Texas Drug Rehabs

Texas Drug Rehabs:

Summer Sky Treatment Center® is one of the most popular Texas Drug Rehabs that is helping people from all 950 cities across the State of Texas. We are “The Texas Drug Rehab” and we understand that people who suffer from substance use disorders need a solid and reliable place to receive substance use disorder treatment & alcohol use disorder treatment services. Our Residential Treatment Programs can help you reclaim your life from addictions.

24 Hours Access to Medical Detoxification & Stabilization Services

Treatment is the single most effective way for a person to stop the progressive nature of a substance use disorder, however, choosing a Texas Drug Rehab Program that offers medical detoxification services is an extra added protection against the return to drinking alcohol or doing drugs. When an individual is entering a Texas Drug Rehabilitation Program the focus should be to become physically free from the addictive substance.

Physical Freedom from Alcohol & Drugs:

Since 1985 our Texas Drug Rehabs have been helping people become physically free from addictive substances through the utilization of our medical detox program in Texas. Before a person can be truly free and independent of the acute aspect of addiction, there will need to be a stabilization from the symptoms of the withdrawal process.

When a person is detoxifying from alcohol or drugs there are specific withdrawal syndromes that emerge as the body is metabolizing and adjusting to the removal of the remaining toxic buildup of addictive substances. This is why it’s important to enter a Texas Drug Rehab that offers onsite withdrawal symptom management along with Texas Addiction Treatment Services.

Texas Drug Rehabs Offer Multiple Treatment Modalities of Care:

The Texas drug rehabs offered by Summer Sky Treatment Center® range from short-term stabilization treatment programs to long-term drug rehabilitation programs. We believe in offering people an opportunity to choose how they are to be treated for a substance use disorder.

It’s important to understand that a substance use disorder takes away an individual’s right to make informed decisions while engaging in addiction. We believe that we return to the individual who needs treatment the right to choose the type of care they receive.

This empowers the individual to participate in the healing aspect of their treatment as they are more likely to follow through with the entire treatment recommendations once they choose the care, they desire to receive to treat their substance use disorder. You choose the modality of treatment, and we will deliver the care so that you can recover from your addiction.

Summer Sky Texas Drug Rehabs Modality of Care Services:

30-Day Treatment Model of Care:

The most popular type of Texas Drug Rehab Program is the 30-day treatment model as it has been the modality of care for the longest out of all other treatment models. The history of the model goes back as far back as the Minnesota Model of Recovery of the 1950s and expands into the 1970s with the Airforce & Navy creating the 28-day treatment model.

As the times changed and the expansion of services and techniques increased on more effective ways to treat an individual with alcoholism or what today we call alcohol use disorder the model has gone through revolutionary shifts in what is included during the treatment in a 30-day rehab program.

In the 1990s the increased acceptance of managed care or insurance companies agreed to cover this form of treatment which automatically made the treatment more acceptable and accessible to people that were covered by healthcare insurance plans.

Why are 30-day Treatment Programs Accessed for Drug Treatment?

The short answer is that it is easy to get away from treatment to attend 30 days of treatment and people become alcohol or drug-free using this form of treatment daily. People are also able to use their Family Medical Leave Act from their employer to get time away to enter a 30-day treatment program, so because of this many people choose this form of treatment.

Other people choose to attend 30-day treatment programs because it helps to address the immediate disruption of acute symptoms of their addiction to substances. This is necessary if an individual is going to deal with the causes and conditions that contributed to their substance use disorder.

The fact is that more people choose 30-day addiction rehabs than any other form of treatment in Texas or throughout the United States. It is effective at helping an individual get a good grasp on their condition, learn skills to remain alcohol or drug-free, and begin the healing process.

60-day Treatment Model of Care:

Over the years it became apparent that people needed more treatment than the traditional 30-day treatment approach and the emergence of 60-day treatment models of care began to be created to help these people recover since some of the people were experiencing a relapse back to their substance use disorder. It was discovered that some of these people would experience more intense sobriety-based symptoms which are a part of Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome.

The 60-day treatment model allows a person to not feel rushed through the treatment process as shorter durations of treatment do tend to create an expectation that everything needs to be completed before you leave treatment, which is not practical or realistic for the majority of people.

People in general learn and retain information at different rates and to be fair for people with shorter duration of treatment services their thinking and decision-making process are also healing from the constant assault of addictive substances on their brain and body system. It takes time to heal from a substance use disorder.

Texas 60-Day Drug Rehab Programs:

The Summer Sky Texas 60-Day Drug Rehab Program™ is what we call a “Next Level Treatment Program” as it moves an individual from traditional treatment services to more comprehensive drug rehabilitation treatment services. It takes into consideration that not all people move through treatment at the same rate or the same way during substance use treatment.

Time is a key element of the 60-day drug rehab because of this extra time in treatment an individual is more equipped with the right skills to prevent a future relapse from occurring and each individual is allowed to practice recovery skills in treatment so that following through is easier after discharge from this level of treatment care.

The Healing Power of Time:

The problem for most people with a substance use disorder is that they have been conditioned for instant gratification as most addictive substances deliver this reality of escapism through the use of addictive substances.

Escapism, in general, is a mental diversion from unpleasant or boring aspects of daily life, but people with substance use disorders mistakenly believe that being alcohol or drug-free will automatically prevent them from being bored in recovery.

During treatment, we show the individual how to manage daily living through healthy activities and even spark the imagination so that an individual can regulate their thoughts, feelings, and actions to prevent boredom, depression, and sadness.

