Texas Drug Rehabs Lewisville

Texas Drug Rehabs Lewisville

Do you live in Lewisville, Texas, or the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex? Do you or a family member need help with an addiction? There are Texas Drug Rehabs designed to help people break free from their addictions to substances. Addiction treatment is the single most effective way to stop an addiction to substances. There are many elements to consider before you enter a Texas Drug Rehab Program. Below are some quick tips to help you with your considerations.

Quick Tips for Choosing a Texas Drug Rehab Program

The first thing to do is locate a Texas Drug Rehab Program that you desire to attend for treatment services. The below types of treatment programs are available for those living in Lewisville or the Greater Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

Medical Detoxification (Detox Now Programs™)

Medical Detoxification Programs are designed for those who require medical intervention to help people with the withdrawal process associated with addictions. Many people that become addicted to substances develop withdrawal symptoms when they attempt to stop using an addictive substance. These individuals need 24-hour medical supervision by medical doctors, nurses, and addiction counselors trained on medical detox protocols. These medical detox programs use FDA-approved medications to help and individuals detoxify the body from harmful addictive substances. If you are struggling with the physical aspect of addiction to substances, then consider contacting a medical detox program to begin the treatment process.

Inpatient Drug Treatment Programs

There are many types of inpatient drug rehab treatment programs that are all designed to help a person with medical detox and stabilization. The first requirement of treatment is to eliminate the addictive substances from the body. These are important because the physical and psychological symptoms of addictions complicate a person’s ability to remain abstinent from addictive substances. Inpatient drug treatment programs are designed to help a person get through the first phase of eliminating addictive substances from their body while simultaneously helping an individual discover solutions to treat their addictions.

Residential Addiction Treatment Programs

Many people require separation from their addictive substances and psychological triggers associated with addictions. Removing yourself from the environment where you are easily able to go get an addictive substance helps stop the addictive process. People with addictions to substances are dealing with physical, psychological, and behavioral habits that must be stopped if a person is to remain abstinent from an addictive substance. Entering a Residential Addiction Treatment Program removes the temptations to continue to seek out an addictive substance. Solutions are offered to an individual in treatment to deal with the physical, psychological and behavioral aspects of their addictions.

Partial Hospitalization Treatment Programs (Day Treatment Programs)

These types of treatment programs are considered effective for people that are cleared from the need for medical detoxification and have demonstrated enough physical and psychological stableness to participate in treatment during the day, but they can go home during the evening. Normally this level of care of treatment is utilized as a step-down process in the continuum of addiction treatment services. An example would be, the individual enters medical detox and progresses through treatment to inpatient rehab, residential treatment and then enters a partial hospitalization level of treatment for an extended period after the initial drug and alcohol treatment. Day treatment programs involve psychological treatment in the form of counseling and education and psychological support during the treatment process.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment Programs (IOP)

Intensive Outpatient Treatment Programs are a type of treatment program that is designed for those that do not require a higher level of treatment care. These individuals need minimal monitoring of physical and psychological monitoring during the treatment process. These individuals are normally past the first phase of the acute abstinence syndrome (Medical Detox) and are prepared to deal with the post-acute withdrawal syndrome associated with addiction. Often people utilize intensive outpatient following a residential treatment program to enhance support and accountability following the completion of a residential treatment program. However, people can begin treatment in an intensive outpatient treatment program, and if a higher level of treatment is needed the Intensive outpatient treatment program will refer the individual to a more intensive level of care treatment if a person cannot maintain abstinence from an addictive substance.

30-Day Addiction Treatment Programs

The most utilized type of addiction treatment program is the 30-day addiction treatment program. This type of treatment program is designed to deal with the acute effects of addiction and help a person deal with the psychological aspects of their addictions. More people choose this type of treatment program than all other treatment programs combined. 30-day treatment programs are effective at discovering the exact nature of an individual’s alcohol or drug problem and then helping an individual develop a plan to treat their addiction. 30-day treatment programs are a part of a continuing treatment process designed to help a person recover from an addiction. However, after completing a 30-day treatment program there is still more treatment that is recommended after completing a treatment program. All 30-day treatment participants will design a discharge plan that will include follow-up types of treatment services that will be needed before they discharge from this type of treatment service.

60-Day Rehab Programs

These individuals that attend a 60-day rehab program normally are severely addicted to various types of addictive substances. It is recommended that if you are addicted to multiple substances or have a previous history of treatment, history of relapse, or you are addicted to multiple substances that you consider attending a 60-day rehab program. Individuals diagnosed with severe substance use disorders often require more time to heal from the physical and psychological damage associated with addictive substances. To increase the likelihood of an individual staying clean or sober after treatment a 60-day rehab program can help a person become more committed to the recovery process during treatment.

90-Day Rehab Programs (Gold Standard of Addiction Treatment)

There is no doubt that 90-Day Rehab Programs are more effective than any other alcohol or drug treatment when it comes to treating addiction. The research and science support 90-day treatment programs as the most effective types of drug rehab. When it comes to healing the brain of someone addicted to alcohol or drugs it takes 90-days for neurological healing to make considerable progress in the process of healing the brain. It makes logical sense that 90-days of treatment services enhances and helps a person to be better prepared for a life in recovery. 90-day treatment programs are more comprehensive and give an individual a better chance for a successful recovery.

Do You Need Immediate Treatment?

Summer Sky Treatment Center is available to help individuals and families who need addiction treatment services. If you are living in Lewisville, Texas, or any part of the State of Texas we can help you become free from addictive substances. Summer Sky provides Texas Drug Rehabs for men and women who have been dealing with problems related to substance use disorders. Our drug rehabs help people that have developed physical, cognitive, and behavioral problems related to addictions. If you need immediate help you can contact our admissions department 24-hours a day 7-days a week at our confidential helpline. To speak with our admissions department call us at 1-888-857-8857.

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