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Do you need a Texas Drug Rehabilitation Program?

There are many people in Texas looking for a Texas Drug Rehabilitation Program that can help them become free from either alcohol or drugs. There are different types of drug rehabilitation programs in Texas. Some of the most common rehab programs are medical detoxification programs, Inpatient rehabilitation programs, residential rehabilitation programs, partial hospitalization programs (PHP), and intensive outpatient treatment programs. All these types of drug rehab programs are designed to help people at different stages of their addictions. Some people start their treatment in a medical detox program and then transition into each of the above levels of care or treatment services. Once a person is screened for an alcohol or drug problem, then they enter the level of care or treatment that is most appropriate for their situation.

The Screening Process:

When an individual decides that they are willing to enter a drug rehabilitation program, person will go through a screening process. The screening process will help the individual determine if they are appropriate for treatment and help the individual narrow down which level of care of treatment will best be suited for their individual needs. To begin the screening process, you can contact a drug rehab program and begin the process of discussing your situation with the treatment center’s admissions department.

The screening is the process by which the individual is determined appropriate and eligible for admission into an alcohol or drug rehab program. The individual will experience a screening followed by an evaluation which will focus on psychological, social, and physiological signs and symptoms of their alcohol and drug usage. In some cases, a person may not be appropriate for admission, and at that point, they will be given an appropriate referral to another program that can help them with their situation.

Sometimes during the screening process, the admissions department will identify coexisting conditions (medical, psychiatric, physical, etc.) that will need to be treated during the alcohol or drug treatment. An example would be someone that has diabetes and an alcohol problem. This individual would be referred to a medical detox unit for safety purposes at the treatment center. Overall the screening process will help make sure you are appropriate for treatment and will give you recommendations so that you can pick which treatment level of care is best for your situation.

The Best Alcohol Rehab and Drug Rehab Programs:

Summer Sky Treatment Center® is in Stephenville and Dallas, Texas; however, people living across Texas attend our alcohol rehab or drug rehab programs. Many people choose to receive treatment from our alcohol rehab or drug rehab programs because of our innovative and specialized approach to the treatment of addiction. Our rehab programs place a special focus on helping individuals to understand their addiction and encourage recovery solutions that will help them during the treatment process and after treatment is completed.

Summer Sky offers individuals an opportunity to identify a variety of solution-based strategies that are tailored to meet their needs. All Summer Sky Drug Rehabilitation Programs utilize evidence-based practices during the treatment process. Summer Sky is known as one of the best alcohol rehab and drug rehab programs in Texas.

Do you need alcohol treatment or drug treatment in Texas?

People living in all regions of Texas attend our drug rehabilitation programs. However, people living in the below cities attend treatment at Summer Sky on a monthly basis. We are grateful to be a treatment resource for people living in the below communities.

Abilene Amarillo Arlington
Austin Dallas Fort Worth
Houston Lubbock Odessa
San Antonio Tyler Waco
Wichita Falls Addison Plano
Carrolton Cleburne Conroe
Frisco Denton Granbury
Round Rock Georgetown Sherman

If you need alcohol or drug treatment, you can contact us at 1-888-857-8857 to start treatment now.

Do you have a problem with Multiple Addictive Substances?

Do you or a loved one need a drug rehabilitation program that can treat multiple substances at one time? Today, people are entering treatment for problems with alcohol and drugs, and many are reporting that they have become addicted to multiple substances. The good news is Summer Sky Drug Rehabilitation Programs can help people who have become addicted to multiple substances.

When you contact the Summer Sky Admissions Department make sure to mention you need treatment for multiple substances. Summer Sky helps people that have become addicted to multiple substances in its advanced medical detox and drug rehab programs. We help people become free from any mood-or mind-altering addictive substances.

Summer Sky Texas Drug Rehabilitation Program:

People can become addicted to alcohol or drugs, and when this occurs, they will need a safe place to recover away from the daily temptations to drink alcohol or use drugs. In addition to avoiding the temptations, relapse triggers, and negative environments associated with drinking and using drugs individuals that enter our Texas Drug Rehabilitation Programs will get an opportunity to discover the causes and conditions that have kept them locked into the cycle of addiction. Helping people unlock the reasons why they are addicted to chemicals and teaching them how to avoid drinking and drug usage is a primary focus of a drug rehabilitation program.

Developing a personal treatment plan that will bring about recovery from addiction all starts by entering treatment at Summer Sky. Learning how to stay clean and sober and then being shown how to remain sober is vital to a person who has been addicted to various addictive chemicals. Below is a short video overview describing Summer Sky and some of our Texas Drug Rehabilitation Programs.

Summer Sky has been treating men and women for over 37 years and adheres to evidence-based practices in all its addiction treatment programs. Summer Sky values current research in addiction and incorporates the best of practical research that has been shown to improve the efficacy of treatment for those with substance use disorders. If you’re interested in attending one of our alcohol or drug treatment programs, you can start the process now by reaching out to our admissions department at 1-888-857-8857.

People that have become addicted to alcohol or drugs will need a safe place to start the “Recovery Process,” and Summer Sky can help you achieve your goals of becoming alcohol or drug-free.

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 About Summer Sky Alcohol & Drug Rehabilitation Programs:

Summer Sky was founded in 1985 to help men and women with chemical dependency-related problems. Summer Sky is a nationally recognized alcohol and drug rehab center for people that are experiencing problems with substance use disorders.

Summer Sky is licensed to provide substance abuse treatment services from The Texas Department of State Health Services and is accredited by The Joint Commission. In addition to being licensed and accredited, our Texas Drug Rehabilitation Programs are covered by most major health insurance companies.

We are a preferred provider for many managed care healthcare insurance companies and an in-network provider. For those that don’t have health insurance, we offer affordable private pay options. To get help for your alcohol or drug problem you can contact Summer Sky at 1-888-857-8857.

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