Medical Detoxification in Texas

Texas-based Summer Sky Treatment Center expands access to its medical detoxification center to the entire State of Texas. Texas is a very large State, and now you can arrange detoxification services from anywhere in the State of Texas. Summer Sky Treatment center is known for its innovative approach to Medical Detoxification. No matter what city you live in Texas, we can help you arrange for medical detoxification.


Detox or more specifically detoxification is a medical process used to eliminate one’s body of harmful substances. Medical detoxification includes the elimination of substances in the body. Many people become addicted from repeated usage of harmful substances. The detoxification process involves treating the withdrawal symptoms associated with substance use disorders and substance-induced disorders. Summer Sky provides everyone with the current best practices in the medical field associated with managing the process of withdrawal. You will have access to our medical doctors, nurses, and clinicians during the entire detox process.

Detoxification Safety

Medical Detoxification needs to be performed in a detoxification program to ensure safety. This is often done under the care of a medical doctor and with the help of nursing professionals. It can be dangerous attempting to detoxify yourself without trained medical professionals. It is always advised to utilize the expertise of medical staff when stopping an addictive substance. Safe detoxification procedures called detox protocols will be followed by Summer Sky to ensure your detox is safe and to help provide as much comfort as possible during the detoxification process.

Detoxification by itself is not substance use disorder treatment. However, it is the first step in the process of treatment that allows an individual to prepare to become free from alcohol or drugs. Without clearing the body and mind from chemicals, the next phases of treatment are difficult to achieve without becoming free from substances. We highly stress seeking help through detoxification before attempting to engage in treatment or any other recovery support systems.

Medically Managed Withdrawal

The medical detoxification process consists of three phases that are important:

  • Evaluation
  • Stabilization
  • Encouraging Individual readiness for substance use treatment

During the evaluation phase, medical professionals will evaluate and assess the level of intensity that you will need for the medically managed withdrawal process. This will help with the stabilization phase and address your appropriate needs. Each person will have specific medical needs that will need to be addressed during the medically managed withdrawal process.

Once the medically managed withdrawal process is completed our medical staff, and clinical staff will help you with determining what level of treatment you should have next based on your individual situation.