Texas Medical Detox Programs

Texas Medical Detox Programs:

You may have heard that everything is bigger and better in Texas and Summer Sky Treatment Center® is no exception to this reality. Our drug rehabilitation programs are designed to help people with substance use disorders. We have big plans to help detox the state of Texas from alcohol or drugs.

If you are struggling with any alcohol, prescription drugs, or other addictive substances we can help you to break free from your addiction to substances. Our medical detox programs can help you deal with the physical & psychological problems associated with the withdrawal process.

Our Texas Medical Detox Programs help people living in Fort Worth, Dallas, Austin, Waco, Abilene, San Antonio, and Houston Metro areas of the State of Texas. People travel from all major metro areas and from small rural areas of the state to utilize our advanced medical detox programs.

Motivated to Change:

There is no doubt that it takes a certain amount of motivation to seek help for an alcohol or drug problem. In some cases, it may seem like you have to muster a lot of energy to move forward and ask for help for an alcohol or drug problem. We understand how hard this can be at times, however, we also know that freedom from addiction begins with reaching out for help from a Texas Medical Detox Program. Summer Sky Treatment Center® would love to help you with your detoxification needs.

Stages of Addiction:

People enter the stages of addiction for many different reasons, but some of the stages of addiction are predictable and easy to understand. However, for the individual that is experiencing the stages of an addiction things may not be as clear when you are experiencing the different stages of addiction.

Stage One Experimental Use:

The individual tries a drug or begins to experiment with substances for the first time. This could be from simple curiosity to peer pressure-related circumstances, but the individual decides to try the substance and they don’t experience a negative consequence. They may simply tell themselves that was not a bad experience and instead tell themselves the euphoric feeling or high was a pleasurable experience.

The individual does not consider the potential for addiction at this time, it is so far away or not even a thought that enters their mind. They may even rationale their reason for using the substance and wonder why it is people are making a big deal out of the addictive substance. Since no negative experience was noticed they justify that it’s okay to ingest the substance again or at a later time.

Some people report that the only reason they experimented with an addictive substance was that they wanted to fit in with the crowd or friends who were using the addictive substance. They explain that peer pressure, curiosity, or rebellion is a reason for experiencing in social settings.

Stage Two Continued Use:

The individual continues to use the addictive substance, because of the way it makes them feel or because of the intense powerful high associated with the drug’s intoxication. The individual is not aware of the subtle changes that are taking place in their brain. The neurological and chemical processes are beginning to be altered by the addictive substance.

Each time the individual ingests the substance into the body the brain begins to change how it is processing the substance and attempts to return to a normal state by releasing other neurological-related chemicals to re-adjust the body and brain. The readjustment can happen days after the use, weeks, or months to fully return to normal.

Stage Three Tolerance:

Tolerance on the other hand is simply when it takes more and more of a substance to gain the desired results. Another way to view tolerance is the individual is trying to experience a euphoric experience of being high or intoxicated, but they have to ingest more of the addictive substance to achieve this result.

The reason tolerance develops is the body has begun to adapt to the substance being in the body. Since the brain has been adjusting to the drug being in the body it sends messages to the user that more of the substance is now required to experience the results they are looking for with the substance. The effects of increasing your dose or ingesting more of the substance are a big warning sign of addiction.

Stage Four Substance Use & Dependence:

The individual at this point may begin to experience ill feelings or sickness without the drug in the body. Since the body and brain have been reliant upon the drug being present in the body system the body reacts negatively to not having the addictive substance in the body.

The body at this point develops a reliance on the addictive substance or creates a dependence on the drug. The body functions in a manner without the addictive substance by going into the withdrawal process which displays certain withdrawal symptoms.

The intensity of the withdrawal symptoms along with cravings to satisfy the lack of the drug in the body creates uncomfortable feelings as the withdrawal process progresses. This is experienced until either the individual enters medical detox to relieve withdrawal symptoms or ingest the addictive substance.

Stage Five Addiction:

This is the most severe form of a substance use disorder. The person with the addiction struggles to maintain any normalcy in their life as the addiction spirals out of control. They often experience an inability to stop using the addictive substance. An individual can experience negative consequences and even this may not stop the individual from putting the drug into the body system.

The individual at this point begins to suffer from negative health effects, possible financial difficulties, loss of family and relationship support, and denial or psychological defense mechanisms that keep an individual locked into their addiction to alcohol or drugs.

How to Intervene on the Addiction?

The best way to intervene is for the individual to enter a Texas medical detox program to begin dealing with the withdrawal symptoms. Once this is accomplished then medical detox services can be utilized to return the individual to a state of abstinence.

Summer Sky Treatment Center® created the first Medical Detox & Stabilization Program in the State of Texas that provides a 10-day detox program. Over the years it become apparent that people were being released from medical detox programs with lingering incomplete detox services.

Research has demonstrated that an individual must be truly detoxified if they are to be successful in other forms of addiction treatment services. Once an individual is medically stable from the physical withdrawal symptoms associated with a substance use disorder then other forms of treatment become more effective at treating an individual with an addiction.

Do you need Medical Detox or Substance Use Disorder Treatment?

Summer Sky can help you with medical detox or drug rehabilitation treatment. We offer multiple Texas drug rehabs to help you with your addiction. Our admissions department is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to help you.

Learn About our 30, 60, & 90-Day Texas Drug Rehabs at 1-888-857-8857.

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