Texas Drug Rehabs The Colony

Texas Drug Rehabs The Colony

Do you live in or around The Colony, Texas? Do you or a loved one struggle with an alcohol or drug problem? Summer Sky Treatment Center has been helping residents of The Colony, Texas break free from addictive substances for over 35-years. Summer Sky is one of the Best Texas Drug Rehabs helping individuals and families with substance-related problems. Today, there is an effective way to treat anyone with an addiction to alcohol or drugs. Treatment is the single most effective way to stop an addiction to drugs or alcohol. There are many types of Texas Drug Rehabs for people who need addiction treatment. The most common types of drug rehabs are medical detox programs, inpatient treatment programs, residential treatment programs, partial hospitalization treatment programs, and intensive outpatient treatment programs.

Detox Programs

Many people will require medical detoxification to stop drinking alcohol or using other addictive substances. Detox programs are designed to eliminate toxic substances from the body for those substances that are physically addictive. Several physically addictive substances are known to produce withdrawal symptoms once a person begins to reduce their usage or stop using the addictive substance. A medical detox program will help a person detox & stabilize their acute care needs that are associated with withdrawal symptoms. Those substances that are known to produce a withdrawal syndrome will need the help of our medical doctors and full-time nursing staff to achieve abstinence from an addictive substance. Detox programs safely and comfortably help people manage these withdrawal symptoms. Summer Sky does offer an onsite medical detox program to help residents of The Colony, Texas, and others across Texas.

Inpatient Drug Rehabs

Once a person completes medical detox, they often enter an inpatient drug rehab level of care for treatment services. Some people will require more direct observation and help to adjust to being newly sober from addictive substances. Those with more severe substance-related problems will need this extra assistance. An inpatient drug rehab can accommodate these individuals and safely help them make the transition into abstinence and begin to work on the psychological aspects of their addiction to substances. Addiction affects the biological (Body), Psychological (Mind), and Social (Relationship with Others) and during inpatient treatment, people develop treatment plans that will help them address any problems associated with these three main areas.

Residential Drug Rehabs

Residential rehabs are great for people with moderate to severe addictions to substances. Learning to live sober requires understanding your medical condition, developing skills to remain sober, dealing with the causes and conditions associated with a person’s addiction, and working on solutions to recover from an addiction. During residential treatment, many people will need additional psychological treatment services and this level of care of treatment will help address addiction-related problems along with other psychological problems.

Partial Hospitalization Treatment Programs

Most of the people who utilize a partial hospitalization treatment program are transitioning from residential treatment into this level of care treatment. However, some people do enter directly into this level of care of treatment. This is considered day treatment or a PHP program. People in this type of treatment are not yet ready for intensive outpatient treatment, but they no longer require the level of intensity of treatment services provided at the residential level of care. People work on identifying problems that they discovered while in residential treatment or develop an updated treatment plan to further prepare themselves for a life without alcohol or drugs. Stabilization of the acute aspect of a person’s addiction is normally over during this level of care of treatment services.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment Programs

Those living in The Colony, Texas can utilize the Summer Sky Addison Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program for this level of care of service. Our intensive outpatient treatment programs will provide assessments & evaluations for people that need assistance with either an alcohol or drug problem. People that utilize this level of care do not require medical detox or medical observation while they participate in this type of treatment. The treatment is done during the evening hours and this will allow a person to participate in their work schedule while receiving treatment in the evening. Individualized counseling and group therapy are the main components of this type of treatment program. There is an emphasis on addiction education, relapse prevention training, recovery skill development, and early recovery support during this type of treatment service.

Summer Sky Offers Different Drug Rehab Programs

Summer Sky believes in offering addiction treatment options for those needing substance use disorder treatment services. Since people have unique needs during the treatment process our Texas Drug Rehabs take into consideration that people have different needs during the treatment process. Below is a sample of some of the most common drug rehab programs that we offer for those with substance use disorders.

Summer Sky Treatment Center is a full-service substance use disorder treatment program that is licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) and accredited by The Joint Commission. We provide evidence-based addiction treatment services and we are contracted by almost all major healthcare insurance companies. For those needing an in-network treatment provider, we are a Texas Drug Rehab who is an in-network treatment provider.

Intervention Services

Some people have loved ones that are resistant to entering a treatment program. Summer Sky provides intervention services for those who need this type of service. To learn more about our interventions and the process to intervene on a resistant individual you can contact our admissions department and mention you are interested in this type of service. We can be reached at 1-888-857-8857.

Do You Need Help Now?

To Schedule an admission into one of our Texas Drug Rehabs or to discuss addiction treatment services you can reach out to our 24-hour 7-days a week admissions department. We understand that when it’s time to get help time is of the essence. We can normally schedule you for admission on the same day that you reach out for help. Summer Sky can be reached by calling us at 1-888-857-8857. We look forward to helping you become addiction-free from substances.

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