Texas Drug Rehabs Rockwall

Texas Drug Rehabs Rockwall

Do you need the assistance of a Texas Drug Rehab and you or a family member are living in Rockwall, Texas? Summer Sky Treatment Center is a nationally recognized substance use disorder treatment facility that has been helping people living throughout Texas who struggle with alcohol or drug problems. Our Texas Drug Rehabs are among the best drug rehabs in the State of Texas. Summer Sky offers many different Texas Drug Rehabs to help residents of Rockwall, Texas, and those across the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

Evidence-Based Drug Rehabs

When it comes to treating an addiction to either alcohol or drugs it’s important that a substance use disorder treatment facility utilizes the best evidence-based treatments available to help a person recover from their addiction-related problems. Medical Science has advanced in such a direction that we can now medically stabilize an individual who is addicted to substances by utilizing addiction medicine to help them with the withdrawal process and help people reset their brain chemistry during substance use disorder treatment. In addition to our advanced medications to treat addiction-related disorders, we can help individuals by applying advanced psychological therapies to help people heal from the damage created from an addiction. Substance Use Disorder Treatment is the single most effective way to stop an addiction to either alcohol or drugs.

What Helps Summer Sky Treatment Center Provide Effective Addiction Treatment?

The first reason that Summer Sky is effective is because of our long history of providing substance use disorder treatment services. We have been treating people with substance use disorders for more than 36-years and we understand exactly how to help a person recover from their addiction to substances. Our multi-disciplinary staff is made up of top-notch addiction professionals with years of training and experience helping people with substance use disorders.

  • Summer Sky utilizes Evidence-Based Treatment Therapies
  • We use the best assessments, diagnostic instruments, and processes to help determine an individual’s needs and problems.
  • We match people in our care to the right treatments to ensure that an individual receives the best type of treatment that will be the most effective.
  • We help people with complex issues, health problems, financial difficulties, and legal issues related to alcohol or drugs.
  • A substance use disorder is a chronic health condition and with relapse prevention education and therapy, a person can avoid future relapses.
  • Summer Sky provides high accountability to the people we serve. We are licensed by The Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) and accredited by the Joint Commission.

Alcohol Rehab Programs for Residents of Rockwall, Texas

Alcohol is the most widely used substance in Rockwall County. Many people are not aware that alcohol as a substance is a drug that an individual can drink and then develop an addiction to the substance. Those that become addicted to alcohol, know all too well that alcohol addiction can destroy your physical health, mental health, and social relationships and cause other disruptions. When a person learns that they have an alcohol use disorder they often describe it as a drinking problem or more commonly referred to as alcoholism. The fact is there are three primary types of alcohol use disorders. There are mild, moderate, and severe alcohol use disorders. Each type warrants a different intensity of care that is known to be effective in treating alcohol use disorders.

Drug Rehab Programs for Residents of Rockwall, Texas

Drug Rehab Programs are necessary to help people who have become addicted to various illegal drugs or prescription drugs. There are thousands of addictive substances as well as over-the-counter drugs that an individual can become addicted to and require assistance from a drug rehab program to become free from these addictive substances. Drug rehabs are effective in helping people become substance-free from addictive substances. Most people with drug addiction refer to drug addiction as a substance use disorder. If you are living in Rockwall County or the greater Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex Summer Sky can help you or a loved one with addiction treatment services.

Alcohol Detoxification Rehabs

Medical detoxification is often needed for people that have developed a severe alcohol use disorder. If you are struggling with an alcohol problem and need alcohol detoxification then reach out to our alcohol detox rehab and we can help you with alcohol detoxification. Alcohol detoxification involves removing the alcohol from the body and addressing associated withdrawal symptoms.

Drug Detoxification Rehabs

Like the alcohol detoxification rehab, a drug detoxification program will utilize proven medical detoxification protocols to mitigate symptoms of withdrawal that will allow for a certain period for an individual’s body’s physiology to adjust to the absence of drugs. While the process of detoxification is not treatment by itself it is a component of many Texas Drug Rehabs that offer this type of treatment service.

Summer Sky Texas Drug Rehab Programs

Summer Sky Treatment Center Additional Services

Detox Now Program™ Alcohol Detoxification Program Medical Detoxification 
Professional Interventions Equine Therapy Music Therapy
GOGA Yoga (Baby Goat Yoga)


Pet Therapy Access to Professional Gym
R.O.P.E.S Challenge Course Family Program Personal Trainer (Fitness)


Do you need immediate help now?

To reach Summer Sky for immediate assistance you can contact our admissions specialist 24-hours a day 7-days a week. Our direct number for our Texas Drug Rehabs is 1-888-857-8857.


Substance Use Disorder & Addiction Treatment Rates

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30-Day Addiction Rehabs “Detox Included” $8000.00

90-Day Addiction Rehabs “Detox Included” $21,000.00

Helping Resident of Rockwall, Texas for Over 36-years!


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