Texas Drug Rehabs Grapevine

Texas Drug Rehabs Grapevine

For more than 37 years Summer Sky has helped people living in Grapevine, Texas to recover from substance use disorders. Summer Sky is a leading Texas drug rehab & alcohol rehab center providing a wide range of addiction-related services. If you are dealing with addiction or suffering from the consequences of a substance use disorder, we can help you with medical detox or substance use disorder treatment. Our rehab programs have been involved in the advancement of treatment by utilizing evidence-based treatment best practices.

Summer Sky has successfully demonstrated that addictions are clearly treatable. Summer Sky offers substance use disorder treatment that is based on years of research and development of addiction treatment & therapy to help and improve the lives of thousands of people living in the Grapevine & Dallas-Fort Worth region of the State of Texas. If you or a loved one needs detox or drug rehab services, then contact our Texas drug rehab today and we will explore all Addiction Treatment Options to help you become free from addiction-related problems.

What Makes Treatment Effective?

Texas drug rehab programs are among some of the most effective treatment programs in the United States. Drug & alcohol treatment programs provide effective intervention & therapy services. Summer Sky can help you with choosing the right rehab service while matching you to the best type of level of care or treatment that will increase the likelihood of you being successful in recovery.

The reality is that treatment is more effective when an individual is matched to the most appropriate level of care. This process usually begins with a screening process followed by an assessment to determine the correct level of care an individual will need to receive the most appropriate level of care of treatment services. Discussing the various types of treatment programs available with a treatment provider is a good idea before choosing a treatment program to attend for treatment services.

It is recommended that an individual or family call a treatment organization and talk with the admissions department to get a true idea of the available types of treatment services that are offered by a treatment organization. Spending a little time talking with an admissions department will help you or your family in the process of selecting the right type of treatment program.

A more informed individual is more likely to be more committed to the treatment process. Contacting and discussing treatment options will only enhance an individual’s knowledge of treatment services and provide more insight regarding the expectations of the treatment process.

When choosing a treatment program always ask if the treatment program is accredited by a third-party organization. This is important because only certain Texas Drug Rehabs are accredited facilities. Treatment programs that are accredited must provide a higher level of treatment services to consumers. Addiction Treatment Providers that offer accreditation services to the individuals they serve are required to maintain evidence-based treatment services to consumers.

Texas drug rehabs that offer multiple therapeutic approaches to treating substance use disorders are the most effective types of treatment programs. These treatment programs are aware that people are different, everyone has unique needs and what works for one individual may not be appropriate for the next individual. Offering multiple therapeutic approaches during treatment gives an individual a choice in what direction they want to head toward solving their addiction problems.

What Substance Use Disorder Treatment Setting is most Effective?

Since there are multiple levels of care for substance use disorder treatment services there are different types of settings available for individuals requiring substance use disorder treatment. Treatment providers will match an individual to the least restrictive type of treatment for an individual’s medical, psychological and social situation.

More intensive levels of care of treatment will be reserved for more severe substance use disorders. An example of a more intensive level of substance use disorder treatment would be someone that requires medical detoxification or inpatient treatment services. These individuals require more medical monitoring and medical attention in the beginning phases of treatment services.

Some individuals may require longer lengths of treatment services than others and this is discussed with an individual when they design their treatment plans during the initial phase of treatment services. The most common treatment settings are listed below.


Matching an Individual to the Treatment Setting

Discovering which treatment setting is best for your individual situation is important and Summer Sky Treatment Center can help you with this process. We can provide consultation with you or a loved one to discuss the available addiction treatment options available.

This is a cost-free service aimed at educating, informing, and helping people living in Grapevine, Texas, and the Greater Dallas-Fort Worth Region of Texas. We believe that when a community is informed of all available treatment options then an individual and family will make better choices when seeking addiction treatment services. To access this service an individual can contact our admissions department at 1-888-857-8857 to discuss the treatment settings available.

Points to Consider Regarding Treatment Settings

No single treatment is appropriate for every individual. There are so many things that an individual needs to consider when choosing a treatment setting to receive treatment services. The below points and questions are important to consider when seeking substance use disorder treatment.

Key Points

  • Does the treatment center offer a psychological evaluation?
  • Does the treatment program offer a family program?
  • Is the drug rehab program licensed and accredited by third-party agencies?
  • Does the addiction facility accept my health insurance or offer the ability to pay privately?
  • Does the treatment facility offer multiple therapeutic approaches during treatment?
  • Does the treatment provider accept people with co-existing disorders?
  • If someone discovers they need more time during treatment can the treatment provider accommodate this request?
  • Do I have access to medical detox if I need this service?

When seeking treatment, a program will perform an evaluation process that will include psychological, social, and physiological signs and symptoms of alcohol and other drug use. This will help in determining which treatment setting is best for an individual in need of substance use disorder treatment.

Some other considerations that a treatment provider will focus on during the evaluation process will be to identify any co-existing conditions that will require assistance in the area of medical or psychiatric treatment services. Some needs are more critical than others and may require immediate assistance before other problems or needs can be addressed.

An example would be medical detoxification may need to take place before any other treatment setting will be effectively utilized. So, therefore, seeking detox services may be the first requirement to treat a person’s addiction. Another important consideration is matching the treatment setting, treatment therapies offered, and specialty problems or issues that need to be addressed during treatment.

Our admissions department at Summer Sky Treatment Center® can help you with this process which is helpful in making an informed decision about treatment services. Our admissions department will help fit you into the correct treatment setting that will help you get the most benefit from treatment services.

