Texas Drug Rehabs Wichita Falls

Texas Drug Rehabs Wichita Falls

Summer Sky Treatment Center® is one of the leading Texas Substance Use Disorder Treatment Programs helping men and women to recover from the impact of substance use disorders. Communities from across Texas, including residents of Wichita Falls, Texas utilize our addiction treatment services.

Our Texas-based alcohol & drug treatment programs are well known for providing evidence-based treatment services to people living in Texas with substance use disorders. Individuals that are living in Wichita County, have been entering our alcohol rehab & drug rehabs for over 37 years.

An important component of Summer Sky is our focus on providing evidence-based practices that have been demonstrated to be effective at treating people with substance use disorders. By providing access to the most updated science-based treatment available our alcohol rehabs and drug rehabs are helping people recover from substance use disorders.

30-Day Residential Addiction Treatment Programs

It is no secret that more people utilize treatment provided by a 30-day residential addiction treatment program than any other type of addiction rehab program. 30-day addiction rehabs fall into what is called short-term addiction treatment programs. Their primary focus is to help individuals stop their addiction and then help the individual to deal with acute alcohol or drug use problems that are associated with addictions.

People that utilize 30-day residential addiction treatment programs are a popular type of treatment modality. They are designed to help stabilize an individual and introduce an individual to proven solutions that can treat an individual’s primary symptoms of addiction.

30-Day addiction treatment programs are great for people that have never been to treatment before or for people with no prior treatment episodes. These types of treatment programs are for people with a high motivation to become alcohol or drug-free from an addictive substance.

People that have an established positive support system following treatment are often great candidates for this type of treatment program. Many people that are employed or in long-term careers utilize this level of care or treatment, since they can utilize the “family medical leave act as justification to be away for treatment services”.

90-Day Addiction Treatment Rehabs

The “Gold Standard of Addiction Treatment” is the 90-day addiction treatment rehab program. There are more research and recommendations for people to utilize 90-day rehab programs than any other modality of care. However, not everyone can commit to 90-days of addiction treatment services.

Summer Sky offers 30-day, 60-day, and 90-day addiction treatment programs as well as intensive outpatient treatment programs. By offering multiple modalities of care at Summer Sky people are provided with more addiction treatment options. We do have some recommendations for people that are looking for a longer type of treatment program. Below are some quick points to consider for attending a 90-Day Treatment Program.

  • Have you been treated for a substance use disorder two or more times at a 30-day treatment program in the preceding 5-years? We recommend these individuals consider a 90-day addiction treatment program.
  • If you have experienced a recent relapse or return to alcohol or drugs after discharging from a 30-day treatment program in the last 6 months, then seriously consider returning to treatment and utilizing the services of a 90-Day Addiction Treatment Program.
  • Do you have health factors that are impeding immediate full engagement in treatment services? Medical Detoxification along with 90-day treatment is great for people with other medical conditions that need to be monitored while participating in treatment services.
  • Some people develop treatment resistance or low motivation to follow treatment plans or to engage in the treatment process. For these individuals, a 90-day treatment program is better, because it gives them individual more time to become motivated for treatment and recovery.
  • People with dual diagnoses or co-existing disorders do far better in longer types of treatment services as they can develop medication compliance, benefit from the structure, and normally don’t feel the rush associated with attending treatment in a shorter type of treatment program. 90-Day Treatment Programs are a good fit for people dealing with multiple complex issues simultaneously.
  • If a person is not compliant with psychiatric medications at the time of admission, then sometimes the 90-day treatment program can be a better fit than a 30-day treatment program. One thing to consider is if you have recently started a new psychiatric medication in the past 15-days, or if you will require a new psychiatric medication upon admission into treatment. If you will experience initial side effects or require a level build-up of the medication, then some individuals that are in the 30-day drug rehab have elected to upgrade to the 90-day rehab program to get more out of their treatment.   
  • If you must detox from a high dose of heroin, methadone, or other opioid-related drug and you know you have strong cravings in early treatment and recovery then consider utilizing the services provided by our 90-day addiction rehab.

The above is a sample of points to consider for people that should seriously consider attending a 90-day addiction rehab program. However, it does not imply that a person cannot receive treatment in a 30-day treatment program with the above problems or difficulties. From years of experience and research, we have noticed over the last 37 years that people overall are more prepared and productive after completing 90-day treatment programs.

Summer Sky Addiction Rehab Programs

When choosing a rehab program for substance use disorder treatment and you or a loved one is living in the Wichita Falls Metropolitan Area, then consider our alcohol rehabs or drug rehabs for treatment services. Often people will mention that going to treatment in another geographic area was helpful to get away from immediate temptations, personal triggers, and social temptations, and getting away from other associations that would produce an urge to leave treatment or return to alcohol or drugs.

Below are some of the types of addiction rehabs that Summer Sky offers to people living in the Wichita Falls Region of Texas. Our Texas Drug Rehabs are among the best drug rehabs in Texas and across the United States. If you need treatment we can help you with medical detox or provide you with multiple types of substance use disorder treatment services.

Texas Alcohol & Drug Rehabs for Texans for Over 37 years!

Summer Sky Addiction Rehab Programs

Summer Sky Additional Treatment Services

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Do You Need Immediate Assistance with Alcohol or Drugs?

Summer Sky is available 24 hours a day 7-days a week to discuss addiction treatment options. For immediate assistance with one of our addiction rehabs, you can reach our admissions department by calling us at 1-888-857-8857.


Helping Residents of the Wichita Falls, Texas Area for over 37 years!

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