Texas Substance Use Disorder Treatment Programs

Texas Substance Use Problems:

Across the State of Texas, communities are struggling to help people with substance use, misuse, and substance use disorders. The devastating effects of substance use disorders and substance misuse problems can increase problems in communities that are not prepared to deal with people using alcohol or drugs.

Many communities are not aware of how or where to send people that are struggling with alcohol or drugs. People that are experiencing problems with substances often need prevention and the treatment community when they reach out for help for their problems.

Both the prevention and treatment community work side by side with the goal of helping people with problems related to alcohol or drugs. If we are going to make an impact on the Texas substance use problems in the state, then we must encourage more people to utilize the services provided by the prevention and treatment community.

Texas Alcohol and Drug Prevention Services:

In Texas, there is a group of professionals who are dedicated to helping communities learn about the dangers of substance use, misuse, and substance use disorders. The objective of the prevention community is to provide information about substance use to the community. They provide training, support community programs, and prevention activities, and connect people in the community with resources to help people with drug and alcohol problems.

The idea is an informed community once educated about alcohol or drugs is better able to help people with alcohol or drug problems. In addition to education, they help prevent people from using alcohol or drugs in the first place by promoting community health. Prevention agencies help raise awareness and offer solutions to people in the community about the dangers of alcohol or drugs.

In Texas, there are 11 regions that offer Prevention Resource Centers spread out over groups of counties. The prevention community helps to educate and inform the community on the dangers of substance use, misuse, and substance use disorders; however, the prevention community does need more funding and resources to expand its educational programs in communities across Texas.

The prevention community desires to help the community reach more people who have alcohol or drug problems, and they have challenges because of the large population of Texas and the large geographical area that they must cover to be effective.

Texas Substance Use Disorder State-Funded Treatment Programs:

In Texas, there are substance use disorder treatment programs that are state-funded and privately-operated treatment programs. The state-funded treatment programs are funded by our Texas Legislation which authorizes a certain amount of funds each fiscal year, and these funds are awarded to state-funded treatment providers through grants to operate their treatment programs.

In addition to state-funded treatment providers, there are also OSARS (Outreach, Screening, assessment, and referral centers) which are in 11 regions throughout the State of Texas. To qualify for state-funded treatment services, an individual will need to contact the local OSAR in their region and schedule a screening and assessment before admission into a state-funded treatment program. You can reach an OSAR to schedule an appointment by calling 1-877-541-7905.

Texas Substance Use Disorder Private Treatment Programs:

People that are covered by private health insurance or can pay privately for treatment services are encouraged to contact a privately-operated substance use disorder treatment program for help with an addiction to alcohol or drugs. Summer Sky Treatment Center is a Texas Substance Use Disorder Private Treatment Program. You can contact Summer Sky at 1-888-857-8857 to speak with an addiction treatment specialist 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to discuss our treatment programs and services.

Texas Substance Use-Related Problems and Drugs of Concern:

Alcohol is the most widely used and misused substance in Texas currently. There are more people addicted to alcohol than all illegal substances combined. People with alcohol use disorders are the largest group of individuals that need substance use disorder treatment in Texas.

People that are addicted to alcohol sometimes need alcohol detox and inpatient treatment followed by intensive outpatient treatment to help them maintain abstinence from alcohol. Summer Sky can help people with an alcohol use disorder find the freedom they need from alcohol. In addition to providing alcohol detox services, Summer Sky also helps people with drug detoxification and drug treatment. We serve people that are addicted to alcohol or drugs.

Currently, the number one illicit drug of concern in Texas is a drug called methamphetamine. People living in Austin, Dallas, El Paso, Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio are experiencing an increased usage of the drug in their community. Cocaine is ranked the #2 and #3 threat to Texans by the Drug Enforcement Administration. The mortality rate from cocaine overdoses is on the rise. However, of great concern is the fact that fewer people are requesting help for their cocaine problems. Many people are experiencing overdoses before they seek help for their cocaine addictions. There is a concerted effort to make communities aware of the surge in cocaine usage across Texas.

If you or a loved one have a problem with alcohol, methamphetamines, or cocaine, please know that treatment is available by contacting Summer Sky at 1-888-857-8857. We want to help people become free from alcohol or drugs before they experience adverse health issues related to using alcohol or drugs.

Addiction-Related Consequences:

The best prevention from addiction-related consequences is to enter a medical detoxification program, or inpatient treatment center before addiction-related consequences begin to build into a crisis for the individual addicted to alcohol or drugs.

Addiction-related consequences can involve experiencing withdrawals, persistent desire, or unsuccessful efforts to cut down or control usage, spending a large amount of time in activities necessary to obtain the substance or recovering from its effects.

Often individuals will describe a craving, or strong desire or urge to use the substance. The main thing is to avoid harming relationships or experiencing possible legal issues a person with an addiction can avoid addiction-related consequences by attending addiction treatment.

What types of help are available for people with a substance use disorder?

Depending on the severity level of the substance use disorder will depend on the recommended treatment approach to addressing a person’s substance use disorder. It is advisable that people contact medical detoxification or substance use disorder treatment program to begin discussing problems that they may be experiencing with their alcohol or drug problem.

When you call the treatment center, you can discuss your alcohol or drug usage with the treatment center. The treatment center will help advise you about the different treatment programs available and will assist you with matching your needs to the correct treatment services. These phone calls are confidential, and you will not be pressured to enter treatment just because you called to inquire about the different levels of treatment services.

Types of Substance Use Disorder Treatment

Lengths of Substance Use Disorder Treatment Programs

To learn more about each one of these types of treatment services, you can contact the Summer Sky Admissions Department at 1-888-857-8857, and they can help you determine which program is best for your situation. Individuals and families can call to inquire about the different types of treatment.

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