they need an anti-craving medication as they move forward into treatment and recovery. Summer Sky uses only FDA-approved medications to help our patients detox properly.

Opioid Use Disorder:

People that have an opioid disorder can be treated for their chronic illness. Treatment works and those that participate in treatment go on to live happy and productive lives without the use of opioid medications. Many people after medical detox choose to attend our 30-day treatment programs or our 90-day treatment programs to learn more skills to help them with their opioid addiction.

The beautiful thing about attending our detoxification programs is that opioid substances are no longer blocking a person from making decisions. Having a clear mind and body helps a person begin to focus on their overall needs.

Now, of course, there are more issues and concerns to address during treatment, but medical detox is the beginning of the process of treatment. Patients with opioid use disorders will have access to medical care, and addiction counseling, as well as recovery support services.

Methamphetamine Detox:

Summer Sky offers medical detoxification to individuals that desire to become abstinent from methamphetamines. Everything begins with an individual deciding to pursue help for their methamphetamine addiction.

Deciding to ask for help takes a lot of courage, and we understand that making a change to become chemical-free from methamphetamines is not the easiest decision to make for someone that is addicted to the substance.

When someone needs help for a methamphetamine use disorder, it is important to think about the entire picture of treatment. Medical detoxification is normally associated with stabilization, followed by residential treatment after the initial medical observation and stabilization process of detox.

Drug Rehab Programs:

When choosing a drug rehab program, it is important to consider a drug rehab program that offers medical detoxification and stabilization. Methamphetamines are the most frequently misused central nervous system stimulants.

Drug rehab programs that offer medical detoxification go out of their way to provide a comfortable detox experience, especially considering that methamphetamine users are dealing with physical and psychological changes to their bodies immediately once the body begins to eliminate the substance.

Stimulant Withdrawal Syndrome:

When a person is experiencing stimulated withdrawals, they will need access to a complete medical detox program and stabilization unit. This can make all the difference in the world in safely removing methamphetamines from one’s body.

Drug rehab programs that have internal detox facilities at their drug rehab facilities will help to ensure that an individual has access to medical doctors and nursing professionals onsite to help the person deal with their stimulant withdrawal syndrome.

Methamphetamine Loss of Control:

Methamphetamine users experience a profound loss of control over the amount of the substance they put into their bodies. Their brain is stimulated in such a way as to cause disruptions to the internal reward system in the brain.

This disruption is noticed by the user once the methamphetamine substance begins to exit their bodies. There is an agitation experienced by the user when the drug is stopped, and the body begins eliminating the toxin from the brain. This agitation is a part of the withdrawal process.

The stimulation and disruption of internal reward centers in the brain are agitated as the substance is removed from the body, hence a person will seek out more of the substance to stop the agitation in the brain therefore a person that is in a detox and stabilization program can be helped as the agitation begins to surface during the stimulant withdrawal process.

A person that is being medically observed in the detox and stabilization program is less likely to return to using since the agitation is being dealt with in treatment. Helping a person deal with cravings is important at this phase of treatment.

Detox Now™:

Summer Sky offers a specialized inpatient detox program for those needing more than traditional medical detox services. Some people just need more help during medical detox, and they are not ready to discharge from detox without more observation and care for their medical and psychological needs.

Our medical detox program incorporates stabilization into the detox program to help people transition smoother into a residential treatment program. The Best Detox Now™ program allows individuals that have multiple medical needs that need to be addressed in medical detox to receive that extra care.

The reality is everyone is different when it comes to needing medical detox, and some people just have more medical and psychological needs that must be addressed during the medical detox process. Summer Sky created the Best Detox Now™ program to help these individuals become better prepared for the continuing care process that proceeds with medical detoxification.

Substance-Induced Disorders:

Substance use disorders make up a broad range of severity. Some individuals have mild, moderate, or severe substance disorders and in many cases until a professional substance use disorder assessment is performed the determination of the severity level cannot be accurately made until the assessment is completed.

This is where the Best Detox Now™ Program has an advantage over traditional medical detox programs. Since a person that enters our Best Detox Now™ program will receive 10-days of detox and stabilization our medical and clinical treatment team will be able to help an individual become substance free and stabilize any substance-induced disorders that a person may be dealing with during the initial stages of becoming alcohol or drug-free.

