Texas Drug Rehabs Denton

Texas Drug Rehabs Denton

Do you live in Denton, Texas, and need help with an alcohol or drug problem? If you are struggling with a problem related to alcohol, prescription medications or illegal drugs then consider reaching out for help from a Texas drug rehab. Summer Sky Treatment Center® has been helping men and women living in Denton, Texas for over 37 years. Our substance use disorder treatment programs are among the most effective Texas Drug Rehabs in Texas.

Texas drug rehabs are designed to intervene in a person’s addiction or dependence that has developed because of using alcohol or drugs. Many people are not even aware that alcohol rehabs & drug rehabs are available to help them break free from an addictive substance.

Summer Sky Treatment Center® is among the best Texas drug rehabs and offers many different addiction treatment options to help residents of Denton, Texas with their alcohol or drug problems. Summer Sky has been helping people living in Denton, Texas with their addiction treatment needs since 1985. We can show you how to become alcohol or drug-free from any addictive substance. Our alcohol & drug rehabs are designed to meet an individual exactly where they are in the addictive process.

Texas Drug Rehab Medical Detoxification

The reality is that a large segment of the population who become addicted to alcohol, prescription drugs, or certain illegal substances will require medical detoxification services. People who misuse substances pass from an experiential phase of ingesting substances into their bodies to developing a dependence or more commonly referred to as a substance use disorder.

Once this takes place the body develops a physiological dependence on an addictive substance. These individuals will require a Texas drug rehab that offers medical detoxification to remove the substance safely from their bodies. Summer Sky does offer medical detox to individuals that have developed physiological dependence on alcohol, prescription medications, or other illegal substances.

Texas Drug Rehab Inpatient Treatment

Some people who request help from a Texas drug rehab will need more focused attention during the initial stages of becoming alcohol or drug-free. Inpatient treatment programs are helpful to people that need this extra 24-hour care. Once a person enters medical detox sometimes stepping down into an inpatient treatment level of care is the next logical course of action to ensure that the individual is safe and stable from their substance use disorder.

Inpatient treatment often involves continued medical monitoring of withdrawal symptoms and medication management along with the usage of addiction medications, counseling & therapy services. Summer Sky does provide several inpatient treatment options for people with substance use disorders.

Texas Drug Rehab Residential Treatment Programs

Several types of Texas drug rehabs offer residential treatment programs. In Texas, there is the 30-day alcohol & drug rehab, 60-day alcohol & drug rehab, or 90-day alcohol & drug rehab. Each residential treatment program is designed to offer more time to treat the whole person.

Treatment is not one-dimensional and everyone has different needs when it comes to recognizing their problems as they are related to the damage that has been caused by a substance use disorder. Some people will require additional time to improve areas of their life that have been impacted by a substance use disorder. Summer Sky offers 30, 60, & 90-day rehab programs.

Alcohol & Drug Addictions

Alcohol and Drug Addiction affects individuals and families in many ways. One of the most noticed signs and symptoms that a person experiences when they have a problem with alcohol or drugs is the individual’s inability to stop using an addictive substance followed by repeated attempts to cut down and control the amount of a substance that they are ingesting into their bodies.

These individuals are locked into a repeated cycle of attempting to control their usage of substances. The people closest to the individual with the alcohol or drug problem are often surprised that the individual does not just quit using the substances that are causing disruptions to their lives. The problem is centered on the body and mind of these individuals that have become addicted to substances.

Drug addiction is a medical condition that is characterized by biological, psychological, and social disruptions because of powerful addictive substances being ingested into the body system. The brain chemistry is altered by the repeated usage of the addictive substance. These disruptions affect the individual internally and externally. Once an addiction is established then the only solution is getting treatment for the medical condition.

Summer Sky Helps People Living in Denton, Texas

If you are living in Denton, Texas some great intensive outpatient treatment programs are available for those with mild to moderate addiction problems. For those with more severe substance use disorders, there are more Advanced Texas Drug Rehabs available to those living in the Denton, Texas region that help individuals and families that are dealing with addiction problems. Summer Sky Treatment Center® offers Texas Drug Rehabs that can help individuals with a mild, moderate, or severe addiction to substances. Summer Sky has been helping residents of Denton, Texas for over 37 years to restore their lives to health. Our Texas Drug Rehabs are among the best drug rehabs in Texas.

Summer Sky Addiction Treatment Options™

Summer Sky believes that those who are living in Denton, Texas, and across the State of Texas deserve to have different addiction treatment options to treat their substance use disorders. We have developed some of the most innovative addiction drug rehabs to help people with their substance-related problems. Our Texas drug rehabs and addiction treatment programs are designed to offer the most advanced addiction treatment services available to those with a substance use disorder.

Our drug rehab programs are licensed by the State of Texas and accredited by The Joint Commission. When individuals choose our Summer Sky Addiction Treatment Options™ we believe that individuals are given a better opportunity to become successful at treatment and therefore increase the likelihood that they will remain sober after completing treatment.

