Texas Drug Rehabs in Waco

Texas Drug Rehabs in Waco

Do you have an alcohol or drug problem? You are not alone if you are experiencing negative consequences related to drinking alcohol or using drugs. Every day people in Waco, Texas, and across the United States people reach out for help from an alcohol rehab or drug rehab program. No one ever plans to get addicted to alcohol or drugs. However, when a person discovers that their drinking or drug use has now progressed to addiction it is wise to do the right thing and request help with the problem.

Outside of Waco, Texas headed North on Highway 6 toward Valley Mills, Texas is a Texas Drug Rehab Program that has been helping people in Waco, Texas for over 34-years. People living in the Waco and surrounding region have utilized this premier Texas Drug Rehab Program for medical detoxification services, inpatient treatment, and residential treatment services to help them deal with their alcohol or drug problems.

Summer Sky Treatment Center is an addiction treatment facility that helps thousands of people living in Texas who have substance use problems. Since there are limited Texas drug rehabs in Waco and many people prefer to receive treatment away from where they live to help with removing the temptations of easy access to alcohol or drugs you will find that Summer Sky is geographically suited to help you and your family.

Summer Sky Family Program

Summer Sky offers a Family Program that will help your family while you are in treatment at our Texas Drug Rehab Programs. This is very helpful for you and your family because it gives you and your family an opportunity to heal together while you are dealing with your alcohol and drug problem in treatment.

Medical Detoxification Program

Detox is a component of addiction treatment and is available for those that need to detoxify from addictive substances. Many people are physically dependent on the substances that they are using and eliminating the addictive substances safely from one’s body is important for people who need treatment. Detox is a medical procedure which helps manage any potential withdrawal symptoms associated with addictive chemicals. The process is rather smooth and comfortable because of the medical management services that are provided by the detox team at Summer Sky. The detox program is open 24-hours a day 7-days a week so you can literally begin detox at any time once you have arranged your admission into the detox program.

Inpatient Treatment

There are several different needs associated with inpatient treatment as a level of care for treatment services. The focus of inpatient treatment is helping a person who has just completed a medical detox transition into the regular treatment program. During this phase of treatment, you are still under the care of the medical doctor who is meeting with you and adjusting medications and monitoring your progress in the treatment program. The treatment center will continue to monitor any associated post-acute difficulties and treat any other co-existing medical problems while in the inpatient treatment program. Helping a person adjust to being clean and sober is very important during inpatient treatment. When a person enters inpatient treatment, the individual learns to manage personal health issues without the use of addictive medications and begins the process of addressing the psychological aspects of their addiction to chemicals. Often people in inpatient treatment will develop or update a treatment plan that will guide them through the treatment process. Preparing for residential treatment is usually the next step after inpatient treatment.

Residential Treatment

This phase of treatment is where the main clinical, psychological, educational, group therapy, individual counseling, and other addiction treatment therapies are experienced. People in this level of treatment begin to deal with their addictions and related addiction or psychological problems. Learning how to prevent relapse and other life skills are taught in this phase of treatment.

Partial Hospitalization Treatment

This level of treatment is provided for people still living in the residential treatment program; however, they don’t need the level of intensity of treatment services as other levels of care provided while in the partial hospitalization treatment program. Some people refer to this level of care as day treatment since people can go home in the evening after Partial Hospitalization Treatment services are completed and others finish out partial hospitalization while stilling living at the treatment center or a sober living environment. The individual and treatment team usually decided which situation is right for everyone in this program.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment Services

This level of treatment is provided on an outpatient basis, and a person either attends this type of treatment in the morning or evening. It is designed for people that are not having any physical or psychological problems that would indicate a higher level of care of treatment services. Most IOP programs involve counseling and group therapy and education.

The Process of Addiction

No one sets out to become addicted to mood- or mind-altering substances, however, when a problem is discovered by either the individual or a family member the time to act is immediately after discovering that at alcohol or drug problem exist. If a person enters treatment quickly, they can avoid addiction-related consequences. Addiction occurs when the user experiences physical or psychological distress upon discontinuing use of the drug. This is the first noticeable change that most people addicted to a substance will experience. The individual will notice an intense desire or compulsion to use the substance despite experiencing the distress from not having the substance in their body. The individual may become preoccupied with obtaining more of the substance at this point to avoid the pain and depression of not having the alcohol or drugs in their system. They seek out the chemicals to avoid experiencing physical, psychological problems which they believe is solved by ingesting more of the substance into their body. If this is happening to you don’t waste any time with this process, seek help from a Texas Drug Rehab Immediately.

How to Get Help Immediately

When you are experiencing a problem with alcohol or drugs, the key to avoiding addiction-related consequences is asking for help. If you need help contact our Summer Sky Admissions Department at 1-888-857-8857 and our staff will help schedule you for admission into one of our treatment programs and in many cases, this can be done the same day you make the call to request for help. If you have questions about addiction or treatment, contact us today.

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