Drug and Alcohol Detox Texas:

When it’s time to become drug and alcohol-free people often begin looking at ways to stop their drinking or drug use which makes logical sense when you’re dealing with an addiction. People who have developed problems related to alcohol or drugs experience physical, psychological, and social disturbance as a result of their alcohol or drug use. They desire relief to make the pain stop.

Entering a drug and alcohol detox in Texas is the best and fastest way to stop your use of addictive substances. What makes this the best option is that you have instant access to medical detox medications that can help you manage the associated withdrawal symptoms and cravings associated with stopping your use of alcohol or drugs.

Withdrawal Symptoms:

When people become addicted to substances over time their brain and body develop reliance upon the addicted substance. This is one reason we call it an addictive disorder along with many other reasons. Addiction is a chronic brain disorder, which means as long as a person keeps putting addictive substances into their body then the illness will keep progressing.

The withdrawal symptoms will emerge as the individual cuts back their use or abruptly stops using for some time. This is why it is highly suggested that an individual seek help from a substance use disorder treatment program that offers drug and alcohol detox.

Most medical detox programs in Texas do offer 24-hour 7-days-a-week medical detoxification programs that can be accessed fairly quickly to prevent withdrawal symptoms from spiraling into adverse health deterioration and the withdrawal symptoms can be managed by the detox facility.

Drug Detox:

There are many different drugs that an individual can experience intense withdrawal symptoms. The most common types of addictive drugs are listed below. People that are addicted to these types of drugs often require drug detox before participating in other forms of substance use disorder treatment services. Summer Sky Treatment Center® does provide drug detox & residential treatment.

We highly encourage people to call our admissions department if they are addicted to the below drugs as they must get properly detoxified from these addictive substances. Some of these drugs do have very severe and dangerous withdrawal symptoms so do not attempt to detox by yourself.

Drugs Detox Needed for Below Addictive Substances:

Opioids Heroin
Hydrocodone (Vicodin®)




Oxycodone (OxyContin®) Morphine
Benzodiazepines   Diazepam (Valium®)
Alprazolam (Xanax®) Lorazepam (Ativan®)

More Severe Substance-induced disorders:

  • Intoxication
  • Withdrawal
  • Substance/medication-induced mental disorders
  • Substance-induced psychotic disorders
  • Substance-induced depressive disorders

Our Best Detox Now™ Program can help address substance-induced disorders that are more severe and stabilize an individual so that they can participate in residential treatment following medical detox.

The Summer Sky Detox Program is a licensed medical detoxification program that is accredited by The Joint Commission. We utilize evidence-based medications to help with the withdrawal process, and we make your detox experience as comfortable as possible.

Our program is a medically monitored inpatient detoxification program. We provide 24-hour medically supervised detoxification services by our medical doctors and nurses.

Top Texas Addiction Medical Detox Programs:

Summer Sky Treatment Center® is one of the top Texas addiction medical detox programs helping people to recover from their substance use disorders. For over 37 years the addiction treatment center has been a place of refuge for people who struggles with various addictions and need medical detoxification services. The medical detox along with compassionate and understanding staff makes Summer Sky a place where you can detox with dignity.

We Take the Suffering Out of Medical Detox:

Our advanced medical detoxification services are backed by years of medical science and evidence-based medical detox protocols that deliver results when it comes to detoxification. We make the detox process safe and effective for people who wish to become alcohol or drug-free from any addictive substance. The medical detox staff will assist you through the enter detox phases and help to minimize any withdrawal symptoms that emerge during medical detox.

The acute physical symptoms of the withdrawal process can begin rapidly, and we can manage the associated withdrawal symptoms that emerge and help you experience a safe and smooth transition back to a state of abstinence from alcohol, prescription drugs, or any other addictive substance.


During detoxification services, we utilize a set of interventions that are designed to help a person manage their acute intoxication and associated withdrawal symptoms. An individual during the detox process will clear the toxic buildup of the addictive substance out of the body system.

Addiction creates physical health problems, and the detox process helps to rid the body of the toxic chemicals while simultaneously treating the withdrawal syndrome.

The physical harm that is caused by using the addictive substance is minimized so that the body can rid itself of the remaining toxic substances during detox. The process of detox is designed to prevent an individual from experiencing life-threatening medical problems.

Immediate Help Now:

You can contact Summer Sky and discuss our Texas Medical Detoxification Programs 24 hours a day 7 days a week by calling our admissions department at our confidential line of 1-888-857-8857.

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