Texas Drug Rehabs Plano

Texas Drug Rehabs Plano:

Did you know that alcohol is the most misused substance in Plano, Texas? People forget that alcohol is a drug because it’s a legal substance, and it’s such a common part of our Texas and American culture. Since we see alcohol so often and have easy access to the substance, it slips right out of our minds that people can become addicted to alcohol just like other drugs. We call severe addictions a substance use disorder and the good news is alcohol use disorders and drug addictions are treatable medical & psychological conditions.

Millions of people in Texas and across the United States have substance use problems. Every community in America deals with alcohol and drug problems. However, if you live in Plano, Texas, and have found yourself in need of help for a substance use problem, then reaching out for help from a Texas Drug Rehab Program can literally save your life.

Summer Sky offers people with substance use problems living in Plano, Texas, an opportunity to experience innovative treatment in one of its Texas Drug Rehabs. Our Texas Drug Rehabs are designed to help people struggling with alcohol or drug problems to find freedom from addictions. People need hope when they are struggling with an addiction to alcohol or drugs. We offer hope and solutions for those who desire to become alcohol and drug-free.

Innovative Texas Drug Rehabs:

Innovation begins with comprehensive treatment planning at Summer Sky, and our drug rehabs mix new treatment techniques, creative solutions, and evidence-based practices with recovery mindfulness that is merged into the treatment experience. We understand substance use disorders and what it takes to help a person recover. We will help you or a loved one to make the necessary changes you desire to get your life back from alcohol or drugs. Most importantly, we will help you design the road map that will help you achieve your goals.

Experienced Texas Drug Rehabs:

With over 37 years of success, in helping men and women recover from substance use disorders, our staff is uniquely qualified as an addiction specialist to treat your substance use problems. Our staff is dedicated, experienced, and motivated to help you break free from your addiction to addictive substances.

Healing the Body in Drug Rehab Programs:

We emphasize health restoration while in our Texas Drug Rehabs, and we understand that our bodies are often in need of physical attention after being addicted to substances. Restoring our bodies back to healthy functioning is just as important as healing our minds. While in our treatment centers, you will be encouraged and offered an opportunity to work with our personal trainer to design a plan that will help you work on the physical aspect of healing. A healthy body helps with creating a healthy mind to focus on recovery solutions.

Yoga & GOGA (Baby Goat Yoga):

Yoga helps the body, mind, and spirit of people in recovery. Since it’s been utilized by societies across the world for centuries, it is known to benefit the overall health of those who practice Yoga. While in treatment you will have the benefit of learning Yoga to help you enhance your personal recovery. If you have never experienced Yoga, then you are sure to enjoy our GOGA (Baby Goat Yoga) classes which make learning and experiencing yoga exciting and fun for new or seasoned Yoga lovers.

R.O.P.E.S. Challenge Course

When you come to Summer Sky, you will experience unique and innovative treatment and one feature that we offer is the R.O.P.E.S. Challenge Course. This energizing learning experience will help you to overcome fears and challenge your body and mind while safely providing you with a unique and innovative opportunity to advance personal growth. Lead by Ph.D. level instructors that will guide you through a low and high-element course with a zip line included on the course.

The Need for Texas Drug Rehabs in Plano, Texas

Most people living in Plano, Texas, leave the area to attend addiction treatment because they understand the value of removing the temptations associated with having easy access to alcohol or drugs in their community environments. Our Texas Drug Rehabs are in the North Texas Region of the State of Texas with easy access to our treatment programs.

When you enter our medical detox, inpatient treatment, or residential treatment programs, the separation from the daily temptations of using addictive substances is lessened by attending our drug rehab programs. This simple action of entering treatment helps separate an individual from easy access to an addictive substance. Treatment helps to foster a period of healing time to allow you the needed time to focus on your substance-related problems.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment near Plano:

If you have recently completed residential treatment or need an intensive outpatient program, then Summer Sky can help facilitate a referral to a local intensive outpatient treatment program located in Addison, Texas, or an intensive outpatient treatment program located in Plano, Texas. We do offer intensive outpatient programs that are online or for people living close to the main Summer Sky Campus. People living in Addison, Plano, or the greater Dallas region normally enter our medical detox & residential substance use disorder rehabs.

Medical Detox:

Many people that are addicted to substances need medical detox, and if you are living in Plano, Texas, and need the assistance of a medical detox program, we have you covered at Summer Sky. We offer two types of detox programs. We have the Detox Now Program™ which helps to eliminate toxic substances from a person’s body to prepare them for ongoing treatment services and the Medical Detox & Stabilization Program (10-Day Program) which is great for removing substances and discovering all the different diagnoses or addiction-related disorders.

30-Day Inpatient Treatment Programs

The most common type of inpatient treatment center is the 30-Day Treatment Program. Our Summer Sky 30-Day Inpatient Treatment Programs will help you begin the process of healing by providing you with education, life skills, counseling, relapse prevention planning along with the most advanced evidence-based treatment that you can experience in 30-days.

90-Day Inpatient Treatment Programs

Our 90-Day Inpatient Treatment Programs are considered the “Gold Standard of Addiction Treatment,” and if you need help with an alcohol or drug problem, then this treatment program is going to help you recover from your addictions. The 90-Day Inpatient Treatment Program is recommended by the National Institute on Drug Abuse as the most effective treatment model.

Holistic Rehab Experience

Treatment Works! The element of providing a holistic rehab experience engages everyone to become educated, learn, heal, and recover while in our Texas Drug Rehabs. We hope that you will contact our admissions department to schedule an admission into one of our alcohol or drug rehab programs. Our treatment center is open 7-days a week 24-hours a day, and you can contact us at 1-888-857-8857.

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