Texas Drug Rehabs Balch Springs

Texas Drug Rehabs Balch Springs

We are helping individuals living in Balch Springs, Texas, and across our great state to break free from their alcohol addictions and drug addictions daily. We are passionate about helping people change their lives from addiction to recovery. Our Texas Drug Rehabs are making a difference in the lives of individuals and families in need of substance use disorder treatment programs.

What is the purpose of a Texas Drug Rehab Program?

Texas Drug Rehab Programs are designed to help people who have become addicted to any mood-or mind-altering substance that is interfering with an individual’s ability to function in a healthy manner physically, psychologically, or socially. The purpose of a Texas drug rehab program is to help a person to stop using addictive substances and help them restore balance back into their lives.

This is accomplished by utilizing an evidence-based treatment program to help a person to become substance-free. Addiction is a medical condition that can be treated by entering an alcohol or drug treatment program. When you choose one of our Texas Drug Rehabs we will help you break free from your addiction to substances.

Summer Sky a Texas-Based Alcohol & Drug Rehab

Summer Sky offers a full range of alcohol & drug rehab treatment options to help a person who may be at a different stage of the addiction process. Since addiction is a progressive illness that progresses in severity levels the treatment is different for everyone. People are matched to the most appropriate type of treatment program that will get the best results for an individual situation. For this reason, it is important that an individual enters treatment at the correct level of treatment that meets their individual needs. Below is a list of alcohol & drug rehab levels of care and treatment options for your consideration.

Alcohol & Drug Rehab Treatment Programs

Individuals from across Texas utilize our alcohol & drug rehab treatment programs daily. We have helped people living in Balch Springs, Texas, or the surrounding communities of Zipp City, Five Points, Jonesville, and Triangle over the years. Thousands of people from the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex have reached out for help and become free from alcohol or drugs by entering our treatment programs.

We help individuals, families, and communities from across Texas who need help with substance use-related problems. Summer Sky offers a variety of alcohol & drug rehab treatment programs and some of our most popular types of addiction treatment programs are listed below.

Texas Alcohol & Drug Rehabs for Texans for Over 37 years!

Medical Detoxification (Detox Now™)

The reality is some people will require medical detoxification services in order to become alcohol or drug-free from an addictive substance. These individuals will either utilize our alcohol detoxification or drug detoxification services to eliminate the harmful addictive substances from their bodies. Medical detoxification is critical for those who need detox services.

Many substances like alcohol, prescription medications, and illegal substances require detox before a person can participate in any other treatment program. Detox for these individuals is key to becoming addiction-free, however, once detox is completed, they can successfully participate in other levels of care or treatment services. Summer Sky offers a full range of detox options for people who need detoxification services. Our medical detox facility can help a person detoxify from any physically addictive substance.

Inpatient Alcohol Treatment or Inpatient Drug Treatment

Many people will require 24-hour medical and psychological monitoring during the initial stages of becoming addiction-free from addictive substances. Entering inpatient treatment eliminates the immediate temptations of returning to addictive substances and helps a person begin looking at solutions to help them remain addiction-free.

Inpatient alcohol treatment programs or inpatient drug treatment programs will help an individual to focus on designing treatment plans and examining the causes and conditions of a substance use disorder along with developing practical solutions to recover from a substance use disorder. Inpatient treatment programs are highly effective at treating a person’s addiction to a substance. There are several different inpatient treatment options available at Summer Sky that can help you recover from an addiction.

Residential Alcohol Treatment Programs & Residential Drug Treatment Programs

One of the most popular types of treatment programs is the residential alcohol or residential drug treatment program. More people choose to attend residential treatment programs because they are more comprehensive in their approach to treating a substance use disorder. Residential treatment is a holistic approach that takes into consideration the healing of the physical, psychological and social needs of a person with an addiction. There are 30, 60, and 90-day alcohol & drug treatment options for those needing residential treatment services. Summer Sky does provide all three of these types of addiction treatment options.

Partial Hospitalization Treatment Programs (Day Treatment Programs)

Most people utilize this type of treatment program as a step-down treatment program after completing medical detox, inpatient treatment, or a residential treatment program. It is a less intense treatment option of treatment; however, it does allow people to continue with addiction treatment and still participate in normal functions of a person’s daily life.

An individual that is highly motivated and stable from their addiction and not experiencing physical or psychological cravings or temptations to use a substance is ideal for this level of treatment services. Partial Hospitalization Treatment can be utilized during the day for treatment services.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment Programs

The intensive outpatient treatment program can be utilized as a first-time treatment service or as a transitional treatment approach for someone who still needs treatment and guidance in personal recovery. A high motivation to participate in personal recovery is needed as an individual will need to be responsible and self-disciplined to attend all treatment groups during this type of treatment.

People that are actively experiencing physical cravings, acute withdrawal symptoms, or cannot maintain abstinence from addictive substances will need to consider a higher level of treatment like medical detox, inpatient treatment, or residential treatment services.

Summer Sky Offers Additional Special Features of Treatment

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Helping Residents of Balch Springs, Texas for Over 37 years

Need Immediate Help Now?

Summer Sky is available 24 hours a day 7-days a week to help! To discuss treatment options, contact our confidential treatment line to discuss addiction treatment options. We can be reached by calling our admissions department at 1-888-857-8857.

Providing Substance Use Disorder Treatment & Addiction Rehabs in Texas for Over 37 years!

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