Tips for Relaxing Without Alcohol

After a long, stressful day of work, many people like to come home and relax with a drink or two.  Furthermore, when life becomes difficult, people may turn to alcohol to help them cope.  Life can throw traumatic events your way that will cause both physical and psychological pain.  While a drink of alcohol can help you deal with life’s problems or simply relax and unwind, it may not be the best solution when it comes to being healthy.  It can heighten depression, cause anxiety, or lead to addiction.  There are several other ways to relax without alcohol.

Read a Good Book

After work, stimulate your mind by choosing a quiet place to enjoy a good book.  You could light a candle and relax with a book at home or maybe enjoy reading on a park bench or with a cup of coffee at a coffee shop.  Reading will reduce your stress levels and improve your focus.  Whatever genre of book you choose, take your mind off your stresses for a while and become engrossed in a great book.  If you don’t like to read, then try listening to an audiobook.

Go for a Walk

Strap on your tennis shoes and go for a walk around the block. Walk with a friend or a pet, find a favorite park to walk around, or set a goal to walk a certain distance each day.  Walking can clear your mind and relax your body.  Listen to music or an audiobook while you walk to focus your thoughts.

Take a Bath

A warm, soothing bath is a great way to relax after a busy day at work.  Many alcohol rehabs recommend a peaceful bath by candlelight to rid you of your worries.  Bath salts or scented candles can add another element of relaxation. Essential oils in the bath or on your skin will add to the relaxing mood. Listening to music or reading a book in the bath are also great ways to occupy your mind.  Spending your evening relaxing in the bathtub will prepare your body and mind for whatever the next day may hold.


Many healthcare professionals, including those at alcohol rehabs in Texas, will suggest exercise as a way to reduce stress.  Not only can it reduce stress, but it can release endorphins that improve your mood and increase your health.  There are many added benefits of exercise.  It can decrease feelings of stress, depression, and anxiety.  Running is a great way to get your daily dose of exercise. For those who like a challenge, training for events such as 5Ks, 10Ks, or even marathons may give that extra boost of motivation.  If you live on the coast, you might enjoy a run on the beach while those who live in mountainous regions might choose to hike up a trail or go rock climbing for exercise.  Joining a gym to participate in group classes such as kickboxing or cycling are a great way to meet people and exercise.  Whatever method you choose, exercise is a great way to decompress without drinking.  Give it a try, and you might find you really enjoy it.


Practice Yoga or Meditation

Meditation has been used as a tool for relaxation for many, many years.  Centuries ago, people would use meditation and mindful exercise for the mind and body relaxation.  The same concepts still apply today.  Meditation offers psychological benefits, maybe even more so than going on a vacation.  If you struggle with symptoms of alcohol addiction such as depression, anxiety, and stress, and have considered a Texas alcohol rehab, first consider meditation to ease these symptoms.  Yoga is another mindful exercise for the body.  Combining body poses with controlled breathing can increase relaxation and body strength.  Alcohol rehab centers often combine yoga or meditation with alcohol treatment to help those with addictions.  If you suffer from restlessness after a long day at work, roll out your yoga mat and challenge your body and mind.  You will be surprised at the relaxed feeling you will experience.

Addiction to alcohol is becoming a serious problem among people across the nation.  It is an addiction to be taken seriously.  Before you come home and immediately sit down with a drink, consider trying alternative forms of relaxation such as the ones listed above.  Should you feel you need more help than just the tips above, you may look into alcohol rehabs in Texas.  A rehab center can offer you added tips and the support of personnel to assist in controlling your addiction.  At Summer Sky, our Texas-based alcohol and drug treatment center will offer you the support you need to overcome your alcohol addiction.

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