Top Texas Addiction Medical Detox Programs

Top Texas Addiction Medical Detox Programs:

Summer Sky Treatment Center® is one of the top Texas addiction medical detox programs helping people to recover from their substance use disorders. For over 37 years the addiction treatment center has been a place of refuge for people who struggles with various addictions and need medical detoxification services. The medical detox along with compassionate and understanding staff makes Summer Sky a place where you can detox with dignity.

We Take the Suffering Out of Medical Detox:

Our advanced medical detoxification services are backed by years of medical science and evidence-based medical detox protocols that deliver results when it comes to detoxification. We make the detox process safe and effective for people who wish to become alcohol or drug-free from any addictive substance. The medical detox staff will assist you through the enter detox phases and help to minimize any withdrawal symptoms that emerge during medical detox.

The acute physical symptoms of the withdrawal process can begin rapidly, and we can manage the associated withdrawal symptoms that emerge and help you experience a safe and smooth transition back to a state of abstinence from alcohol, prescription drugs, or any other addictive substance.


During detoxification services, we utilize a set of interventions that are designed to help a person manage their acute intoxication and associated withdrawal symptoms. An individual during the detox process will clear the toxic buildup of the addictive substance out of the body system.

Addiction creates physical health problems, and the detox process helps to rid the body of the toxic chemicals while simultaneously treating the withdrawal syndrome.

The physical harm that is caused by using the addictive substance is minimized so that the body can rid itself of the remaining toxic substances during detox. The process of detox is designed to prevent an individual from experiencing life-threatening medical problems.

Medical Detox Evaluations:

There are three main elements of the detox process which are evaluation, stabilization, and preparation for entry into addiction treatment services. The first is the medical detox evaluation that is performed by the nursing and medical professionals at the medical detox center. During the evaluation, the medical and nursing staff will help the individual determine which medical detox protocol is best for them.

The medical detox evaluation helps collect data through laboratory testing, urine drug screens, various blood work and testing, medical interviews, and breathalyzers. Measuring the concentration of substances is important in determining the right course of action that the medical staff will need help to begin detox.

This is so important because it sets the baseline for the detox protocols that will be administered and allows the medical staff to understand all the areas that will need to be addressed during the duration of medical detox services. The evaluation is a part of detoxification.

The medical detox evaluation is performed after approval for admission into the detox center or drug detox program. There will be testing for the addictive substance in the bloodstream, as well as urine screenings and laboratory testing that will occur based on the individual medical history.

Medical Stabilization:

This is the second element of addiction medical detox programs and the main goal of our medical detoxification programs. Stabilization is a process of utilizing medical and psychosocial processes to help the individual get through the acute intoxication and withdrawals associated with the types of addictive substances being consumed.

The individual is to be administered medications to assist in the withdrawal process. The goal is to help the individual attain medical stability. This process is fully supported by medical nurses, medical doctors, support staff, and addiction counselors so that the individual can become substance free.

Preparation for Entry into Treatment or Recovery Support Services:

While in medical detox the individual will meet with medical & clinical professionals during the detox process and the individual can prepare and discuss which direction, they would like to explore for more treatment services after medical detox & stabilization are completed.

During this phase, the individual will be explained about the level of care that they qualify for and all the different addiction treatment options and recovery support services available. This is a compassionate and understanding process that takes into consideration what the individual needs to be successful.

Physical Detoxification Process:

As mentioned earlier the physical detoxification process is critical to removing the harmful toxins that are built up in the body system. The entire physical detoxification process is designed to minimize the physical harm that has accumulated through often months and years of repeated damage to the body and the individual’s overall health.

The physical detoxification process will help in managing withdrawal symptoms that emerge after intoxication or addictive substances are removed from the body. Medical detox is one part of a whole in treating an individual with an alcohol use disorder or substance use disorder. Some people may need extended physical detoxification because of the severity of the addiction to one or more addictive drugs.

Physical Detoxification Management:

The overall goal is to clear the body from addictive substances and then offer solutions to help the individual not return to alcohol, prescription drugs, or other addictive substances. The treatment during detoxification is managing the symptoms of withdrawal and returning an individual to a state of complete abstinence from addictive substances.

The treatment or drug rehabilitation that follows will involve an ongoing and continuous assessment of the individual’s needs based on progress being made from treatment plans. The medical, and clinical staff and the individual in treatment will discuss progress being made through the entire detox and treatment process. This is how the individual and treatment staff know when to alter the course of actions for adjustments to the treatment process. Your participation makes this process smooth and orderly.

What are some of the Treatment Needs and Treatment Solutions:

The treatment will always be based on the needs of the individual presenting for treatment and participating in the treatment process. You will experience ongoing counseling and therapy sessions throughout the treatment process. When needed clinical assessments will be offered along with medical checkups during the treatment process. The treatment team will be concerned with the progress needed and made during addiction treatment.

Your physical, psychological, and social or environmental problems and difficulties are important to the staff at our Top Texas Addiction Medical Detox Programs. Summer Sky Treatment Center® will help you identify environmental risk factors that could contribute to a potential relapse in the future. We will educate you and help you utilize solutions to prevent relapse in the future. We believe in preventing future or potential high-risk situations that you could find yourself in after completing detox & treatment.

The more prevention strategies we can provide you with the better chance you will have in utilizing coping strategies to prevent a relapse from occurring. Medication management and primary medical care are important during the treatment process and anyone that needs psychiatric care or therapy is provided access to these services as they navigate through, the treatment process.

The overall goal of treatment is for you to heal and recover from your addiction to substances. We hope your goal will be to attain a higher level of participation in your life and restore social functioning without the use of the addictive substance in your life. We want you to be free from the bondage of addiction and substances.

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