Texas Drug Rehabs Tyler

Texas Drug Rehabs Tyler

Summer Sky Treatment Center® is a Texas Drug Rehab that has been helping individuals and families with either alcohol or drug problems living in Tyler, Texas, for over 37 years. Thousands of people in East Texas have successfully completed treatment at our drug rehab programs. We are dedicated to helping people become free from the devastating effects of drug addiction.

Our experienced drug rehab programs are among the Best Drug Rehabs in the State of Texas. If you have an alcohol problem or drug problem, Summer Sky can help you or your loved one break free from an addiction to alcohol or drugs. Our treatment programs are available 24 hours a day, 7-days a week, and we can schedule an admission into our treatment programs on the same day that you call for treatment services.

A Different Type of Drug Rehab Program for people in Tyler, Texas

Summer Sky has a long history of helping people living in the Tyler, Texas Community, and East Texas Region to receive high-quality drug rehab services. We offer different types of drug rehab programs for individuals with substance use disorders. No two people recover at the same rate or in the same way because people have unique issues that need to be addressed when it comes to an addiction to either alcohol or drugs.

Summer Sky helps men and women with substance use disorders stop their addictions to addictive substances while focusing on the solution of recovery. Substance use disorders are chronic conditions that, if left untreated only progress into further addiction-related problems. Treatment helps to avoid addiction-related consequences, it is important that an individual or family member act quickly to address their addiction problems. Delay only creates more suffering for the individual and the family.

Summer Sky offers several different types of addiction treatment options when a person chooses to enter our drug rehab programs. Individuals can utilize our medical detox programs, inpatient treatment programs, 30-day rehab programs, 60-day rehab programs, or our “Gold Standard” 90-day rehab programs along with specialty addiction treatment programs like our Summer Sky Relapse Track™ for those with a history of relapse.

One thing that makes our rehab programs different than other treatment programs is our focus on results. We don’t believe in discharging a person who is not ready to be released from our treatment programs without a well-developed recovery plan that will help them achieve success in personal recovery.

Summer Sky Medical Detoxification Programs

Our medical detoxification programs are well-equipped to help men or women detox safely from any addictive substance. If you have a history of experiencing physical withdrawal symptoms when you stop using a substance, you will discover that our detox services are amazing at removing addictive substances from your body. If a person is not sure if they will experience physical withdrawal symptoms, we can perform an assessment to assess a person’s risk factors for experiencing physical withdrawal symptoms.

Some people choose to utilize our Medical Detox & Stabilization Program when they are detoxifying from multiple substances, or they have other medical conditions that need to be monitored during the detox process. If you have co-existing medical conditions along with a substance use disorder, we can accommodate you in our Medical Detox & Stabilization Program.

Detox Now Program

Our Detox Now Program™ is designed for people that need immediate detoxification, and in some cases, these individuals may be transitioning to other addiction treatment programs that do not have the ability to detox an individual from addictive substances. It must be noted that detox alone is not treatment; however, it is a medical component of the addiction treatment process.

Detox is an urgent medical procedure to eliminate addictive substances from the body. It is recommended that all people who attend one of our detox programs transition into either an inpatient treatment program or a residential treatment program once detox and stabilization are achieved. Our acute care detox programs can safely detoxify any addictive substance from your body through our specialized detox protocols designed to help a person address physical withdrawal symptoms.

Detox will help a person become free from addictive substances and prepare an individual for treatment in our inpatient treatment programs. Once detox is completed, most people desire to enter our inpatient treatment programs. If you are living in Tyler, Texas, or the surrounding area, you can contact our admissions department at 1-888-857-8857 for immediate detox services.

Summer Sky Inpatient Treatment Programs

Once a person completes detox, then transitioning into an inpatient treatment program is the next level of rehab services. Entering an inpatient treatment program is a critical step in stopping an addiction. Once the immediate acute care needs are stabilized, then a person should continue treatment in one of our inpatient treatment programs.

This is where the full benefit of addiction treatment is realized. Treatment planning and therapy are important during this phase of treatment. Summer Sky not only helps with acute addiction needs, but we focus on the chronic nature of addiction. An individual will need to look at addiction as a chronic lifelong process. Helping people prepare to address their substance use disorder for their entire lifetime is just as important as any other phase of addiction treatment.

Summer Sky Residential Treatment Programs

Residential Treatment is a key component of addiction treatment programs. Since it is critical that a person who experiences cravings, mental triggers, and intense desires once they are early in treatment, a residential treatment program is a benefit for most individuals because an individual is educated on ways to deal or cope with these symptoms of their addiction.

The benefit of being separated away from easy access to immediate access to alcohol or drugs helps allow a person to heal physically, mentally, and behaviorally. Working through the causes and conditions of their substance use disorders and utilizing solutions all take place during residential treatment.

People living in Tyler, Texas that attend our drug rehab programs always comment that they are grateful they decided to enter our residential treatment programs because of their need to have time to properly heal before they are faced with the temptations of returning to Tyler, Texas Region.

Summer Sky Rehab Special Features

Do you need help now?

If you or a loved one needs help with any addiction to either alcohol or drugs, then give us a call, and we can discuss your situation. Our drug rehab programs are licensed by the State of Texas and accredited by The Joint Commission. You can access help at one of our drug rehabs by calling our admissions department 24 hours a day 7-days a week at 1-888-857-8857.

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