Top Addiction Rehabs in Texas

Top Addiction Rehabs in Texas:

Summer Sky Treatment Center®️is one of the top addiction rehabs in Texas. For over 37 years our Texas Drug Rehabs have been helping men and women recover from their substance use disorders. The main facility is located 60 miles southwest of Fort Worth, Texas in a small rural city named Stephenville, Texas. We do have a history of being one of the Top Alcohol Rehabs in Texas.

We were founded to help people with alcohol use disorders to recover from their alcohol addictions. As society increased its use of alcohol, prescription drugs as well as other addictive substances we naturally began treating people with chemical dependency-related problems.

Today, we are focused on helping people who suffer from substance use disorders. Summer Sky is one of the best treatment centers in North Texas and people from all across the State of Texas utilize our drug rehabilitation services daily. One thing that sets our substance use disorder facility apart from other addiction treatment facilities is our home-like environment with southern hospitality.

Welcoming & Compassionate Drug Rehabilitation Center:

You deserve an opportunity to get clean & sober and we want to help you achieve freedom from whatever substance has had you in its grip. Treatment is the single most effective way to become free from alcohol or drug addictions. When you choose to receive treatment from one of our Texas Drug Rehabs we will work hard and diligently to provide you with the best treatment possible.

Medical Detoxification & Stabilization:

We understand that nothing can be gained until an individual is cleared of the toxic buildup of the addicted substance. Recovery is a long process, but everyone has to make a beginning and the first requirement is to be detoxified and stabilized from the physical acute symptoms of withdrawal.

Receiving detoxification for people is an important aspect of breaking the addiction to alcohol or drugs. We offer 24-hour-a-day medical detox programs that you can access to begin the recovery process. We will help with managing the associated withdrawal symptoms that emerge once a person stops using an addictive substance.

Learning to Trust Again:

A big part of treatment is learning to trust again as the self-deception of living with an addiction to alcohol or drugs tends to rob a person of their feelings of trust. To learn to trust yourself and others a certain amount of education, treatment, and practical experience of being clean and sober will need to occur to help restore confidence.

In treatment even though recovery is a long process we can help you learn to trust yourself and others as this is a part of the healing process. For some people, it may be the last change to occur, but we can help you develop a path to restore self-esteem, confidence, and self-acceptance.

Keep in mind that when someone becomes addicted it can be difficult for him or herself to have an open, honest relationship with any other person. While in treatment we will help you model this behavior so that any damage you created with your family, friends, or co-workers can be restored with trust moving forward during treatment & and in recovery.

Welcome To the Family of Recovery:

When someone enters treatment there is a lot of emphases placed on healing from the physical & psychological damage that is created by addiction. There is no doubt that is a must for people with an addiction to substances. However, at Summer Sky Treatment Center® we help people with the social aspect of healing from their addiction. Relationships, communication, forgiveness, action, and restoration of relationships are also important areas an individual must look at in treatment.

We welcome you into our treatment & recovery environment and model healthy recovery skills so that you can adjust to being alcohol and drug-free from addictive substances. When you choose to receive treatment at our substance use disorder treatment program you become a part of our recovery family.

We understand that people in personal recovery speak the language of the heart and we also believe in helping you break free from the bondage of your addiction to substances. We are on a mission to help as many people as we can recover from their addiction. To the staff at Summer Sky, you are the reason we have chosen to pursue a career in substance use disorder treatment.  You mean everything to the staff, and we welcome you into our Texas Drug Rehabs and will do our best to help you recover.

Daily Walk of Recovery:

Recovery begins daily when we awake another day sober or clean from alcohol or drugs. We try our hardest to model recovery so that you can adapt to a life of recovery. This means holding our staff accountable & practicing recovery principles with you daily.

We operate our drug rehab programs with you always at the center of our focus. While this is a higher level of accountability, we have found that the people in our care warm up to consistency and accountability as they understand they must learn recovery skills to ensure they remain alcohol or drug-free going forward in their lives.

When you come to our drug rehabilitation program, we don’t just talk recovery we walk the walk and share our experience strength, and hope in the most appropriate manner possible. You will have an opportunity during treatment to learn new ways to deal with your problems and apply solutions in treatment to begin experiencing the benefits of recovery.

We believe addiction professionals and our treatment staff don’t need to talk about recovery but show each of the people in our care exactly how to live free from alcohol or drugs. A large portion of our staff is in personal recovery themselves. We lead by example so that there is no misunderstanding about how people in recovery live.

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