Texas Drug Rehabs in Fort Worth

Texas Drug Rehabs in Fort Worth

Summer Sky Treatment Center® is a Texas drug rehab program located 60 miles southwest of Fort Worth, Texas. Summer Sky is one of the best Texas alcohol and drug rehab programs in the state. Over the last 37 years, we have helped thousands of people living in Fort Worth, Texas.

Our Drug rehabilitation programs have been featured in News Week Magazine® Fox News Business Channel, and “Behind the Scenes” with James Earl Jones which goes into depth sharing about sectors of our society that are making a difference in the lives of others in our society. Our addiction treatment staff is truly difference makers in addiction treatment & recovery.

Summer Sky is a nationally recognized drug rehab program that specializes in the treatment of substance use disorders. If you or a family member is living in Fort Worth, Texas, or the surrounding area our Texas Drug Rehab Programs can help you break the cycle of any addiction.

Change Begins with Asking for Addiction Treatment Help:  

We recognize that thousands of people will reach out for help in Fort Worth, Texas this week and we want to be available to help you or your loved one break free from their addictions. We see the benefits of treatment on daily basis and the transformation of people feeling hopeless are restored with hope in their lives as they enter treatment and begin the process of change through treatment and recovery.

Our Texas drug rehab programs help people that have become addicted to alcohol, cocaine, heroin, marijuana, prescription medications, or other drugs. People travel to Summer Sky for treatment services from all over the State of Texas and across the United States. We are especially fond of our Fort, Worth, Texas Community, because a large amount of our Alumni is living in the city and helping others with recovery from their addictions after completing our medical detox & 30-day treatment programs.

The Best Texas Drug Rehab Programs:

Why is Summer Sky considered one of the best Texas drug rehab programs? Summer Sky is a part of the history of addiction treatment in the United States and the State of Texas. The staff of Summer Sky is who makes the treatment center one of the best Texas drug rehab programs.

The dedication and innovative work that the medical department, counseling department, recovery support teams, and leaders of the organization all contribute to the success of the treatment programs. They all help with providing life-changing work daily, which benefits everyone that attends our drug rehab programs.

Summer Sky offers some of the best evidence-based treatment practices that are designed to help an individual learn how to stay alcohol or drug-free after completing treatment. The entire treatment team at Summer Sky has one primary goal, and that is to ensure that every individual that enters our treatment programs receives an opportunity to make a personal change in their lives that will set them up for success after treatment is completed.

High Standards of Treatment Care:

Summer Sky is licensed by The Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) which serves as an oversight protection organization put together by the Texas Legislation to make sure that treatment is safe and effective for people receiving substance use disorder treatment services in the State of Texas. DSHS requires that all licensed substance use disorder treatment facilities in Texas operate by high standards of care to help ensure that people who are seeking substance use disorder services at a licensed substance abuse treatment facility are offered an efficient, effective, and appropriate continuum of care of services.

The rules and standards of care that DSHS sets are there to help treatment providers protect the health, safety, and welfare of those receiving substance use disorder treatment services. All of our Texas Drug Rehabs are licensed by the State of Texas, and we pay close attention to adherence to these rules and regulations so that people can receive the best quality addiction treatment possible.

We are Accredited:

In addition to being a great treatment provider that is a licensed substance use disorder treatment program Summer Sky is accredited by The Joint Commission which sets high standards of care, quality of care, and strict compliance, and encourages treatment providers to offer the best available treatment to those that enter our treatment programs. Summer Sky has earned the Golden Seal of Approval™ from The Joint Commission.




Best Drug Rehab Programs Services:

Popular Texas Drug Rehabs Utilized by Fort Worth, Texas Residents:  

The Next Big Thing in Rehabs:

One of the most innovative things about our rehab programs is that we keep offering people new and exciting ways to help them treat their substance use disorders. We recently in 2019 became the first treatment program in the United States and Texas to offer GOGA Yoga (baby goat yoga) This new and exciting way to learn to practice Yoga is sure to motivate you and help you learn the art of yoga which will help improve your overall health. Summer Sky is helping more individuals in treatment by offering more animal-assisted therapy to help complement the individual’s overall treatment experiences. Many people respond to the benefit of the animal-assisted type of therapy during treatment.

Medical Detox or Medical Detoxification:

The need to eliminate addictive substances from one’s body is critical for people in treatment and recovery. Without becoming free from addictive substances, little can be achieved from an alcohol or drug rehab program. Summer Sky emphasizes the great importance of being screened for the need for medical detox.

It is dangerous to abruptly stop using addictive substances without the help of trained medical professionals at a detox center. Many addictive substances have a physical dependency feature that involves managing the withdrawal syndrome. Summer Sky has an onsite medical detox program that can safely help you remove substances from your body.

Inpatient Treatment Programs:

Inpatient treatment programs, in general, can help a person after medical detox to stabilize and prepare for a deeper dive into addiction-related problems. Once a person enters an inpatient treatment program, they will have already designed a personal treatment plan and will begin to work on post-acute issues as well as specific addiction problems. Identifying all problems and being offered solutions to your problems will take place during this phase of treatment.

Residential Treatment Programs:

Most Residential Treatment Programs have a residential level of care for treatment services. This is more of the main treatment phase where most treatment work is worked on, and goals that were identified from the treatment plan are focused on during treatment. Our Texas Drug Rehabs utilize evidence-based treatment practices during this phase of the treatment program. People utilize our 30, 60 & 90-day residential treatment programs to help them achieve success from their substance use disorders.

Partial Hospitalization Treatment Programs:

Normally people are stepped down into a partial hospitalization phase of treatment after they have completed a residential treatment program. This type of treatment involves a day treatment approach to the treatment. Many people can still live in the treatment program while in this level of care of treatment, but in more recent times people do return home or to a sober living environment daily while engaged in this type of treatment.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment Programs:

This type of treatment program can be utilized as either the first program you enter or as a step-down treatment program from a partial hospitalization treatment program. Most intensive outpatient treatment programs are attended during the evening hours, which helps with allowing people to work during the day, and then a person attends the IOP treatment program in the evenings.

30-Day Drug Rehabs:

Our 30-Day Drug rehabs are some of the most advanced drug rehabilitation programs for people dealing with substance-related disorders. We are focused on all aspects of healing an individual physically, psychologically, and socially from the impaired damage that is caused by addiction.

The 30-day treatment programs are among the most popular type of addiction treatment programs in Texas and throughout the United States. People choose 30-day alcohol & drug rehabs because they are easy to access after completing medical detoxification. In addition to being easy to access people choose 30-day rehabs because of the short duration of time dedicated to completing the treatment programs.

60-Day Rehab Programs:

We nicked name this the Texas 60-Day Rehab Program, because of its careful attention to helping people with developing a more thorough relapse prevention plan when attended, and let’s face it the relapse process is a Texas Size problem for people with addictions, so why not have a Texas Size solution to solving your addictive-related disorder.

What makes our 60-day rehab programs a good choice for drug addiction and alcohol use problems is the fact that by having more time in treatment an individual can dive deeper into the causes and conditions that disrupt an individual’s life while in active addiction.

The entire focus of the 60-day rehab program is to identify all problems and begin to work on solutions during the treatment process and then utilize recovery solutions to begin practicing recovery-related solutions while in treatment. This helps prepare an individual for a life in recovery.

Do you need immediate help now?

Do you need help with an alcohol or drug problem today? If you do, Summer Sky would love to help you or a loved one receive help at one of our Texas Drug Rehabs. You can contact our admissions specialist 24 hours a day 7 days a week at 1-888-857-8857 to discuss treatment or to schedule an admission into our programs.

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