Alcohol Use Disorder

Many people are not aware of the destruction that the disease of alcoholism has on an individual. It affects its victims in the body, mind, emotion and soul. This devastating disease is terminal and without proper treatment it will cause premature death, incarceration or mental disturbances that require 24-hour monitoring and care due to the inability to function. Medical Detoxification can help begin the process of getting sober from alcohol use disorders.

Here is what we do know?

The disease is not cured, however if proper treatment is found and used by the individual with alcoholism they can find a recovered state of mind and body. Think of it more like a remission phase of the continued progression of the disease.

There is hope!

Millions of people have found treatment and recovered from alcoholism. They have lived happy, useful and productive life’s free from alcohol. We call this getting sober and staying sober, or more universally we call it recovery.

The Warnings!

Like any illness, their are certain measures that have to be taken to keep and individual from returning to the alcohol. Many people have received help for their alcoholism and began to benefit from the new recovering state of mind to latter returning to drinking. We call this return to drinking a relapse. We recommend that an individual with alcoholism seek treatment in a facility that specializes in alcoholism treatment. Treatment can teach you how to heed to the numerous warnings and, therefore, minimize the risk of a relapse from occurring.


Relapse is a process that takes place over time. It is not an isolated event, but more of a process of predictable signs and symptoms that begin to re-surface as an individual moves out of the recovery process into a relapse process. This is one more reason that seeking treatment is necessary to find recovery and stay in the process of recovery.