Texas Drug Rehabs Mesquite

Texas Drug Rehabs Mesquite

For an individual that is living in Mesquite, Texas there are great opportunities for those who are dealing with either an alcohol or drug problem to receive help from a Texas Drug Rehab Program. Today access to help is a phone call away for anyone who is struggling with problems related to alcohol or drugs. If you or a loved one needs help with a substance-related problem then contact our Texas Drug Rehab Program today if you are in Mesquite, Texas, or the surrounding area. Attending a Texas Drug Rehab Program is the single most effective way to stop an addiction to either alcohol or drugs. Summer Sky Treatment Center is a licensed substance use disorder treatment program that has been helping people living in Mesquite, Texas for over 37-years with treatment for their addiction-related problems.

A substance use disorder is a medical illness that can progress into physical, psychological, and social problems as a result of the continued usage of addictive substances. People with a substance use disorder range in severity, duration, and complexity from mild to severe. Many people will require medical intervention from a Texas Drug Rehab Program that offers medical detoxification services. There are several different types of Texas Drug Rehabs. The most common types of Texas Drug Rehabs are medical detoxification programs, inpatient rehab programs, residential rehabs, partial hospitalization treatment programs, and intensive outpatient treatment programs.

How Long Does a Person Need to Stay in Treatment?

Everyone is different when it comes to the time associated with treating a person who has developed a substance use disorder. Research indicates that when someone participates in 90-Days or more of continued substance use disorder treatment services they increase the likelihood that they will remain free from substances because of the healing of the brain chemistry that takes place during the first 90-days of being chemical-free from addictive substances. Not everyone can make a commitment to attend a 90-day drug rehab program, however, for those that do their healing is dramatically noticed upon discharge from a Texas Drug Rehab.

For people that have a difficult time committing to a 90-day treatment program, the next most popular treatment program is the 30-day rehab program. More people choose this type of treatment program than any other rehab in the United States. The 30-day rehab program is designed to address the immediate acute care needs of a person with a substance use disorder. Summer Sky has noticed an increased request for our 30-day treatment programs from people living in Mesquite, Texas in the last 24-months. This rise is associated with more alcohol-related problems, opioid usage, increased methamphetamine addictions, and prescription drug addictions as the primary types of substances that people are requesting help for in the Mesquite, Texas area.

No matter which type of treatment program a person chooses to attend for treatment services the main thing is to seek help immediately if you have a problem with either alcohol or drugs. There are more types of treatment services and various lengths of time that are required for other types of treatment programs. One thing that differentiates Summer Sky from other Texas drug rehab programs is the fact that we offer multiple drug rehab programs with various lengths of stay in our treatment programs.

Medical Detoxification Programs

For an individual with a severe substance use disorder, the need for medical detoxification is often required especially considering that most people with a severe addiction to a substance are usually dealing with the physical aspect of their addiction to substances. These individuals welcome medical detox because of the struggles associated with physical withdrawal symptoms. Medical Detox helps to deal with the physical withdrawal process and allows an individual to eliminate the addictive substances from their body system. Once medical detox is completed the individual can transition into a specialty treatment program like an inpatient treatment or residential treatment program.

Chronic Substance Use Disorders

The reality is people that who have a substance use disorder are dealing with a chronic condition that must be dealt with through addiction treatment and recovery. Our scientific approaches to treating people with an addiction to substances have increased in the last 10-years to the point where we now have more effective treatments for people with a substance-related disorders. Well-documented and supporting scientific evidence has shown that people who are dealing with a substance use disorder who are treated in a specialty treatment program have recurrence rates no higher than those with other chronic illnesses such as diabetes, asthma, and hypertension. Treatment is more accessible today and the result is more people are living in personal recovery today. People with chronic substance use disorders will need help dealing with their addiction-related problems.

Do you or a loved one have an alcohol or drug problem?

Summer Sky Treatment Center located in Stephenville, and Addison, Texas can help you overcome your addiction to substances. Our main treatment program offers many different Texas Drug Rehabs for those living in Mesquite, Texas, and the surrounding Dallas metropolitan area. Our treatment programs are covered by most health insurance companies, and we also offer some unique features for those looking for addiction treatment options. Some of the most common drug rehab services that we offer are listed below.

Helping Residents of Mesquite, Texas for Over 37-years!

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Intervention Services

If you or a loved one needs help with intervention services, then contact our admissions department and we can help you with the intervention process. An intervention is a great tool that is performed by professional interventionists who will help motivate an individual with a substance use disorder to enter treatment for their alcohol or drug problem.

Need Help for Alcohol or Drugs Today?

Summer Sky is available 24-hours a day 7-days a week to answer your questions or to schedule an admission into one of our drug rehabs. We can be reached by calling 1-888-857-8857.

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