Texas Drug Rehabs Southlake

Texas Drug Rehabs Southlake:

If you or a loved one has been struggling with an alcohol problem or drug problem, there is a way out of the problem. People living in Southlake, Tarrant County, or Denton County understand that developing an addiction can have devastating consequences. The community of Southlake and the surrounding area is actively involved in reaching out to help those in need of addiction treatment.

There are Texas Drug Rehabs that are available to help you become free from an addiction to substances. It all begins with recognizing you have a problem and then reaching out for help. Summer Sky Treatment Center® a Texas Drug Rehab has been helping residents of Southlake, Texas for over 37 years. We have an extensive network of alumni that is in the area who have utilized our Texas drug rehab programs.

If you need help, we can help you with any addiction to alcohol, prescription drugs, or other addictive substances. Our admissions department is available to answer questions, discuss types of drug rehabs, and can even help you with the immediate scheduling of treatment if this is what you need. You can reach our admissions specialist at 1-888-857-8857.

What is an addiction and why should people enter a rehab program?

The single most effective way to stop an addiction is to enter an addiction rehab program. Thousands of people every day reach out for treatment services in Texas. While alcohol is the number one substance that people become addicted to in Texas. A  large portion of the State of Texas also finds themselves addicted to prescription drugs. The reality is no one sets out to become addicted to alcohol or drugs. However, it can happen and in some cases, an individual will spiral out of control in a short time while others may take years to realize a problem exists.

Addiction is defined as a chronic, relapsing disorder characterized by compulsive drug seeking and use despite adverse consequences. It is considered a brain disorder because it involves functional changes to brain circuits involved in reward, stress, and self-control. Those changes may last a long time after a person has stopped taking drugs. ¹

Alcohol & Drug Problem in Texas:

The alcohol and drug problem across the State of Texas and the United States touches so many people. Alcohol is the number one addiction problem in Texas. People develop alcohol use disorders at alarming rates in Texas. There is not one single community that is immune from alcohol or drugs in their community. However, people with alcohol use disorders can get help and treatment is available for people that want to break free from their addiction to alcohol or drugs.

Alcohol Use Disorder:

Alcohol Use Disorders were at one time called Alcoholism, however today we refer to the disease of alcoholism as an alcohol use disorder. The reality is an alcohol use disorder is considered a medical condition that impairs an individual’s ability to stop or control their alcohol use or consumption.

The individual often does not recognize adverse social, occupational, or health consequences. For those that do recognize these areas of their life are being impaired by the use of alcohol, they can find themselves ignoring or drinking more alcohol despite obvious disruptions in their life.

Texas Drug Rehab Programs that provide alcohol detoxification & alcohol treatment are wonderful for people with alcohol use disorders. The most effective way to recover from an alcohol use disorder is to enter a drug rehab program that offers alcohol addiction treatment.

Summer Sky Texas Drug Rehabs:

Our Texas Drug rehabs have been helping people living in Southlake for over 37 years and we are honored to be a Texas provider helping people to recover from alcohol use disorders as well as substance use disorders. We have large alumni from the Southlake area as well as the entire Dallas-Fort Worth area. Helping people break free from their addiction is at the heart of what we do at Summer Sky Treatment Center®.

Quick Private Pay Special Rates for Texas Drug Rehabs Below:

30-Day Treatment $8,000.00*
60-Day Addiction Treatment $16,000.00*
90-Day Addiction Treatment $24,000.00*
Summer Sky Chronic Relapse Track™ $8,000.00*
Medical Detox & Stabilization Program* $4,500.00
Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program $4,200.00


*Detox Included with the above addiction treatment specials “Limited Time Offer”

We Accept Most All Major Insurance Plans

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Helping Residents of Southlake, Texas for Over 37 years

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  1. The term addiction as used on this website is equivalent to a severe substance use disorder as defined by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5, 2013).
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