Texas Drug Rehabs Amarillo

Texas Drug Rehabs Amarillo

If you are living in Amarillo, Texas and you are looking for a Texas Drug Rehab that can help you become free from addictive substances, then consider contacting Summer Sky Treatment Center®. Summer is a Texas Drug Rehab that has been helping people living in the Amarillo area for over 37 years, and every month people travel to one of our drug rehabs to begin their recovery. Summer Sky is one of the Best Texas Drug Rehabs, and we offer many different addiction treatment options for those living in Amarillo, Texas.

Texas Drug Rehab Medical Detox Facility

Summer Sky offers several different medical detox rehab programs for people living in and around the Amarillo, Texas region of Texas. Our medical detox programs will help an individual to eliminate toxic substances while managing withdrawal symptoms that develop when a person stops using an addictive substance.

For many people who are starting treatment, it will be necessary that they enter a detox program before other forms of treatment will be effective at treating their addiction to substances. In some cases, detox will become a critical access point to treating a person’s substance use disorder.

Thousands of people enter medical detox facilities daily because it is the first component of substance use disorder treatment. Detox is considered one element of the treatment process and it is a necessary service for many people who suffer from an addiction. Detox will allow a person to become free from addiction and prepare a person to participate in treatment & ongoing recovery services.

Texas Drug Rehab & Alcohol Detox Withdrawal Signs

Many addictive substances require help with managing withdrawal symptoms. People living in Amarillo, Texas who become addicted to alcohol will want to especially consider choosing a Texas Drug Rehab that specializes in alcohol detoxification. Summer Sky Treatment Center was founded as alcohol detoxification & chemical dependency treatment program and utilizes the most updated alcohol detox protocols to help individuals safely detoxify from an alcohol use disorder.

When do alcohol withdrawal symptoms begin?

People who are addicted to alcohol can usually expect to experience acute alcohol withdrawal in about 6 to 24 hours after the individual take or her last drink. This means an individual who is drinking continually may not ever notice withdrawal symptoms because they do not allow blood alcohol concentration levels to drop much in their body because of the continued alcohol consumption.

However, those who have developed an alcohol use disorder can expect to experience some of the below acute withdrawal signs & symptoms without alcohol detoxification. We recommend a person avoid these dangerous symptoms by entering a Texas Drug Rehab that offers alcohol detoxification services. Below is a list of some of the most common withdrawal signs & symptoms.

Alcohol Withdrawal Signs & Symptoms

Restlessness Irritability Anxiety
Agitation Lack of appetite Nausea
Tremor (shakiness) Vomiting Elevated heart rate
Increased blood pressure Insomnia Intense dreaming
Nightmares Poor concentration Impaired memory
Impaired judgment Increased sensitivity to sound Increased sensitivity light
Tactile sensations Hallucinations (auditory) Hallucinations (visual)
Hallucinations (tactile) Delusions Paranoid thoughts
Grand mal seizures Loss of consciousness Brief cessation of breathing
Muscle rigidity Muscle jerking Severe confusion
Hyperthermia (high fever) Delirium Delirium tremens


Summer Sky Texas Drug Rehab & Alcohol Detox Programs

At summer Sky we take medical detoxification seriously and we want to keep you and your loved one needing detox services safe. During the detox phase of treatment, we are focused on evaluating the individual for medical-related issues, proper detox protocols, and helping an individual to become comfortable through the detox process.

The 24-hour around-the-clock medical team at Summer Sky will help to stabilize and minimize any associated withdrawal symptoms that an individual may experience. Providing a smooth transition into abstinence from alcohol or drugs is important during the detox & stabilization phase of the detox process.

Once a person is stabilized from the addictive substances, then our attention is focused on preparing an individual for readiness for entry into either one of our inpatient drug rehab programs or residential treatment programs which is normally the next most logical path an individual enters after medical detox is completed.

Texas Inpatient Alcohol or Drug Rehab Programs

Some people need more assistance and monitoring because of the severity of their addictions to substances. In these instances, our inpatient drug rehab programs are a great transition into the next phase of treatment services. Still having access to our medical staff while transitioning into the next level of treatment allows people an opportunity to begin participating in the treatment process while still monitoring medical conditions that need special attention.

Summer Sky is a comprehensive substance use disorder treatment facility that offers multiple levels of care at its main treatment campus. People living in the Amarillo or Texas Panhandle Region enjoy the fact that they can receive any level of substance use disorder treatment all in one place at Summer Sky. If you need inpatient treatment services, we provide this inpatient treatment to anyone living in Texas.

Substance Use Disorders

The destructive nature of a substance use disorder affects a person by impairing their body, mind, emotion, and soul. The nature of a substance use disorder is chronic if left untreated, and an individual will progress to more serious health-related problems without proper treatment.

However, once a person chooses to enter an addiction treatment center hope begins to be restored to their lives because of the medical and psychological treatment that is provided by an addiction treatment center. The progressive nature of a substance use disorder is stopped by entering treatment and removing the addictive substances from the person’s body.

Once a person is abstinent from their addictive substances person can focus on healing from their addiction to the substances. A person who is in a treatment center is given the opportunity to begin the process of healing from their addiction. During treatment, people make several psychological, social, and behavioral changes that help them to enter personal recovery.

Recovery is an important result of addiction treatment, without personal recovery and healing from the body, mind, and emotions that have kept a person trapped in their substance use disorder, it’s difficult to make the needed changes to sustain a life without the use of addictive substances.

When you choose to attend one of our rehabs, we will help motivate you to make the needed changes that will bring about personal recovery in your life. You are not alone during this process, and we will assist you with your individual needs so that you can adjust to a life without alcohol or drugs.

Treatment Allows Time to Reconnect

Reconnecting to your true self is important, and we realize that people are not themselves under the influence of alcohol or drugs. During treatment, you are given an opportunity to re-evaluate the direction you want to head in your own personal journey.

If you have lost hope or dreams during your addiction to substances, often people in treatment reconnect to the driving force that helps their desire to succeed in life or they re-kindle their hopes and dreams because their new sober mindset opens up the door to endless possibilities.

Rehabilitation is just as important as the treatment along with a healthy reflection and newly designed plans to reach your goals. Summer Sky will help you to design a plan that will really work for you.

Summer Sky Treatment Center Services Provided:

The above is a sample of treatment services provided to you while you are at Summer Sky Treatment Center. We utilize evidence-based practices in our treatment centers to give individuals the best treatment experience possible.

In-network Insurance Accepted and Affordable Private Pay Options

Our treatment centers are covered by most health insurance companies, and we do accept most private health plans, including HMO and PPO plans. To make sure we take your insurance, you can contact our admissions specialist, and they will check your benefits to make sure your stay is covered by your health insurance company.

The process is fast and simple, and for those that don’t have health insurance, we have affordable private pay treatment rates available. You can discuss these addiction treatment options with our admission department.

Summer Sky is a Licensed and Accredited Substance Use Disorder Facility

Summer Sky is licensed to provide Substance Use Disorder Treatment by The Texas Department of State Health Services and is accredited by The Joint Commission, and we are even a preferred provider for several insurance companies. We have earned The Joint Commission Golden Seal of Approval™ to provide substance use disorder treatment services.

Do you need help today?

If you need immediate assistance for alcohol or drug treatment, you can reach Summer Sky by contacting our admissions department 24 hours a day 7-days a week at 1-888-857-8857.

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