Choosing the right treatment setting will help you become successful in treatment and after treatment is completed. Matching an individual to the correct type of treatment will help the individual to return to productive living as well as help an individual to participate in family life after discharge from treatment.

Family Program

It is always a good idea to seek treatment at a Texas Drug Rehab Program that offers a family program to help with the healing process and family relations as a result of addiction. While it is extremely important for the individual to receive treatment, a family will need to be educated about addictions and the recovery process so that they can be a part of the support system for the individual receiving treatment and entering recovery. Treatment programs that offer a family component are more comprehensive in dealing with substance use disorders.

Environmental Influences

In many cases, an individual will need to seek treatment away from the primary environmental influences that expose an individual to internal and external exposure to a desire to use addictive substances. Since substance use disorders affect a person’s biological, psychological and social areas of their life it makes sense to seek treatment away from the area that is most likely to cause temptations to use during the initial stages of treatment. Those that remove temptations by entering a drug rehab away from their familiar place of drinking or using will give themselves the advantage of being able to focus on treatment with minimal distractions.

Effective Treatment

Treatment that is effective will take into consideration the multiple needs associated with the individual as well as his or her drug usage and how it has impacted the individual and those around them. To make sure that our treatment program is effective Summer Sky will address the individuals drinking and drug usage and we will focus on medical, psychological, social, and vocational issues as well as any legal issues impacted by addiction. Summer Sky will help an individual explore and look at all areas of her life that have been impacted by addiction. Finding solutions and helping a person recover is one of our main goals during the treatment process.

When contacting a Texas Drug Rehab Program always ask questions about the treatment program and discuss your individual situation with the admissions department when you call to inquire about their treatment programs available. There is a lot that can be learned about the various types of treatment programs offered by a treatment provider. There are multiple levels of care of treatment services offered by most treatment programs. Examples of the different levels of treatment would be medical detox, inpatient treatment, residential treatment, partial hospitalization treatment programs, and intensive outpatient treatment programs. All these types of treatment programs are designed to interrupt the cycle of addiction and provide treatment to the individual needing drug rehab services.

Medical Detoxification Treatment      

Medical Detox is a level of care for treatment services. Medical detox is a higher level of intensity of treatment services that are designed in a manner to relieve an individual who experiences withdrawal symptoms when they attempt to stop using addictive substances. Many people require detox before they can participate in any form of substance use disorder treatment services. Other levels of care of treatment are inpatient treatment, residential treatment, and intensive outpatient treatment services. All these levels of care are important in helping people become successful in treatment.

Choosing the Correct Level of Care

While it’s important to choose the correct level of care or treatment this process does not have to be done alone. Summer Sky can help you choose the correct level of treatment services for your individual needs. Our admissions department is available 24 hours a day 7-days a week to answer questions by phone or schedule an admission into one of our Texas Drug Rehabs.

The goal of our treatment programs is to make sure the care you receive will keep you safe, while also placing you in the least intensive level of care to help avoid unnecessary or wasteful treatment time. We desire for people to be placed in the most appropriate level of care so that each individual can benefit from the right type of treatment for their individual needs.

The Screening Process

The screening process is important for those needing alcohol or drug treatment. This process will help determine who is appropriate and eligible for admission into our Texas Drug Rehabs. You can discuss with our admissions department your individual situation and needs. We can provide a phone evaluation and if you meet the criteria for admission into one of our rehab programs then we will schedule an admission into one of our treatment programs.

During the onsite evaluation, we will evaluate your needs even further to determine what psychological services and social and physiological symptoms of alcohol or other drugs will need to be addressed during treatment. If we determine that you do not meet the criteria for admission into one of the drug rehabs, we will make an appropriate referral to services that can help meet your needs.

Co-Existing Conditions

Many people who require treatment also have co-existing medical conditions along with their alcohol or drug problems. Some are medical, psychiatric, and physical related conditions. We can help with most co-existing conditions since we provide a full-service medical detox facility and an inpatient treatment center that offers 24-hour medical care along with our drug rehab programs.

We can accommodate most co-existing conditions while in our treatment programs. In some situations, we may need to provide additional professional assessments and or services during the treatment process. We will help to arrange for access to additional treatment services.

Summer Sky is Licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services

In Texas facilities that provide substance use disorder treatment must be licensed by the State of Texas. There are laws, regulations, and policies that govern an alcohol and drug treatment program to protect the consumer. We adhere to all applicable laws, regulations, and policies that govern substance use disorder treatment programs. Providing safe and effective treatment is at the heart of our substance use disorder treatment programs.

Summer Sky is Accredited by The Joint Commission

Summer Sky is accredited by The Joint Commission and has earned the Gold Seal of Approval® which indicates that we are dedicated to improving healthcare quality and safety at our Texas Drug Rehabs. Our dedication to patient safety and providing quality alcohol and drug treatment care is at the forefront of all we do at Summer Sky. Every time an individual living in Grapevine, Texas chooses to receive treatment at one of our treatment programs they will have the benefit of being provided a higher level of treatment services because of The Joint Commission status.

Do you need Addiction-Related Treatment Today?

If you are living in Grapevine, Texas, a suburb of Dallas-Fort Worth, or anywhere else in the State of Texas then give our admissions department a call today. We are available 24 hours a day 7-days a week to help people with substance-related disorders and addiction-related problems. You can contact us by calling our admissions department at 1-888-857-8857.

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