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Texas Drug Rehabs Austin – Substance Abuse Programs in Austin Texas


Summer Sky Treatment Center is one of the top Texas Drug Rehabs that serves the Austin, Georgetown, Round Rock, and Cedar Park area. We have been helping men and women find personal recovery from alcohol and drugs since 1985. Our Texas drug rehabilitation centers have helped over 20,000 people in 34-years receive alcohol and drug treatment. Our national alcohol and drug rehab programs include medical detoxification, 30-day residential treatment centers, 90-day residential treatment centers, partial hospitalization programs, and intensive outpatient treatment programs.

Medical Detoxification

Many people with either an alcohol or drug problem will require medical detoxification. Detox is the process of removing an addictive substance from the body system. Our detox programs are designed to help those who have become physically addicted to a mood-altering substance. Since a substance use disorder is a medical illness characterized by clinically significant impairments in health, social function and voluntary control over substance use, it is important that an individual eliminate the toxic substances from the body. Detox is the first step in stopping the progression of a substance use disorder.

The Summer Sky Detox Now Program™ is a comprehensive detoxification program aimed at managing the associated withdrawal symptoms that emerge once a person begins to stop using an addictive substance. Our medical team of nurses and doctors work with the individual needing detox to manage the acute effects of an individual’s addiction. The goal is to safely remove the substance from the body while also making sure the individual is comfortable during the detox process. If you are living in the Austin-Round Rock metropolitan area and need medical detoxification then please contact our admissions department and they will help schedule a time to enter our detox program.

30-Day Residential Treatment Centers for Austin, Texas Residents

Summer Sky offers 30-Day Residential Treatment Centers for males and females who have a substance use disorder. Our 30-Day Residential Treatment Programs are our most popular treatment programs. Once medical detoxification is complete many people transition into one of our 30-Day Residential Treatment Programs to continue their treatment services. 30-Day Residential Treatment Programs are effective at helping a person deal with the acute effects of their addiction to chemicals while simultaneous offering addiction counseling, therapy, educational groups, life skills training, relapse prevention planning, and group therapy during treatment. Individuals focus on healing their bodies from the damage created during the addiction and focus on recovery solutions.

90-Day Residential Treatment Centers for Austin, Texas Residents

This Drug Rehab Program is the most comprehensive treatment program that Summer Sky offers, and it is considered the “Gold Standard of Addiction Treatment” for those who need more time to heal from their addiction to substances. If you have had two or more previous 30-Day Treatment episodes in the last 5-years we strongly suggest that you consider entering one of our 90-day addiction treatment programs to explore your addiction and recovery while in the program. The more time you can dedicate to treatment the better prepared you will be for recovery in the future. The 90-day treatment program treats substance use disorders as a chronic condition and prepares individuals to face recovery.

Best Texas Drug Rehab for Austin, Texas              

Every year hundreds of individuals living in Austin, Texas choose to utilize our Texas Drug Rehabs. We have a large alumni base living in the Austin, Texas area. These men and women report to us that they are grateful that they went to Summer Sky Treatment Center to begin their treatment and learn how to stay clean and sober. Our ability to offer Medical Detoxification in our Detox Now™ Program is one thing that sets us apart from other alcohol and drug treatment programs. We offer all levels of care at one central location.


Our Texas Drug Rehab Programs is one of the premier addiction treatment destinations for those living in Austin, Texas. We are a short distance North of 183 located in a community called Stephenville, Texas. The families of those attending our treatment programs like the fact that the temptation to drink and use drugs is removed by going to treatment in an unfamiliar area away from the local alcohol and drug connections of unhealthy associations living in the Austin, Texas community.


Why Do People Leave Austin for our Treatment Centers?


Many people with substance use disorders find it difficult to get sober or clean in the area that they use alcohol or drugs because of the psychological triggers of association.


Triggers are people, places, objects, feelings and times that cause cravings to return to alcohol or drugs. Removing yourself from the mental association of unhealthy people and places helps with focusing on the treatment of a substance use disorder. Summer Sky Treatment Center helps with removing the immediate desire to return to the use of alcohol or drugs.


Many people who have come to our treatment centers from Austin, Texas report to our staff that they had the most amazing experience while in treatment at our alcohol and drug treatment programs. We focus on the core problems and offer individuals proven solutions to their addictions.


What is a Texas Drug Rehabilitation Center? A drug rehabilitation center is a facility that offers alcohol and drug treatment services to men and women with substance use disorders. A drug rehabilitation center is a place where people come for treatment to deal with an addiction and to learn ways to not return to alcohol or drugs. Many offer drug rehabilitation centers offer alcohol or drug medical detoxification at the beginning of treatment followed with residential treatment after detox.

Do you need help with either an alcohol addiction or drug addiction?

If you or a loved one is thinking about receiving alcohol or drug treatment, then give us a call at 1-888-857-8857. We would love to discuss our treatment services with you. More importantly, we want to see you succeed in personal recovery. Let us help you with breaking the cycle of addiction. Our admissions department is open 24-hours a day 7-days a week.

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