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Texas Drug Rehabs Weatherford:

Why is it important to contact a Texas Drug Rehab if you are struggling with an alcohol or drug problem?

The first reason is to stop the progression of consequences that will continue to spiral out of control. When you’re addicted to alcohol or drugs things never get better, they always get worse as the person continues to consume addictive substances. Research over the past 40 years has shown that addiction is treatable. There are more effective strategies and services that are available to identify, treat, and manage substance use problems and substance use disorders.

The research indicates that we can intervene early before addiction can progress. Today, people living in Weatherford, Texas can access a Texas Drug Rehab close to their homes. Summer Sky offers multiple types of Texas Drug Rehabs which makes entering treatment a lot more convenient when a treatment program is within proximity to where you live.

What if you’re not sure you need a Texas Drug Rehab? We can help you recognize if you have an alcohol or drug problem that requires treatment, by providing screening for substance misuse or a substance use disorder. The process is simple, and you can contact Summer Sky at 1-888-857-8857 to discuss your alcohol or drug usage our admissions specialist can answer questions or even help you get into a treatment program that will help you with your situation.

Substance Use Problems and Substance Use Disorders

If you have recognized that you need help with a substance-use problem, then consider entering a Texas Drug Rehab today. Substance use disorder treatment is the most effective way to deal with a substance use problem. The treatment continuum of care includes a range of effective, evidence-based medications, behavioral therapies, and supportive services.

Today advanced addiction treatment services are more widespread and accessible to more people than at any other time in our modern healthcare history. The fact is that people who seek treatment services can and do recover from their addiction-related problems through the utilization of Texas alcohol rehabs & drug rehabs.

Do you live in Weatherford, Texas, or any other part of Texas?

Summer Sky Treatment Center® located in Stephenville, Texas is a National Substance Use Disorder Treatment Program helping men and women to recover from their substance-related disorders. For over, 37-years Summer Sky has provided the most advanced substance use disorder treatment services to people living in Texas.

People living in Weatherford, Aledo, Annetta, Azle, Hudson Oaks, Reno, Springtown, and Willow Park have all utilized our addiction rehab services over the years. When seeking help for a substance use disorder, we hope that you will consider Summer Sky when choosing a Texas Drug Rehab for services.

What is medical detoxification?

Medical Detoxification is a process through which an individual who has become physically addicted to alcohol, illegal drugs, prescription medications, or a combination of addictive substances is medically supervised during the withdrawal process. The goal is to safely eliminate the toxic substances from a person’s body while treating associated withdrawal symptoms. In some cases, there is a need for medical detox & stabilization from a combination of alcohol and/or other drugs, detoxification can involve detoxifying from multiple substances. Summer Sky offers medical detox services at its central alcohol rehab & drug rehab program.

Inpatient Drug Rehabs

Many people with substance use disorders will require inpatient drug rehab services to bring about recovery from their addiction-related problems. For those that require a medical detox, it is highly suggested that they enter inpatient treatment after completing medical detox services. Inpatient drug rehabs help facilitate a smooth transition into personal recovery.

The value of learning how to remain abstinent from addiction and designing plans to participate in the recovery process can make the difference between success and failure. Inpatient rehabs provide a core component of addiction treatment services that encourage individuals to actively pursue solutions to help a person remain free from mood-or mind-altering substances.

30-Day Alcohol or Drug Rehabs

The most popular type of residential drug rehab is the 30-Day alcohol or drug rehab program. More people utilize this model of treatment than any other type of drug rehab program. It primarily involves helping an individual deal with the acute effects of a substance use disorder.

Research has repeatedly demonstrated that if a substance use disorder’s acute effects are not stabilized then an individual’s chance of relapse increases. At a minimum individual, you should consider attending a 30-day drug treatment program. 30-day alcohol or drug rehabs are great for people that have never been to treatment in the past. Summer Sky includes “Medical Detox” with our 30-day treatment programs.

90-Day Drug Rehabs

Summer Sky offers 30-day treatment programs and 90-day drug rehabs in Texas. The “Gold Standard 90-Day Treatment Program” is a comprehensive drug and alcohol rehab designed to address biological, psychological, and social aspects of a substance use disorder. 90-Day Rehab Programs encompass many more beneficial therapies during the treatment process.

People that utilize 90-day rehab programs can work through deeper issues related to their substance use problems because they have more time to examine their problems and seek out solutions to solve their problems.

90-Day Drug Rehabs are great for people with more severe addiction-related problems. Consider utilizing this type of treatment program if you are dealing with co-existing medical or mental disorder along with a substance use disorder. If you have a history of relapse, then also consider this type of treatment program.

Partial Hospitalization Treatment Programs (Day Treatment Programs)

Sometimes people that do not qualify for medical detox, inpatient treatment, or residential treatment will still need treatment services. For those that still need treatment, but do not qualify for more intensive levels of treatment services.

This type of treatment service is called a partial hospitalization treatment program (PHP) and can help these individuals with treatment services. Individuals will need to be assessed to confirm that they are stable to enter a PHP or day treatment program. This can be accomplished by contacting a drug rehab program and discussing your addiction-related problems and scheduling an assessment to see if a person qualifies for partial hospitalization treatment services.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment Programs (IOP)

For those living in Parker, County or the Weatherford, Texas area Summer Sky provides an intensive outpatient treatment program (IOP). This type of treatment service is great for those who do not have severe substance use disorders; however, they need help treating their substance use problems by continuing to work.

People that have recently completed a 30-day treatment program or been diagnosed with mild or moderate substance use disorders are best suited for intensive outpatient treatment programs (IOP). Contact the Summer Sky admissions department to discuss this type of treatment service if you need treatment.

Summer Sky Relapse Track™

Summer Sky offers a chronic relapse program designed especially for those that have a history of relapse. These individuals focus on the causes and conditions of their past relapses and learn specific skills to interrupt the relapse process before taking either a drink of alcohol or using an addictive substance. During the Summer Sky, Relapse Track™ individuals will learn how to interrupt post-acute withdrawal symptoms as well as develop a comprehensive relapse prevention plan designed to help them stop the relapse process.

Developing a recovery program that will work for their situation is just as important as learning how to interrupt the relapse process during treatment and there is an emphasis placed on strengthening an individual’s recovery program during the Summer Sky Relapse Track™.

More About Summer Sky Treatment Center

Summer Sky does offer additional services designed to enhance the treatment experience. Below is a list of additional treatment services.

Do You Need Immediate Treatment?

Summer Sky Treatment Center® is dedicated to helping men and women who suffer from substance use disorders receive treatment and enter a lifestyle that is focused on recovery. Summer Sky is available to help individuals and families who need addiction treatment services. If you are living in Parker County, Weatherford, Texas, or any other part of the State of Texas we can help you to recover.

Our Drug rehabs help people that have developed physical, cognitive, and behavioral problems related to addictions. If you need immediate help, you can contact our admissions department 24 hours a day 7-days a week at our confidential helpline. To speak with one of our admission specialists please call us at 1-888-857-8857. We look forward to helping you become free from addictive substances.

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