Texas Drug Rehabs College Station

Texas Drug Rehabs College Station

Do you or a loved one need to break free from an addiction to either alcohol or drugs? If you have been struggling to become free from any addiction, then contact Summer Sky, a Texas Drug Rehab that provides addiction treatment to those living in the Bryan-College Station metropolitan area.

Summer Sky is a National Substance Use Disorder Treatment Center located 2 h 54 min (179.0 mi) via Hwy 6 N and Hwy 6 N to a small Texas town named Stephenville, Texas. Our Texas Drug Rehabs have been helping men and women living in College Station for over 37 years.

Do you need medical detoxification, and do you live in College Station, Texas?

Our Texas-based Medical Detoxification Facility is designed to help those that have developed an addiction to either alcohol or drugs. The Summer Sky Detox Now Program™ is for those that need immediate detox from any addictive substance. When a person desires to become free from a physically addictive substance, they often need medical detox now. If you live in the Bryan-College Station metropolitan area and you are someone that needs detox today, then give us a call at 1-888-857-8857, and we can schedule your admission into our detox program today.


When a person is attempting to stop using either alcohol or drugs, they often discover that they experience withdrawal symptoms when they attempt to stop using substances on their own. Our detox programs will help a person to break free from the substance that has been causing physical harm to their body system.

Our detox programs provide a set of medical interventions aimed at managing the acute intoxication and withdrawal symptoms experienced when a person stops using an addictive substance. Removing the addictive substance involves clearing the toxin from the body through the detoxification process.

Many addictive substances are dangerous to stop using without medical detoxification. We provide the needed safety and comfort to help someone become free from their addiction. The Summer Sky Detox Now Program™ is operated with a 24-hour-a-day medical team that is trained in proper medical detox protocols.

Our detox programs only use FDA-approved medications and Evidence-Based Best Practices in our treatment and detox programs. Our Detox Programs are open 24 hours a day 7-days a week, so if you need detox today and you live in the College Station area, give our admissions department a call at 1-888-857-8857.

Inpatient Treatment for College Station Residents

Once medical detox is completed, individuals normally transition into one of our inpatient treatment programs. Inpatient treatment will help to educate a person on the needed skills to remain either alcohol or drug-free as they move toward personal recovery.

Inpatient treatment is necessary to learn sober life skills, develop a recovery plan, learn relapse prevention techniques, and address underlying issues that contribute to a person’s alcohol or drug usage. In addition to psychological therapy, people in inpatient treatment are given time to heal physically, psychologically, and socially from the damage created by their addictions.

30-Day Treatment Programs

Some people elect to attend our 30-Day Treatment programs, which are the most popular model of inpatient treatment in the State of Texas. Our 30-day drug rehab programs are comprehensive treatment programs that allow the necessary time to begin the healing process with someone who has an addiction to substances.

30-Day Treatment Programs, along with medical detoxification address all acute care issues of a personal addiction to substances. For people with more severe alcohol or drug problems, our 90-Day Treatment Programs are also available for more severe substance use disorders.

90-Day Treatment Programs

Summer Sky offers a more robust treatment for those that have severe addiction-related problems. Our 90-Day Treatment Programs are the “Gold Standard” of addiction treatment. There are advantages to attending our 90-day treatment programs. 90-day addiction treatment programs are designed to allow a person the proper time to heal during their 90-day treatment stay in our treatment programs.

Individuals are given the time to deal with psychological issues, reset the brain chemistry that has been damaged by their addictions, and learn more skills to address post-acute withdrawal symptoms that often contribute to relapses. When a person completes our 90-day treatment program, they are more prepared to face recovery as they discharge back into the College Station Community.

To learn more about our 90-day treatment programs discuss at the time of your call to schedule an admission into one of our treatment programs. Our Texas Drug Rehabs are among the best drug rehab programs in the State of Texas.

Summer Sky is Licensed and Accredited

Our Texas Drug Rehab Programs are licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) and accredited by The Joint Commission. We have earned The Joint Commission Golden Seal of Approval™, and we are a preferred provider for most health insurance plans.

For those that need to pay for treatment privately, we have some great affordable rates for individuals paying privately. Our Summer Sky Addiction Treatment Options™ allows for different options for individuals and families to choose more treatment options to fit their personal desires.

People living in the Bryan-College Station metropolitan area have restored their lives back to health by utilizing our addiction treatment programs since 1985, and if you are struggling with either alcohol or drugs, give yourself a new beginning by reaching out for help today. Our innovative approach to treating people with either alcohol or drug problems is nationally known throughout the United States. Simply stated, we help people reclaim their lives in our drug rehab programs.

What Treatment Programs does Summer Sky Offer?

We welcome those individuals living in College Station, Texas, and the surrounding region into our drug rehab programs. It’s no secret that individuals, families, employers, medical doctors, counselors, and the recovering community refer people to our drug rehab programs on a monthly basis.

We have developed trust in the College Station, Texas Community because of our results-based treatment programs. When you need treatment, the expectation is that an individual will go to treatment and return to the community prepared to meet the challenges of a life in recovery.

Summer Sky is committed to helping people with substance use disorder recover from their addictions. Summer Sky offers medical detoxification programs, inpatient treatment programs, 30-day rehab programs, 60-day treatment programs, 90-day rehab programs, and specialized addiction treatment programs for anyone living in the Bryan-College Station metropolitan area who meet the criteria for admission into our rehab programs.

Do you need help today?

If you or a loved one needs help today, you can reach out to our Texas Drug Rehab by calling our admissions department at 1-888-857-8857. We look forward to helping you break free from your addiction.

Helping Residents of College Station, Texas for Over 37 years

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