Texas Drug Rehabs Midland

Texas Drug Rehabs Midland

Summer Sky is a national alcohol and drug treatment center that has dedicated over 34-years to serving individuals and families living in Midland, Texas. People make the journey to our Texas Drug Rehab Programs heading east on I-20 on a monthly basis to receive alcohol and drug treatment services. We are one of the Best Texas Drug Rehabs across the state. Summer Sky offers drug rehab services to men and women who live in Midland County and Martin County.

Do you have an alcohol problem and you live in Midland, Texas?

If you or a loved one has been struggling with an alcohol problem, we understand the need to act quickly to stop the drinking. Entering alcohol rehab is the single most effective way to stop an alcohol addiction problem. Our Texas Drug Rehabs are designed to help people that are experiencing problems related to alcohol use disorders, alcohol intoxication, alcohol withdrawal, and other alcohol-induced disorders. If you are living in Midland, Texas or any other part of the State of Texas, then give our 24-hour admissions department a call, and we can discuss how to best help you with your problem with alcohol or any other addictive substance.

Do you struggle with the inability to stop using addictive substances?

Many people either have experienced or known someone who has experimented with an addictive substance. As you may already be aware addictive substances are prevalent in Midland County, Texas and across the southern Plains of the State’s western area. However, what is not talked about often is there is a way to become free from addiction. Freedom is experienced from addictive substances when you enter our Texas Drug Rehabs. We have a long history of providing exceptional alcohol or drug treatment to citizens in Midland, Texas. We can help you stop using addictive substances and help you discover a solution that will help prevent you from returning to alcohol or drugs in the future.

Our Texas Drug Rehabs are Solution-Based Treatment Programs

Identifying the exact nature of the problem is very important to become free from alcohol or drugs. Our Texas Drug Rehabs are focused on providing screenings and assessments to help individuals learn exactly what is causing them to stay locked into a problematic pattern of using addictive substances. The screening and assessment process provided at Summer Sky will help you identify exactly what the problem is and help you design a treatment plan that will be utilized during the treatment process to guide you toward freedom from either your problem with alcohol or drugs. Before a solution can take place, an individual will need to identify with the treatment team in all areas that will need to be addressed during the treatment process. Our Texas Drug Rehabs will help assist you with this process.

Designing a Treatment Plan that gets Results

Our results-driven approach to treatment will help people with either alcohol or drug problems to develop a proven plan to achieve the best results from the treatment offered in our drug rehab programs. Designing a personal treatment plan helps in individualizing the treatment for you or your loved one during treatment. Preparing an individualized treatment plan is more effective in helping a person achieve results because the individual is a part of the guidance provided by the personal treatment plan that is designed for their own treatment. In addition to designing an effective treatment plan, our drug rehabs offer many different therapies that are known to get results for people who are dealing with a substance use disorder. Our treatment centers are set apart from other drug rehabs because of our focus on providing sound therapeutic practices that are known for getting results with people with alcohol or drug problems.

Medical Detoxification Services

Our medical detox rehab services are state of the art medical detox services that only use FDA approved medications and practices to help people with medical withdrawal symptoms during the detox process. Medical detox is critical for people addicted to physically addictive substances that are known to display withdrawal symptoms once a person stops using an addictive substance. We can help safely and comfortably mitigate your withdrawal symptoms and help prepare you for the addiction treatment that you will need after detox is completed. Our Detox center is staffed 24-hours a day 7-days a week by trained medical addiction treatment professionals.

Medical Detoxification & Stabilization Programs

Some people have more complicated medical needs along with the withdrawal process. These individuals will require medical detoxification services that are more advanced than your typical detox process. Sometimes medical problems complicate the detox process, and for these individuals, it takes longer to complete medical detox to become stabilized from drugs and alcohol. These individuals just need more assistance during the detox process.  Our Summer Sky Medical Detoxification & Stabilization Program will ensure that if you need more medical assistance during the detox process for your substance-related disorders that you will receive the care which is most appropriate for your medical detox needs. Other people know in advance that they will require more medical detoxification services because of previous detox experiences in the past. Some addictive substances are dangerous to stop using without medical interventions from a detox center. No matter the reason for utilizing this detox process, it is an onsite medical detox service available should a person need this critical level of detox services.

30-Day Addiction Treatment Programs

30-Day Addiction Treatment Programs are the most widely utilized type of treatment programs in the United States. Most people utilize this level of care of treatment because of the ease and convenience of dedicating time to attend this type of drug rehab. 30-Day Addiction Treatment programs along with medical detoxification, are highly effective treatment programs. However, it is recommended that either a person continue after the 30-day rehab to other levels of care in either an intensive outpatient treatment program after discharge or a 60-Day Treatment Program or 90-Day Treatment Program. The longer a person is engaged in treatment, the better, and more prepared and individual is for personal recovery.

90-Day Addiction Treatment Programs

Today the 90-Day Addiction Treatment Program is more available to the average Texan than any other time in the history of addiction treatment. The 90-Day Addiction Treatment Program is considered the “Gold Standard of Addiction Treatment,” and because of this, more people are utilizing our 90-day addiction treatment programs. The Summer Sky 90-Day Addiction Treatment Program is great because it gives a person the needed time to treat most addiction-related problems. The extra time allows a person to leave no stone unturned during the treatment process. Individuals are more ready to deal with the stresses associated with staying clean and sober and living in personal recovery after successfully completing our 90-Day Addiction Treatment Programs.

Get Help Today!

If you are living in Midland, Texas or the surrounding area and need a Texas Drug Rehab, then give Summer Sky a call today. Our admissions department can help you overcome your addiction to addictive substances. We are open 24-hours a day 7-days a week, and our number is 1-888-857-8857.

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