Texas Drug & Alcohol Rehabs & Medical Detox Treatment Specials

Texas Drug & Alcohol Rehabs & Medical Detox Treatment Specials

Summer Sky Treatment Center® a Texas drug & alcohol rehab program located in Stephenville; Texas is proud to offer some amazing promotional offerings for people that are seeking more affordable medical detox & drug rehab pricing. Our Texas Drug Rehabs are among the best alcohol and drug rehab programs helping people with their substance use disorders.

Texas-Sized Alcohol & Drug Treatment Promotional Offers

Medical Detox & Stabilization Program $4,500.00 30-Day Alcohol & Drug Treatment


Summer Sky Chronic Relapse Track™



60-Day Addiction Treatment


Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program $4,200.00 90-Day Addiction Treatment


*Detox Included with the above addiction treatment specials “Limited Time Offer”

10-day Detox & Stabilization Program:

Our 10-day detox & stabilization program is popular among people in Texas who are looking to detoxify from known addictive substances. Our medical detoxification programs can help you detox and return to a state of optimal functioning free from alcohol & drugs.

The 10-day medical detox programs offer 24-hour medically supervised detoxification for people who experience withdrawal symptoms when they are becoming free from addictive substances. When you utilize our detox services, we will help you detox safely and comfortably in this detox program.

30-Day Alcohol & Drug Treatment Programs (30-days with Medical Detox Included):

This is our most popular type of addiction treatment program offered at Summer Sky and for many people, it’s exactly what they need to break free from their addiction. This substance use disorder treatment program includes medical detoxification along with evidence-based treatment services.

For many years people have utilized 30-day treatment programs to help them become free from alcohol or drugs so that they can enter into a life of recovery. 30-day treatment programs are great for people who have never been to treatment before or for someone who has relapsed and needs to re-examine where the relapse started and reconnect to relapse prevention techniques.

Summer Sky Chronic Relapse Track™ (21-day treatment program)

This treatment-specific track is designed to help people who have recently experienced a relapse or a return to active use of alcohol or drugs or both. Its normally utilized by people who have a known history of relapse. The relapse track will help people to get back on track in personal recovery.

It’s important to understand that substance use disorders are persistent or long-lasting once an individual re-activates their addictive condition by putting alcohol or drugs back into their body system. The Summer Sky Relapse Track™ utilizes relapse prevention therapy, relapse warning sign management, recovery skills, cognitive behavioral therapy, and 12-step facilitation therapy to help the individual with a history of relapse get back on track.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program: (6 to 9-Weeks Based on Medical Necessity)

Some people deal with a mild or moderate substance use disorder, but still, need assistance with treatment services. The intensive outpatient treatment seeks to help people who do have the ability to maintain abstinence from alcohol or drugs without needing medical detox or residential treatment.

People that are not exhibiting signs and symptoms of addiction but are not experiencing as many disruptions as a result of their alcohol or drug use are ideal candidates for Intensive outpatient treatment services. To qualify for this type of treatment you must demonstrate no need for medical detoxification.

Texas 60-Day Addiction Treatment Programs:

Some people just need more care than others to deal with their substance use disorder. The Texas 60-day rehab program is designed to help people go deeper into the causes and conditions of their alcohol or drug addiction.

People who use this treatment program recognize that their substance use disorder is more severe and they need more time to deal with all aspects of healing their substance-related problems. If you are someone who is dealing with co-existing medical conditions along with a substance use disorder this type of treatment program is an added benefit to making sure multiple conditions are stabilized.

90-Day Addiction Treatment:

This is known as the “Gold Standard of Addiction Treatment” and our 90-day treatment programs are the most comprehensive types of treatment programs for people with severe addictions. They include medical detoxification which is an important component of substance use disorder treatment.

The treatment program involves helping people establish a relapse prevention plan, reviewing high-risk situations that contribute to the desire to use addictive substances, and then learning coping skills to deal with these types of situations.

The Summer Sky 90-Day addiction treatment program will help each individual in attendance of the treatment program to identify lifestyle factors that are high risk to experience a relapse and help with urges and cravings associated with a substance use disorder.

Recovery-related strategies are introduced so that the individual can enhance their skills for coping with life without the use of addictive substances. The treatment process will involve helping an individual restructure their perceptions and education on the proper strategies to manage post-acute withdrawal symptoms along with other recover-based skills and solutions.

Summer Sky Treatment Programs


Summer Sky Additional Treatment Features

Helping Residents of Texas for Over 37 years

Freedom From Alcohol & Drugs Addiction Treatment Specials

10-Day Medical Detox & Stabilization Program $4,500.00 

Texas 60-Day Addiction Treatment & Drug Rehab Specials

Summer Sky Annual Alumni Celebration & Recovery Meetings

We Accept Most All Major Insurance Plans

30-Day Addiction Treatment Programs $8000.00

60-Day Texas Addiction Treatment Programs $16,000.00

90-Day Addiction Treatment Programs $21,000.00

 Detox Included with the above addiction treatment specials “Limited Time Offer”


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