Heroin Use Disorder

Summer Sky is a leading provider of the treatment for heroin use disorder. If you are looking to get off heroin, we have a solution for you or your family member. Heroin in America is at an all-time high in the nation. What many people in America do not know is that we have advanced treatment for the treatment of Heroin in America. Some of the newest evidence-based treatment approaches involve addiction medicine. There is no reason to hurt from detoxification off heroin. Today with the advances in our treatment programs that are logical solutions for an illogical disorder a person has choices over the course of treatment that they want to engage in versus a one size fits all approach from the past.

We encourage you to contact our admission department at Summer Sky Treatment Center and discuss the available options that exist for you or a loved one. If you are a loved one seeking help for a family member, please know that we can help assist you with an interventionist that specializes in getting those with heroin addiction into treatment. The problem with Heroin in America is that we all have to come together and understand that Heroin is no longer a problem for a select group of people. It affects all cross-sections of America. Please don’t hesitate to call for help, we are a national treatment program and can arrange for your admission anywhere in America.

What is an addiction?

Addiction is the compulsion to use alcohol or other drugs regardless of the negative or adverse consequences. Addiction has been characterized by psychological preoccupation with the desired substance one is using. Typically, that preoccupation involves an extreme desire to re-experience the substance over and over again. The physical withdrawal symptoms that present once a person discontinues the use of the substance is what many heroin users despise. It often requires a detoxification process to get free from the substance.

Treatment Approaches for Heroin Use Disorder

Summer Sky believes that abstinence is the best option for those suffering from Heroin use disorder. However, to become completely free from the heroin. There must be a detox period before the psychological measure is effective. To detox, a user must use certain medications that are designed to relieve the negative effects of the withdrawal symptoms. The withdrawal symptoms are what the heroin user desires not to experience.

Medication Assisted Therapy ( MAT)

Medication Assisted Therapy or MAT is another option for those suffering from heroin use disorder. MAT is unlike the abstinence approach to the treatment of heroin use disorder. It involves similar concepts to the abstinence-based approach accept that the individual is detoxed using a substance called buprenorphine. This medication is a mild opiate that has been proven to minimize the withdrawal symptoms. The heroin user is slowly lowered each week to safe and effective levels of comfort. Once the desired level is achieved the individual can either choose to stay on the buprenorphine or be lowered down slowly to complete abstinence. The course of treatment that is most effective like the abstinence approach involves detoxification followed with a minimal of 30-days of residential treatment. However, it has been shown to be more successful if used in with a 90-day program if one has the financial means and time to dedicate to a 90-day program.

Opioid Treatment Programs (OTPs)

The opioid treatment programs are the next type of treatment that is available. This type of treatment involves medication, counseling, detox and residential treatment. If you notice all, three approaches have three core elements. Those elements are the medication, counseling, detox, and residential treatment. The below are opioids that heroin users usually cycle on and off the below substances when heroin is not available. Each substance is just as addictive as heroin however the main difference is they are usually prescribed by a medical doctor and monitored for safety purposes.

Codeine—an ingredient in some cough syrups and in one Tylenol® product

  • Hydrocodone—Vicodin®, Lortab®, or Lorcet®
  • Oxycodone—Percocet®, OxyContin®, or Percodan®
  • Hydromorphone—Dilaudid®
  • Morphine—MSContin®, MSIR®, Avinza®, or Kadian®
  • Propoxyphene—Darvocet® or Darvon®
  • Fentanyl—Duragesic®
  • Methadone.

When someone who uses heroin or the above drugs and they have become addicted to either heroin or the above chemicals we recommend going into detox, beginning the process of detoxification and then using one of the medications used to treatment opioid addiction, followed by residential treatment, counseling for follow-up purposes and then freedom from addiction follows the successful completion of treatment. Please if you or a loved one needs treatment call Summer Sky for help. We are always available to help you become free from alcohol or drugs.

Summer Sky Detoxification & Stabilization Program

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