Texas Drug Rehabs Holiday Treatment Special Rates

Texas Drug Rehabs Holiday Treatment Special Rates:

Do you or a loved one need help for their alcohol or drug problem? We’re offering a Texas-sized promotional offer that is hard to refuse during the holiday season. This is an internet offer & social media-supported campaign to reach out and help some people get into treatment.

Our 30-Day Texas Drug Rehabs are being offered for $8,000.00 for 30 days of addiction treatment to anyone that sees this promotional offer and mentions the promotional code “Treatment Now”. This offer is for a “limited time” offer and is a “first come, first served” promotional deal.

30-Day Texas Drug Rehabs ($8,000.00)

This treatment program is an opportunity to receive 30 days of addiction treatment at the low cost of $8,000.00 for people looking to get into treatment immediately. We understand that the cost of drug rehabs can keep many people from getting the help they need and during this holiday season we are removing the barrier of cost by offering addiction treatment at a reduced price.

Terms and Conditions of Offer:

Between 12-1-22 & 12-31-22 we are setting aside 10 beds dedicated to this promotional offer and once the placements are filled, we will resume our regular promotional offers or regular retail prices moving forward. We hope you will take us up on these special promotional offers as soon as possible.

Medical Detox & Stabilization Program (10-Days of Detox $4,500.00):

Don’t need 30 days of treatment, but need help with the physical withdrawal symptoms that emerge when you attempt to detoxify from any addictive substance? You can utilize our medical detox & stabilization program for the low cost of $4,500.00.

60-Day Texas Drug Rehabs $16,000.00 (5-beds available):

We have limited bed capacity for this treatment program, because of its high demand and previous promotional offers. However, we are making 5 beds available at this special pricing from 12-1-22 to 12-31-22. If you intense to secure one of these 5 spots, we suggest you call quickly to secure your placement with this discounted offer.

90-Day Texas Drug Rehabs $24,000.00 (Gold Standard Treatment Offer):

We have available 5 beds for people who desire to utilize this special price offer. We understand that the cost of rehab services can be a little much for some people and was extending this great price to help people with severe substance use disorders to get some help for treatment services.

Inpatient Treatment Programs:

Do you need help with your alcohol or drug problem? Choosing to enter an inpatient treatment program can be the difference between success and failure as inpatient treatment programs offer more individualized treatment services along with medical & clinical treatment services. If you are dealing with co-occurring conditions along with an addiction, then our inpatient treatment can help you recover from your addiction to substances.

Residential Treatment Programs:

Residential Treatment Programs are great for people with substance use disorders. They provide a safe place to heal away from the temptations of outside stress or people places and things that trigger an individual to want to return to alcohol or drugs.

The individual can learn to get rid of strong cravings and obsessive thoughts to drink alcohol or use drugs while in the residential treatment program. The focus on healing the body & mind is the primary objective of living in a residential treatment program.

Summer Sky Chronic Relapse Prevention Track™: $8,000.00:

Summer Sky Treatment Center® offers a chronic relapse prevention track for people who have a history of relapse or recently left a residential treatment program and found themselves returning to the use of alcohol or drugs.

Addiction by its very nature is a chronic brain disorder that must be treated from the physical, psychological, and social perspective and this involves learning to identify psychological defense mechanisms, relapse warning signs, and how to manage post-acute withdrawal symptoms.

During your stay in the Summer Sky Chronic Relapse Prevention Track™, you will learn effective ways to interrupt the relapse process. We will also introduce specific interventions that can be utilized to interrupt and stop a relapse from occurring.

Texas Drug Rehabs:

Summer Sky Treatment Center® does offer some of the Best Texas Drug Rehabs that help people solve their alcohol use disorders & substance use disorders. We offer some of the most affordable Texas drug rehabs and are always mindful of the cost of drug rehab programs.

If you are looking to reclaim your life from an addiction, then call our admissions specialist to discuss which Texas Drug Rehabs would be the best option for your situation. The call is confidential, and our admissions department is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Summer Sky Treatment Center® Overview of Treatment Services:

Immediate Texas Drug Rehabs Access to Services:

To learn more about our Texas Drug Rehabs or to schedule an immediate admission into one of our Texas drug rehabilitation programs you can call us at 1-888-857-8857. We look forward to helping you or a family member break free from their addiction to substances. We offer proven solutions that will restore your physical & psychological health to normal functioning.

Quick Private Pay Special Rates for Texas Drug Rehabs Below:

30-Day Addiction Treatment $ $8,000.00


60-Day Addiction Treatment $16,000.00 90-Day Addiction Treatment $24,000.00
Summer Sky Chronic Relapse Track™ $8,000.00


Medical Detox & Stabilization Program $4,500.00 Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program $4,200.00

 Summer Sky Accepts Most Private Health Insurance Plans

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Addiction Treatment & Recovery Texas Drug Rehabs Special Rates

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