Texas Drug Rehabs Gratitude Addiction Treatment Specials

Texas Drug Rehabs Gratitude Addiction Treatment Specials:

When you or a loved one need a Texas Drug Rehab Program Summer Sky Treatment Center® is standing by ready to assist you or your loved one to recover from any substance use disorder. Summer Sky is among the Best Texas Drug Rehabs in Texas helping people to reclaim their lives from alcohol or drugs.

For over 37 years our Texas Drug Rehabs & addiction treatment programs have been helping people to restore balance in their lives by offering Top Drug Rehabilitation Treatment Programs in Texas. Our alcohol rehabs & drug rehabs help create the change needed to help people recover from alcohol use disorders & substance use disorders.

Texas Drug Rehabs & Summer Sky Treatment Center® are one of the best drug rehabilitation programs to help you develop the gratitude you will need to make lasting changes and re-create your lives without the use of addictive substances.

Detox With Dignity™:

We don’t just talk about how to recover from substance use disorders at Summer Sky Treatment Center® we show men and women how to recover so that they can lead productive and fulfilling lives without alcohol & drugs.

You can detox with dignity in one of our medical detox programs in Texas. We offer multiple Medical Detoxification Programs to help a person to break free from the acute physical withdrawal symptoms that emerge once an individual stops or attempts to cut back their substance use.

Medical Detox & Stabilization Program (10-Day Program): $4,500.00

This is not a traditional alcohol detox or drug detox program as it allows an individual to make sure they are ready for the next step of treatment & recovery. Many people who enter medical detoxification programs are not prepared for the sobriety-based symptoms that follow being detoxified from alcohol or drugs.

The 10-day duration of medical detox helps make sure that an individual is fully detoxified to prepare the individual for more treatment, therapy, and recovery. This treatment program recognizes that the leading cause of relapse is the failure to stabilize & detoxify an individual from alcohol or drugs.

More people relapse back to addictive substances because they were not prepared to handle the sobriety-based symptoms that emerge after Acute Abstinence Syndrome (AAS) as people mistakenly believe that abstinence alone is sufficient to recover from a substance use disorder.

Summer Sky Treatment Center® Accepts Most Private Health Insurance Plans

30-Day Alcohol or Drug Treatment Programs: $8,000.00

One of the most utilized types of drug rehabilitation programs in Texas is the 30-day treatment program. More people utilize this type of addiction treatment program than all other forms of substance use disorder treatment programs.

30-day treatment programs are great for people needing quick access to drug treatment but don’t necessarily have the time to dedicate to a longer duration of treatment services. Summer Sky Treatment Center® has is including medical detoxification along with the 30-Day Texas Drug Rehabs.

60-Day Texas Drug Rehabs: $16,000.00

People need to have access to addiction treatment options™ and at Summer Sky Treatment Center® we recognized that to fully recover from a substance use disorder many people need more treatment and time to heal from years of experiencing an addiction. Some people deal with multiple co-existing disorders along with their alcohol use disorder or substance use disorder.

The 60-Day Texas Drug Rehab Program at Summer Sky recognizes the benefits of longer duration of treatment and their value in helping an individual to heal from the chronic nature of alcoholism and drug addictions. This treatment program helps individuals to get down to the causes and conditions of their alcohol or drug problem and offers practical solutions to help a person recover from their addiction.

90-Day Treatment Programs: $24,000.00

This is our “Gold Standard Addiction Treatment Program” as people who choose to utilize our 90-day treatment programs make the most impactful changes in their lives simply because it takes time to recover from a severe addiction to alcohol, prescription drugs, or other illegal substances.

People that can dedicate the extra time to complete our 90-day treatment program should seriously consider choosing to enter our 90-day treatment program. Addiction is a chronic medical illness that assaults the brain by damaging key functioning areas of the cerebral cortex and limbic system.

It takes time to help an individual effectively recover from the damage created during the addiction, and the additional time in treatment along with brain & body system healing during the first 90 days of abstinence from alcohol or drugs is an essential benefit to people in treatment.

Summer Sky Chronic Relapse Prevention Track™: $8,000.00

This addiction treatment program is designed to help people who have a “history of relapse” to learn effective ways to interrupt the relapse process. The Summer Sky Chronic Relapse Prevention Track™ will introduce specific interventions that can be utilized to interrupt and stop a relapse from occurring.

Some people may need a longer duration of treatment such as the 90-day treatment program, however, if you cannot commit to long-term treatment then consider our relapse prevention track to get you back on the path of personal recovery.

Addiction Treatment Options™:

Summer Sky is transparent with our treatment cost and pricing structures and all through the year 2022, we have worked diligently to provide residents of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, and New Mexico special rehab rates to help more people to experience affordable treatment options.

We have recently extended these same offers for treatment services for all people across the United States and will be working with other people around the United States to help more people recover from their addiction to substances.

We believe that one way we can help empower people is by providing multiple Addiction Treatment Options™ so that you and your family can choose a rehab program that is best for your situation, not to mention everyone does like to save on the cost of treatment services.

Summer Sky Treatment Center® Overview of Treatment Services:

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