Adult Addiction Programs in Texas

Summer Sky is one of the best addiction treatment programs for adult males and females in the State of Texas. Summer Sky started out as a 12-Step based addiction recovery center that specialized in the treatment of alcoholism. We now offer help for alcohol and drug addiction. We treat primarily the 18 to 65 year old population with evidence-based treatment approaches. Our focus is on offering the newest advancements of addiction treatment to our clients.

The important task of maintaining the value of the 12-Step based addiction recovery approach and offering the newest approaches in addiction treatment has created a very effective adult treatment program. We believe that the 12-Steps are a very important aspect of the healing process with people with addictions. What has emerged over the years at Summer Sky is an updated adult program that incorporates the best of addiction science into a state of the art addiction treatment program. Our drug rehab combines the most effective clinical counseling with a solid 12-Step based recovery.

Summer Sky has continued to update its programs with current addiction science. Our addiction treatment programs strive to offer the most effective treatments. We are about restoration of health. We offer our clients proven techniques to allow them to experience the peace of mind that is available to them. There is a way out of addiction, and many adult men and women have found that way out of addiction at Summer Sky. Addiction breakthroughs are happening at our treatment program and we want you to be apart of the process. Many individuals come into our program with constant cravings for drugs or alcohol and leave with no more cravings and a proven plan of action.