The Summer Sky Texas 60-Day Drug Rehab Program™ allows people to learn to practice relapse prevention techniques and utilize the extra time to heal the body and mind while the re-organization of healthy skills is learned and applied during their time in treatment. Time becomes an asset and the individual in treatment can work on more treatment assignments and prepare for recovery.

90-Day Treatment Model of Care:

The 90-Day Treatment Model of care is one of the most effective types of treatment programs in Texas and across the nation. Research is indicating that a minimum of 90 days in treatment is more effective than any other type of short-term treatment program.

It would be nice if more people could dedicate 90 days of their lives to entering a 90-day treatment program as the relapse rate for people with substance use disorder would drop down dramatically for people with substance use disorders.

Texas Drug Rehabs & Psychological Defense Mechanisms:

Texas Drug Rehabs are innovative addiction treatment programs that help individuals learn to confront the psychological defense mechanisms that have been keeping them trapped in their addictions. Most people are not aware of this reality, as people with substance use disorders have a psychological defense network that in the end keeps an individual locked into their addiction.

Entering a Texas Drug Rehab program can help you break free from the psychological defense network and replace the defense network with healthy coping mechanisms. When you choose to enter a rehab program or drug treatment program you are in essence stopping the battle going inside of you.

The war of the body & mind is something that addiction affects the most in people with substance use disorders. However, once medical detoxification & stabilization is achieved then the individual can participate in other forms of treatment, and during the treatment process, you can conquer your psychological defense mechanisms.

Psychological Defense Mechanisms:

As previously discussed the psychological defense network is active during your addiction to alcohol or drugs, however, you would think that once you enter a rehab program the defense system would just subside or go away, but that is not how addiction works. The opposite begins to take place, the defense network kicks in, and in a sense, it gets even more tricky. Below are some of the Psychological Defense Mechanisms that are the most common.

Common Psychological Defense Mechanisms for People with Addictions:

  1. Avoidance: “I don’t want to talk to anyone and don’t want to do anything. My problems are mine so just leave me alone”.
  2. Denial: “No it’s not me or I don’t have a problem, using alcohol or drugs makes me happy and it doesn’t hurt me, I am not hurting anyone with my drinking or drug use”. “I don’t have a drug problem you’re making a big deal out of all this”.
  3. Minimizing: “You’re kidding me, right? This is no big deal I just had a little too much to drink last night, it won’t happen again”.
  4. Rationalizing: “If I can just cut back my alcohol use then I won’t have to worry about what other people think of my drinking. I just need to reduce the alcohol and drink less and I won’t get so intoxicated, and everything will then be ok”.
  5. Blaming: If you will just leave me alone, I won’t have to get so high on methamphetamine. Plus, I have ADHD and the drugs help me with my disorder. You should be happy and just quit pushing me to use so often, stop the nagging and I won’t use so often”.
  6. Comparing: “I am not as bad as my friends; they use so much more than I use so if I ever get as bad as them, I will stop using drugs. They shoot dope and I only snort the cocaine so it’s not that bad of problem”.
  7. Compliance: “You want me to quit using? I will do it tomorrow it won’t be a problem”. Pretending to give you what you want so you will leave me alone.
  8. Manipulation: “Telling you what you want to hear so that you will leave me alone”. Convincing another person to do something, to distract you from the truth about his or her drinking or drug use.

More Time in Treatment Equals Better Results:

Summer Sky Treatment Center® will work hard with you to help you achieve success while in our 30, 60, or 90-day addiction rehabs. We believe that the more treatment you choose to engage in the better the results you will achieve and our practical experience of helping over 25,000 people recover from substance use disorders demonstrates that reality.

Summer Sky Treatment Center® will help individuals that have been struggling with alcohol or drug problems regain their confidence in life and help them become impeccable with their word. People will begin to trust and rely upon what you say and do because of your new sober state of being. When you say something, your words will mean something to you and others in recovery.

When you take the time to invest in yourself by allowing yourself to enter treatment the rewards of being alcohol or drug-free will take on a new form of meaning to you and the people closest to you in your support team. You ultimately get clean and sober for yourself, but it’s awesome that others benefit from your newfound life of recovery. Time will then give you better results in recovery as relationship problems and misunderstandings fall away as you chase your happy destiny in recovery.

Texas Drug Rehabs and Relapse Prevention:

Our Texas drug rehabs place a high value on relapse prevention and with addiction treatment programs this is especially important for people to learn how to prevent a relapse from occurring in recovery. Most people that enter into a drug rehab program are not aware that relapse is a process that takes place before an individual even ingests alcohol or drugs into their body.

Once a person realizes that there are predictable patterns of identification and warning signs to prevent a relapse their attitude and outlook begin to change. New motivation and hope are replaced by the fact that they can be a part of the recovery process by utilizing relapse prevention strategies.

Our Texas Drug rehabs can introduce you to new skills to help you recover from your addiction. We empower people to embrace change and to move past their past difficulties so that they can restore their lives to a clean and sober way of living.

Relapse Dynamics & Education Training:

We will educate you on how to identify the problem so that you can learn what is causing the addiction. Once identification is achieved then we will help guide you through the treatment process and into the recovery process. It does take more than recognizing what the relapse warning signs are in your life, as taking the right actions will change the situation and move you in the right direction.

Below is a sample of the Interruption of a Relapse Dynamic Process:

  • Relapse Warning Signs Identification
  • Specific Problem Clarification
  • Examining Alternative to Interrupt Relapse Process
  • Look at the Consequences of Alternatives
  • Decide on Reasonable Choice
  • Move Forward with Action
  • Review and share with others

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