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Our Family Drug Rehab Program is among the best family treatment programs in Texas. Summer Sky is dedicated to helping families restore their relationships to healthy functioning. Addiction impacts the individual with a substance use disorder as well as the entire family system. The reality is that drug treatment is the beginning of a lifetime of recovery and change. So often the addicted individual is treated for their substance use disorder, but the family is left out of the treatment process. The Summer Sky Family Treatment Program aims to include all the family members who have been directly or indirectly impacted by someone’s addiction to substances.

Drug Addiction is like a “Thief”!

We use the analogy that drug addiction & alcohol addiction are both like thieves that steal a family’s joy, peace, and serenity. Addiction creates physical, psychological, emotional, behavioral, and social problems. Many times, the family struggles to try and help their loved one who has developed an addiction to substances. The stress associated with helping a person with an addiction can become overwhelming at times. Since addiction does affect so many areas of a person’s life the family is often impacted the hardest from a person’s addiction to substances. It can feel overwhelming, stressful, and fearful to watch a loved one deal with an addiction. The family program is designed to help the family begin to heal from the effects of the addiction and re-unite the family under an attitude of love and concern.

Family Restoration

Some family members often blame themselves for the drug addiction of their loved ones. The truth is no family member is responsible for another’s addiction. Drug Addiction is a chronic medical illness that attacks the brain of the individual who has a substance use disorder. The brain is damaged in the cerebral cortex and limbic system. Addiction is an overly complex illness that affects the body, mind, emotions, spirit, and social life of everyone that has developed an addiction. Once an individual has entered treatment then the family normally turns their attention to helping other members of the family that need to begin healing. The family is encouraged to participate in the family program so that they can understand addiction and begin to heal from the damage associated with addiction.

Family Drug Rehab Program

Our family treatment program is an educational program that shows you the exact nature of addiction and teaches each family member new skills to help you and your loved one support each other in the treatment and recovery process. We believe in the individuals we serve and recognize the unique power of influence that each family brings to the healing process of drug treatment and recovery. Each family is unique and different, but each family member can bring love and concern to support each other in the healing process.

Loved ones can bring positive change into the addicted individuals’ recovery. The power of the family system to impact the behavior of its members cannot be denied. Healing from the damage that your loved one has caused you is extremely important for the treatment process and the recovery process. We encourage each member of the family to do your best to participate in the family program if possible. The therapeutic value of one addict helping another is unparalleled for the individual in personal recovery. The therapeutic value of one family member helping another family is also unparalleled for their recovery. For this reason, we do suggest that family members seek help from 12-step support groups like Al-Anon Family Groups or Nar-Anon Family Groups along with individual family therapy or family counseling as needed.

Drug Rehabs & Family Programs

When your loved one enters a drug rehab the opportunity to rebuild the relationships that have been affected by substance abuse is especially important. The Summer Sky Family Rehab Program addresses the needs of the family first and gives each family member practical guidance for being a part of their loved one’s recovery support team. Everyone in the family in some form has been affected by the addiction of their loved one. During the family drug rehab program, the family is encouraged to learn new skills and become educated about the addiction and recovery process. The explanation of the addicted individual’s defense system is revealed, and skills are taught on how to deal with the defense system and focus on recovery-based solutions. In some cases, learning how to modify a role, behavior, or changing an attitude will be necessary for a family member to heal properly. During treatment, the family will have contact with the primary counselor of your loved one. Participation and attendance on the weekends are highly encouraged by all family members.

Understanding Addiction

We want to encourage each family member to visit the YouTube link below of videos called “Pleasure Unwoven” by Kevin McCauley. These videos will enhance your understanding of addiction and give you insight into how addiction works and what can be done to treat an addiction. There is a total of 8-videos to watch that will explain addiction to the family. Please take some time to watch these videos as soon as possible.

“Pleasure Unwoven” by Kevin McCauley