The Most Exciting Aspects of My Life in Sobriety


It can feel like all hope is lost when you enter an inpatient drug rehab in Texas, but trust that there is a silver lining to your efforts. While you may not realize it now, there are some exciting part of life in sobriety. Of course, each journey in sobriety is different from the next and you’ll find that each experience has great aspects to it. Here we look a few exciting aspects of life in sobriety from a few different people that have gone through the experience of drug rehab and recovery.

Thinking for Yourself and Embracing Your Emotions

Sobriety is a challenging journey, but there are so many rewards such as thinking for yourself and feeling emotional. You may not realize how many feelings you were suppressing with alcohol, and that numbness will start to go away as you get sober. Feeling emotional again and thinking for yourself are a big part of sobriety, and here are two people share their experience about it. 


I’m not going to lie. I’ve been through alcohol rehab in Texas more than once, but there was something different about this last time. It’s been three years since my last drink and I have never felt more at home in my own skin. When I was drinking, I was a stranger to myself and what I liked and just kind of followed the pack. But in sobriety, I’m making decisions for myself and I discovered my ability to say no, I don’t need that in my life. I’m also learning what new experiences to say yes to. I feel like I’m slowly transforming myself into the best version of me in this stage of my life, and I love that feeling.


When I was out of opium drug rehab for a few months and had been living a sober life, I decided to reach out to an old friend. He had always been supportive and lead a sober lifestyle himself. We met at a local café to catch up. He told this ridiculous story about his dog that made me laugh, and it was in that moment that it struck me – I hadn’t laughed, truly laughed for joy in years. I had been so numb on pills, that I couldn’t even laugh before, and that single moment made me realize that sobriety was worth it.

Reconnecting with Family

Because addiction can change you, it can also change the relationship you have with your family. But, through drug and alcohol rehab, you can reconnect with loved ones and rebuild trust. Here is Tamera’s experience with her family when should embraced sobriety.


It took time for me to face what my alcohol addiction had done to my family, especially my sister. Texas alcohol rehab was the only way I got through it. Going through the withdrawals and treatment gave me clarity, and I knew that I had to prove myself and rebuild trust. After being sober for a year, I finally called my sister and we met for dinner. I invited her to my apartment to show her the progress I had made. Now, she is here for me during recovery and she helps me stay motivated. I knew that it would take time, but in sobriety, I’m willing to be patient for the people I care about.

Crossing a Social Threshold

Many people that go through rehab know that sobriety is different when it comes to social activities, and this can be a challenge. This is how Stacy found crossing the social threshold to be an exciting part of sobriety.


I was always at the bar before going to rehab. Sobriety scared me because it would change everything I know about social life. I’ll admit, it was incredibly hard to start over with friends and what I did daily. But, I finally joined a beginner art class at an attempt to be social, and it was empowering. I made 2 friends and learned there is a whole world of people and activities that don’t involve drinking. 

Feeling Healthy and Happy

As you go through recovery, you’ll start to notice that you feel healthier and happier. While recovery is a process and it Happiness after Recoverytakes time, you should be excited that you get to enjoy life and see it through new lenses. Here’s Mikaela story about sobriety.


I went to an opium drug rehab in Texas because my friends had an intervention and I couldn’t even keep up with myself anymore. I was exhausted trying to work to pay for drugs that drained me. The most exciting part about sobriety for me is the way I feel. I am the healthiest I’ve ever been, and I’ve turned my focus from drugs being my outlet to health. I’ve just run my first 5K and my goal is to complete an entire marathon. I’m happier than I’ve ever been because I look forward to my morning jog every day and have even joined the local runners club. I’m part of something again, and this time it makes me feel amazing.

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