Summer Sky Medical Detoxification Programs

Medical Detoxification is an important component of addiction treatment programs. It is important to note that facilities that offer on-site medical detox units that are staffed 24 hours a day 7-days a week are well equipped to help people that need medical detoxification services. The Summer Sky Medical Detoxification Program is available 24 hours a day 7-days a week for those living in Denton, Texas, and the surrounding Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

Our medical detox program can help people with substance-related disorders. We accept individuals seeking medical detox as well as patients just released from emergency rooms, acute care clinics, and hospitals. If you or a loved one needs medical detox, we can help you achieve the goal of becoming chemical-free from an addictive substance.

Withdrawal Symptoms

When a person stops taking physically addictive substances into their body, they must enter medical detoxification quickly. The withdrawal symptoms that show up once a person stops an addictive substance can be dangerous without proper medical detox care.

Summer Sky does offer a medical detoxification & stabilization program for more severe situations with physically addictive substances. If you need immediate medical detoxification then you can contact our admissions department at 1-888-857-8857 to arrange for admission into either our Detox Program, Detox Now Program™, or our Medical Detoxification & Stabilization Program.

30-Day Alcohol or Drug Rehab Programs

The most popular type of drug rehab program is the 30-day drug rehab. It is the most utilized type of drug rehab program in Texas and throughout the United States. People attend these types of drug rehab programs because they have been around the longest compared to other types of treatment programs.

These types of treatment programs are designed to help people with clinically significant impairments that disrupt the areas of a person’s health, relationships, or social function, and help with struggles related to voluntary control over their substance use.

Since a substance use disorder is considered a medical condition. There is a great emphasis placed on making sure an individual is treated physically, psychosocially, and behaviorally during treatment. An individual that attends this type of treatment usually participates in individualized counseling, educational groups, group therapy, life skills training, relapse prevention therapy, and educational groups while in treatment.

30-Day alcohol or drug rehab programs do provide a place for the individual to live in the treatment program 24 hours a day and 7-days a week so that the individual is safe and protected from outside stress, and temptations to return to substances while simultaneously helping the individual in treatment to address physical, psychological, and behavioral changes.

Substance use disorders are treated and monitored by medical staff during treatment. It is important to point out that not all 30-day treatment programs offer 24-hour medical staff at their facilities. However, Summer Sky does offer this type of oversight for the safety of all individuals who enter the Summer Sky 30-Day Treatment Programs.

Substance Use Disorder Treatment

Substance use disorder treatment is effective for people who suffer from an addiction to either alcohol or drugs. While there are different severity levels of physical, psychological, and social disruptions the reality is the quicker a person identifies their problem with a substance use disorder and seeks help for their problem the better the outcome of treatment. By promptly entering treatment an individual can avoid unnecessary consequences created by their continued usage of substances.

The severity level will be determined by an evaluation and assessment process that is usually performed by a medical doctor, substance use disorder counselors, and other professional counselors. The three severity levels are mild, moderate, and severe. Most people that are diagnosed with moderate and severe substance use disorders are the best candidates for a 30-day treatment program.

60-Day Drug Rehab Programs

The 60-day drug rehab is a newer type of treatment program that is designed for people that need more than a 30-day treatment program. The primary purpose of a 60-day rehab is to provide more time for the healing of the brain chemistry associated with people with substance use disorders. Sometimes people just need more time to heal before they are discharged from a treatment program.

Not everyone has the same problems, issues, or difficulties with their substance use disorders. An example is some people experience post-acute withdrawal symptoms that are more severe than others. Seeking help in a 60-day drug rehab program will help to teach a person more skills to address this issue and provide more solutions to help prevent a relapse in the future.

The Summer Sky 60-Day Drug Rehabs are an advantage over a 30-day rehab because it allows a person more time to examine and find solutions that are related to the causes and conditions that keep an individual engaged in their substance use disorders. People often report that the extra time was needed for them to properly heal from their addiction before returning home to start their new life in recovery.

We have found that people that have co-occurring medical conditions or additional psychological disorders along with a substance use disorder do benefit from 60-day drug rehab. The additional time in treatment helps with establishing more balance and healing with other conditions simultaneously.

People with trauma, PTSD, diabetes, chronic pain problems, and a history of previous relapses all benefit from the extra time in treatment that a 60-day rehab will provide. Overall a 60-day treatment program will provide an individual with the proper time to work on their identified problems along with providing more time to heal the brain chemistry that was disrupted from their use of addictive substances.

90-Day Treatment Programs

The “Gold Standard of Addiction Treatment” is the 90-day treatment program. This type of treatment program is recognized as the most advanced type of treatment program for the treatment of substance use disorders. More people are requesting 90-day treatment programs because they recognize the chronic nature of substance use disorders along with the scientific findings of brain health healing with an addiction to either alcohol or drugs. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) recommends that those who can participate in a 90-day treatment will benefit more from a minimum of 90-days or more of treatment services, than any other type of treatment.

This makes the 90-day treatment program more attractive to people with substance use disorders. Summer Sky offers a very robust 90-day treatment program and recommends anyone that has had two or more prior 30-day treatment episodes in the preceding 5-year period to consider attending one of our 90-day treatment programs. To inquire about this type of treatment program contact Summer Sky at 1-888-857-8857.

Do you need help now?

Do you or a loved one living in Denton, Texas, or any other city in the State of Texas need help with either alcohol or drugs? If you need a Texas Drug Rehab Program, then give our admissions depart a call at 1-888-857-8857. We are open 24 hours a day 7-days a week.

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