Texas Drug Rehabs McKinney

Texas Drug Rehabs McKinney

For over 37 years, our Texas Drug Rehabs have helped men and women who have been struggling with an addiction to either alcohol or drugs and are living in McKinney, Texas. When you need prompt substance use disorder treatment, you can trust and rely upon our experienced National Alcohol & Drug Rehabs to help you stop your addiction to substances.

People who are experiencing problems related to addiction often need rehab to stop the progression of their substance use. In many cases, those that request treatment immediately after discovering they are struggling with a substance use problem can prevent physical and psychological damage to their health.

Substance use disorders, by their very nature, are progressive and only get worse with time unless they receive the proper treatment in a drug rehab program. When an individual or loved one has developed a problem with either alcohol or drugs, it is important to reach out for help as soon as possible.

For those living in McKinney, Texas, Summer Sky can help you with rehab services at one of our Texas Drug Rehab Programs. Substance use disorders are chronic conditions that once identified and treated the individual can then prevent the deterioration of health problems. Most people with substance use disorder do experience physical, mental, and social problems due to their addictions.

Summer Sky Treatment Center® offers many different addiction treatment options for those needing and desiring to become free from addictive substances. Summer Sky has been helping men and women (18 years or older) in the McKinney Community since 1985. Helping men and women with substance use disorders to recover is our main mission.

Summer Sky Treatment Programs for McKinney, Texas

Our Texas Drug Rehabs are playing a critical role for citizens living in McKinney, Texas, who need substance-related treatment for their problems with either alcohol or drugs. When a person has developed a problem related to either alcohol or drugs, the most effective way to stop an addiction is to seek help immediately.

To help the people living in McKinney with a substance use disorder, we offer different types of substance use disorder treatment options for individuals and families who need assistance with drug rehab services. Some of the services we offer are medical detoxification, inpatient treatment programs, residential treatment programs, as well as intensive outpatient treatment programs.

Substance Use Disorders

No one begins using an addictive substance with the intention of becoming addicted to a mood-altering substance. There is usually a notion that it will not be harmful or that the individual will just experiment with the substance. There are other reasons people begin using substances, for example, to deal with stress or escape from problems.

Some people drink alcohol for social appeal and never imagine that they can become addicted to the substance. Developing an addiction is a process that can take place over time, depending on the nature of the addictive substance being consumed and the amount being ingested into the body system.

There are individuals that progress to a substance use disorder rather rapidly. Some of these individuals have described that they began experiencing addiction-related consequences shortly after they began consuming the chemicals. Once a person uses enough of a substance at a certain point, they develop a substance use disorder.

We have several different severity levels that exist with a substance use disorder, and these severity levels indicate where in the progression a person is in the addiction process. The most common severity levels are listed below.

Severity Levels of Substance Use Disorders

  • MILD
  • Moderate
  • Severe

It should be noted that overdose or adverse reactions to an addictive substance can take place at any severity level of a substance use disorder. An individual can change severity levels across time, and it is also reflected by reductions or increases in the frequency and/or amount of substance used.

Substance Use Disorders Essential Feature

People with a substance use disorder normally experience cognitive, behavioral, and psychological symptoms that contribute to health declines. The individual will continue to use the addictive substance despite experiencing significant substance-related problems. This is a central feature of a substance use disorder. Even though they may acknowledge that their substance usage is harming them, they continue using despite knowing their alcohol or drug usage is causing problems.

One of the realities is that these individuals do not understand that there are changes in the brain circuits that may persist beyond detoxification, especially in individuals with a severe substance use disorder. If an individual does not seek immediate treatment, they can experience relapses, cravings, and other behavioral changes as a result of their usage.

Substance Use Disorder Interventions

If a person is continuing to use addictive substances despite being warned by friends, family, medical doctors, employers, and other concerned individuals and they will not stop using and enter a rehab program, it is advisable to seek the help of a professional interventionist. Summer Sky can help individuals and families living in McKinney, Texas, who needs the assistance of a professional interventionist. Contact our admissions department at 1-888-857-8857, and our admissions department will put you in contact with a professional interventionist to help you with your situation. Substance Use Disorder Interventionists are trained in how to help you intervene on someone who is experiencing either an alcohol or drug problem. The intervention process is effective at convincing a person to enter a rehab program.

Medical Detoxification

Many people have developed severe substance use disorders and will require medical detoxification from a trained medical detoxification team. If you or a loved one need this level of care and you are living in McKinney, Texas, or the surrounding Dallas area, our detox programs, along with inpatient treatment programs, can help you safely detox from any addictive substance.

Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient treatment is important for those needing addiction treatment services. The inpatient treatment level of care helps with acute problems related to a substance use disorder. During inpatient treatment, an individual is provided physical, psychological, and behavioral support during the treatment process.

Treatment plans are designed, and an individual begins working to solve their addiction-related problems while still focusing on making sure all acute symptoms of the substance use disorder are addressed. Many people prepare for continued treatment in a residential treatment program after inpatient treatment.

30-Day Residential Treatment Programs

The 30-Day Residential Treatment Program is the most popular type of treatment program for those with a substance use disorder. The treatment model is effective at identifying and developing a plan of treatment and recovery to be adhered to as a person begins a journey into personal recovery.

The acute effects of a substance use disorder and post-acute withdrawal syndrome are addressed during this phase of treatment. Many people enter a 30-Day Residential Treatment Program and then choose to attend our 60-Day or 90-Day Rehab Programs because they realize they need more time to work on their addiction-related problems.

90-Day Residential Treatment Programs

Our “Gold Standard” addiction treatment program is designed to help an individual deal with the chronic nature of their addiction. This program is a comprehensive approach to helping a person deal with their substance use disorders. 90-Days or more of treatment is highly recommended by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). People that choose to participate in a 90-Day Treatment Program have an easier time adjusting to recovery once they are discharged from a drug rehab program.

Texas Drug Rehab Programs

If you or a loved one is in McKinney, Texas and you are interested in treating your addiction to substances you can contact our admissions department at 1-888-857-8857 to discuss our Texas alcohol & drug rehab programs. In addition to people living in McKinney, Texas we also serve residents from Addison, Dallas, Carrollton, Plano, and Frisco, Texas who are struggling with alcohol or drug problems.

Summer Sky is one of the best Texas drug rehabs serving the needs of those living in the North Texas Region. We offer same-day placement into our medical detoxification & drug rehab programs for those with more severe substance use disorder or people needing immediate help.

Do you need a Texas Drug Rehab today?

If you would like to attend one of our Texas Drug Rehab Programs you can contact our admissions department 24 hours a day 7-days a week at 1-888-857-8857.

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