Texas Drug Rehabs Grand Prairie

Texas Drug Rehabs Grand Prairie

When alcohol or drugs are overwhelming a person’s life, the individual experiencing either an alcohol problem or a substance-related problem often describe that they are feeling incapable of stopping the substances they are putting into their bodies. They will sometimes explain that it is very difficult to stop using their addictive substances because of an overpowering desire or urge to continue to use the addictive substances despite knowing they are experiencing various negative consequence related to either their health, mind, relationships, and changes in their behaviors.

This can be a very frustrating experience, and individuals are often wondering what they can do to stop their desire to keep drinking alcohol or using drugs. There is a way to change this reality, and it begins by reaching out and asking for help from a Texas Drug Rehab Program. For those living in Grand Prairie, Texas or the surrounding Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex there is a Texas Drug Rehab named Summer Sky that is helping men and women to find freedom from substance-related problems. Summer Sky operates several different drug rehab programs that offer different levels of care for addiction treatment services. Summer Sky is a solution-based treatment center that goes out of their way to help people that are dealing with a substance use disorder find hope and recovery from alcohol or drugs.

Texas Drug Rehab with History of Success

Summer Sky has been helping men and women for over 34-years who are living in Grand Prairie, Texas. Many of these individuals needed medical detoxification, inpatient treatment, residential treatment, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient treatment services. Summer Sky has been providing these services to those living in Grand Prairie and the surrounding Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex for years. Today many people travel to our main campus located in Stephenville, Texas, for more advanced drug rehabilitation services. Others attend our Addison, Texas, and Dallas Intensive Outpatient Treatment Programs. Summer Sky is a unique addiction treatment center that has successfully treated over 20,000 people who were dependent on either alcohol or drugs over the years.

One of our founders Al Conlan was instrumental in helping create and develop the Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor or more commonly referred to as an LCDC. The LCDC is a counselor who specializes in treating individuals who have either a substance misuse issue, substance use disorders, substance dependence, or chemical dependency problems. In addition to advancing our addiction profession in Texas, some of our staff have been awarded State and National Addiction Honors for contributing to addiction treatment and recovery. Summer Sky has been responsible for helping thousands of treatment centers across the United States to advance their treatment organizations. Our Best Practices for how to develop a treatment plan have been published in The Joint Commission Book “Documentation of Care, Treatment, or Services in Behavioral Health Care: Your Go-To Guide.” This guide helps professionals in the treatment industry to advance their treatment centers to utilizing more evidence-based practices. When you chose to attend one of our drug rehabs you will benefit from years of research and experience to help you overcome your problems-related to alcohol or drugs.

Texas Drug Rehab Solutions

If you or a loved one is struggling with either an alcohol or drug problem and you are living in Grand Prairie, Texas then give Summer Sky a call at 1-888-857-8857 and let us help guide you into the solution that will help solve your addiction-related problems. If you are living in Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex, we would love to help you at one of our Texas Drug Rehabs. People who desire to be treated for addiction are amazed at our understanding and compassionate treatment staff that is dedicated to helping men and women become free from their alcohol or drug problems. Our treatment programs are designed to be solution-based, and as a result, we help motivate people to recover from their addictions to substances. During treatment at our rehab programs, you will develop a comprehensive treatment plan that will consider the health of your whole being. We understand that helping a person to heal their body, mind and social relationships is the beginning of a life in recovery and while in treatment you will have an opportunity to begin this process so that you can learn to live in a manner that helps you stay in the solution of recovery.

Separation from Alcohol or Drugs Utilizing Medical Detox

One of the great things about Summer Sky is our state-of-the-art medical detoxification programs that help individuals to separate from their addictive substances. Since part of the problem with addictions is eliminating the toxic chemical from one’s body, Summer Sky places a great emphasis on medical detoxification or more commonly referred to as detox. Detox by itself is not treatment but a component of comprehensive treatment to solving a person’s addiction problems. The best way to view medical detox is to view it as the first procedure for treating the medical side of the addiction. Once a person has completed medical detox, then they are more prepared to deal with the psychological aspect of treating their addictions in the inpatient treatment. If you need medical detox from any physically addictive substance our onsite medical detox center can help you start the process of treatment.

Transportation to Medical Detox Program

If you are living in Grand Prairie, Texas and need treatment and cannot get help traveling to our medical detox program, don’t risk getting in a car and taking an added risk of driving while under the influences of an addictive substance. Contact our admissions department, and we can help you arrange transportation to the medical detox program. Just mention you need this service at the time you call to schedule your admission into our detox program. Your safety is the most important aspect of getting you the help you need. We can arrange for transportation for those who need assistance with this issue.

We Provide Treatment for all Substance Use Disorders at Summer Sky

Summer Sky is known as one of the Best Texas Drug Rehabs; we specialize in the treatment of all substance use disorders. There is no addiction or drug that we cannot help you recover from at our drug rehab facilities. While every substance is unique and different, the treatment is designed to meet people exactly where they are in the process of addiction. Addictions are progressive by their very nature, and people progress through treatment at different speeds and times. We have developed different addiction treatment options to help accommodate the varying degrees of needs that people have with substance use disorders. You can contact our admissions department to discuss the different treatment programs that we provide and discuss the criteria for admission into these different drug rehab programs. Below is an overview of some of the drug rehab programs we provide.

Overview of Drug Rehab Programs

To get help today!

You can contact our admissions department 24-hours a day 7-days a week, and your call is confidential to reach us begin by calling us at 1-888-857-8857 to arrange an admission into one of Texas Drug Rehab Programs.

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